Sungjin Kim He created this outrigger system from foam boards and aluminum rods that he cut and assembled by himself. The 2 hp Honda outboard motor easily propels this fishing kayak and it two men crew, at a good speed. Anglers Reviewing The Kayaks They Fish FromCan you always trust a fishing kayak review written by a reporter? You can read fishing kayak reviews contributed by people who actually use the product, signed with their full name and state, and took pictures of their kayak rigged for fishing.
Kayak Fishing Standing, Anybody?If you're looking to fish standing in a kayak, you probably realize that your kayak's stability is the most important feature to look for, especially if you fish in colder regions, where falling overboard is not an option.
Standing means in full confidence, and it includes not just the way you feel but also a Plan B in case something happens that would make you lose balance, as you'd expect in such small vessels. Images and video can be misleading, and there are important technical factors that you'd better fully understand and consider before you rush to get a product labeled 'Stand Up Fishing Kayak' by its manufacturer. Bull Frog Rivet and its Aluminum Boat Hull Repair Kit will guarantee its end users a long term solution to leaking seams and rivets.
3 Rivers Marine, located in Seattle, Woodinville, Washington, is one of the few companies in the Northwest that focuses on Aluminum Boats and Outboard Motors for NW fishermen. Aluminum boats offer the durability, performance, and customization options that fishermen need.
North River boats create a incredible boat for those looking  to fish the high lakes, Puget Sound and Columbia River.

A symbol of aluminum boat quality in the NW, the Duckworth Offshore offers jaw dropping performance along with it’s beautiful construction.
Power options for boat owners very greatly, but there’s a reason more boat owners go with outboard motors than their inboard sibling. Mercury offers some of the best 2-stroke motor options in the world and an increasing lineup of very technically advanced 4-strokes. Miami Fishing Supply, complete selection of offshore fishing tackle, marine electronics and boat supplies. Are you sure its author is unbiased and qualified to test such a product and publish an objective and meaningful testimonial? Some of the reviewers who were particularly excited about the kayak have decided to take further action and resell it locally, which offers you an opportunity to contact them and ask them questions about their personal experience as anglers who fish out of this kayak.
These factors are discussed in depth in the article entitled Stand Up Kayak Fishing and Paddling.
3 Rivers Marine is a one stop shop for aluminum boat and outboard motor sales, repair, parts and service from some of the best names in the business. As the top selling aluminum boat brand in the country, Alumaweld offers numerous model options. The North River Seahawk has quickly become one of 3 Rivers Marine’s most popular models.
At home in the nastiest of conditions, the Duckworth Offshore is offers comfort and amenities that are hard to match in the open water world.

From horsepower options, better fuel economy, weight savings to an overall better performance, outboard motors are simply hard to beat when all things are considered. 3 Rivers marine is not just Seattle, Washington’s #1 Yamaha dealer, 3RM is #1 in the entire NW! It’s our focus because these are the everyday tools of so many of our 3 Rivers Marine fishing customers. From salt to pounding waves, gravel bars to the heavy interior use that these boats take, aluminum boats are simply the best choice when all things are considered. Blackhawk, Talon, Sport Skiff, Super Vee, Formula Vee, Stryker, Intruder and Super Vee Pro Elite. The North River Seahawk Offshore OS is a big water performance beast and comes is lengths from 23-32′. Sales, service, repair, parts and warranty work, 3 Rivers Marine has your Yamaha needs covered. 3 Rivers Marine is considered the #1 dealer for Aluminum boats in the NW, because no one carries the manufacturer lineup and offers the model options that 3RM can.

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