While his Tamil production venture 'Ethir Neechal' reaped gold at the box-office, Tamil actor Dhanush's second production, 'Kaakkaa Muttai', went on floors here on Saturday. First poster: Sonam, Dhanush in Raanjhanaa It is a riot of colours in the first poster of Sonam Kapoor and debutant Dhanush's Raanjhanaa .
Dhanush’s next upcoming movie is titled “ Ambikapathy ” by Eros international produced by Krishika Llulla, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor marks her debut in Tamil, we also have Hindi actor Abahy Deol donning a pivotal role in Ambikapathy . Mariyaan “So proud of Dhanush K Raja, both Ranjhanaa and Mariyaan trailer is mind-blowing …. Dhanush with his Maryan Music Director Rahman Dhanush , the national award-winning actor has said that his favourite music director Maestro Ilaiyaraaja’s music has ‘enveloped’ his whole life and is an integral part of him. Mariyaan Audio Releasing Soon Poster Director Bharath Bala’s upcoming offering Mariyaan featuring Dhanush and Parvathi Menon has already announced its arrival with A R Rahman’s widely accepted track Nenjae Ezhu.
I got a really good deal on a boat it is a beau only one problem I did not get a title and now I can not tag it what do I do now. In order to use New Jersey waterways, all boats more than 12 feet in length must be titled at a Regional Service Center or MVC Agency. Filled up the Suzuki with oil Sunday morning, and then Bob Lanham came over and talked me into starting the beast up. The LOW community covers approximately 2,600 acres with 4,260 lots (850 with lake frontage) distributed among 16 sections (many named after well-known southern plantations). The small entrance pond with a fountain at the front gate serves as a sediment retention basin and provides an excellent location for the annual Children’s Fishing Tournament.
Covenants, By-laws, and Regulations provide an orderly structure for the proper operation of the Association.
Application forms for barcode decals that automatically activate vehicle-control gates at the front and back entrances to LOW are available at the Holcomb Building. Property owners or tenants not in good standing (those having unpaid assessment fees or fines) may have their vehicle barcodes deactivated by the Association Office until such fees or fines are discharged. Members registering a boat must show evidence of having passed the LOW Safe Recreational Lake Users’ Examination, have a current member or tenant ID card, and proof of craft type, ownership, and adequate insurance. Powered boats and sailboats over 18 feet operated on our lakes must be titled but are not required to be registered with the state of Virginia unless other use or situations require it. Members and tenants may submit articles for publication in Lake Currents that are of general interest to the community.
E-mail notices of back gate closings, unexpected water service interruptions, and other timely announcements as deemed appropriate by the General Manager are sent to residents who sign up for the LOWA blast e-mails. Residents are reminded that when they see an unmarked vehicle with a flashing light moving quickly along our roads, it is one of our Fire and Rescue volunteers responding to an emergency. Members are requested to do their part by keeping the community public areas free of litter. Pets are not permitted to run at large within LOW, and are not allowed on the public beaches or golf course. Residents are responsible for ensuring their guests are familiar with and obey all LOWA rules while visiting the community.
Virginia state laws that apply to the use of secondary roads also apply to the use of roads in LOW. No soliciting of any kind is permitted in LOW except for the following: Fire and Rescue fund drives, annual White Cane Days sponsored by the Lions Club, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts sales, and casual solicitation by LOW schoolchildren in support of school activities. The speed limit in LOW is 25 mph with the exception of some areas, which are marked 15 mph. In order to preserve our natural surroundings, residents are prohibited from removing any tree on their property that is more than six inches in diameter without prior permission from the Environmental Control Committee (ECC).

Use of the golf course is reserved for players only, and recreational walking on the golf course is not allowed at any time. The following list offers members an opportunity to perform a self-review of their property relative to some of the most common infractions of our Covenants and Regulations.
All structures and improvements to property on all lots must be approved by ECC, including fences.
Trash receptacles must not be visible from the street, lake, or golf course, except on collection day. Every resident is required to have a street number displayed on the front of the house or at the street property line. Property owners should review the LOWA Covenants and Regulation documents for a complete list of requirements. The Maintenance Department is the community’s primary resource for repair, replacement, and upkeep of all community-owned and managed properties and facilities. Monthly security reports are presented to the LOWA Board of Directors and General Manager, published in Lake Currents, and forwarded to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office by the Chief of Security to share information and help monitor trends or changes in community activity.
LOWA has an active Neighborhood Watch (NW) Program consisting of volunteers who perform the duties of NW Coordinator, neighborhood Block Captains and NW Participants. Developing upon the publicity, its director has recently declared the audio release of its much awaited album.
I'd heard rumors of DMV taking forever, and clerks insisting on having receipts to prove I built the boat and what it's value is. Not only are family coming from Florida, Georgia, Pennsyvania, North Carolina and California for the launch, but folks are also coming from Washington and Oregon. LOWA members pay an annual assessment set bythe BOD, which finances the operation and maintenance of all facilities and services, and partially subsidizes amenity operations.
If you cannot remove the barcode, the Association must be notified of its disposition in writing. Members are advised to be familiar with registration requirements appropriate to their own situation. Other features include club meetings, fundraisers, and special events in our community and local area. Sports clothes may be worn in the Grill Room and bar area, while more appropriate dress is recommended for the Club Room and other areas.
If you see such a vehicle, please move to the side of the road to alow it to pass as you would any other emergency vehicle.
This includes awareness of road speed limits, boating and PWC regulations and all rules pertaining to the proper use of the amenities. Sledding on the dams risks turf damage that could allow water to seep in, resulting in a dam failure. Should you be approached by anyone solicitng any other sales or service, you are advised to report this activity to Security.
For safety reasons, walking on the cart paths is only permitted when the course is closed to regular play, usually from dusk to early morning.
Often seen are squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossum, fox, geese, ducks, swans, beaver, turtles and occasionally deer and bear. Boat Registration If requesting a duplicate please furnish information concerning the original certificate and the circumstances of its loss, theft, mutilation or destruction.
Submit Pictures of the bow (port-left-starboard-right) transom of boat and of the whole boat. Need to run the cables for the second battery but am still undecided as to where I'll run them.

While Bob went and fetched gas I shifted things around and dragged the boat forward about eight feet. As required by the Restrictive Covenants, this assessment must be paid by May 1, the beginning of our fiscal year. Any barcode left on a vehicle after sale or disposal is the responsibility of the person to whom the barcode was assigned.
Members are encouraged to submit video of local special events or other topics of general interest to residents.
The manager on duty is responsible for interpretation and enforcement of the Clubhouse Dress Code. Pet owners are reminded they are responsible for keeping LOWA property and their own yards free of pet waste, which if left untended pollutes our lakes, creates unsanitary conditions and presents health hazards.
Members are responsible for any LOWA-related indebtedness incurred by visiting family members and guests.
A safe sledding area is available on the right side of Riverdale Lane just past the Main Marina. A permit to solicit for aproved purposes can be obtained with written permission of the General Manager.
Will be either under the splash well or inside the splashwell and either will need some pvc pipe to use as a cable run.
It took about twenty minutes of filling out a couple of forms, writing them a check and walking out the door. A broad range of recreational, cultural, social, community service, and other activities are offered. Upon payment of the annual assessment, lot owners are issued identification cards, which are needed for registration of vehicles and boats, access to amenities or other use of LOWA property, and entry at the front gate in place of a vehicle barcode. Please contact the Communications Office for more information on Channel 18 video guidelines.
Smokers are encouraged to properly dispose of cigarette butts, not along roadways and entrance points, as they are not biodegradable and remain unsightly. Because winter temperatures generally do not stay cold long enough to ensure safe ice-skating conditions, ice-skating is not allowed on the lakes or entrance pond. The purpose of the LOWA NW Program is to provide additional eyes and ears within the community to REPORT suspicious activities and supplement LOWA Security, LOWA Management and local law enforcement in crime prevention! Regulations governing the use of fireworks follow those set forth by the laws of Virginia, which prohibit the use of explosives and flammable aerial devices without a special permit (with the exception of sparklers, pinwheels, etc., which are allowed).
Should a guest or vendor receive a speeding ticket and not pay the fine, the property owner will be responsible. Residents are advised to minimize exposure to any unwelcome guests by keeping trash inside and not leaving food for domestic pets outside that could be a potential food source to attract wild animals.
Problems with wild animals that cannot be solved by the homeowner, or the discovery of any sick or injured animal that needs help should be reported to Security. Control box doesn't quite shift right though, so I need to pull the covers on the Suzuki and adjust the cables.

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