I'm trying to decide what type of skeleton boat to purchase, John Boat or Deep V Boat in in order to convert it into a Bass Boat style rig.
I've been looking into this too and settled on the idea of a Jon Boat for me because I'll be fishing calm water. Go V because I actually had both and the flat bottom even on a small lake like Del Valle you will get soaked with the flat bottom.
I actually did not convert the flat bottom because I knew right away I was going to get rid of it. Riveted boats will be cheaper than the welded ones, but might be more prone to repair if they are older. Other nice touches are navigation lights, trolling motor, fish finder, bilge pumps and switch panels. Just bear in mind that there's been many a person fall out of a small aluminum boat and drown over the years, especially in colder mountain lakes.
One thing you might look into is one of the smaller catamarans, like the Livingstons - they are stable.

I have also seen folks take old Hobie Cats, replace the trampoline with a platform, add a small motor, and use it as a power boat. I have a 14 ft Gregor that i have been wanting to convert to a bass type for quite some time but dint have any good plans on how to go about it , now I do, Great!!!!
Nice set up, you have as much storage as I do on the 18 foot ranger, well done, I have done one of these before also but it did come out as good as yours!! A long time ago a friend and I converted an OLD v hull aluminum to a more bass friendly type of rig.
If you are going to the delta or Clear Lake where the wind can be rough I would go with the vbottom but if your just fishing or lakes or pounds maybe the john boat.
Here are some pics from the front deck build (click to enlarge) Feel free to PM if you want to throw some ideas around, but there are lots of good resources out there.
This approach I'm not sure about, because I've also heard of long term durability issues with them.
I started off wanting a small jon boat with a trolling motor for hand carry lakes on Long Island.

Just remember any body of water can get rough so for safety resons I go with the v bottom boat. I have two compartments for tackle that will hold 16 370 size boxes in each compartment and a dry compartment for my ropes, anchor and cooler. For small lakes where speed or horsepower is limited, it doesn't make sense to take a bigger boat.
I only concentrated on a front deck as I was the only one ever in the boat most of the time. Fishing out of these rigs is awesome, but they can have problems with choppy water, so you can be a bit limited in where you can get to. If you cut your floor just right, adding carpet will make a perfect pressure-fit into the bottom of the boat.

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