You might want to look at the one I am building at this time , it has a lot of rocker in it which reminds me or the river boats. Mike Yep , thats the one Chuck Yeah , I do like the Bayou skiff but I only just sold a boat very similar to it and the only reason I'm thinking of building the Ozarks float boat is because I've been given the plans and I happen to have 4 sheets of 4mm marine ply a supply of epoxy and some glass tape , wouldn't take a lot to get some glass cloth to finish it off .So what do you reckon is it doable with 4mm ply ?
MickI've been thinking of the Mary for about 20+ years off and on , I used to fish at the borumba dam and yabba creek and poked around the mary a bit , at the time I had a Sevlor inflatable and would talk of the idea of doing the Mary with my fishing mate , of course the Sevlor wasn't suitable and I never got around to getting some thing suitable , I think the float boat would be ideal ,Also for some time I've been thinking of some thing to fish the mangrove creeks at low tide when they just turn into a chain of holes connected by a couple of inches of water , have tried it in the kayaks but getting in and out all the time as you have to with that style of fishing in a real pain but stepping out of a open boat like the OFB is a lot easier , my Jonsboat is too heavy to drag through the shallows for it to be suitable and a boat of some sort is a necessity as when the tide rips in it's easy to be caught out and stranded , been there done that , wasn't a pleasant way to spend the night , sitting on a small mangrove island with out even enough room to lay down on and getting eaten alive by sand flies and mosquitoes , fishing the deep holes in the creeks at low tide can be very productive at times , also I keep thinking it a good boat to hunt out of , been thinking of the Mitchel and the Gilbert rivers for some time , need to find out the logistics of doing them .Did I ever give you a copy of the Boars and Barra DVD ? Kayak JackDoing what you like is FREEDOMLiking what you do is HAPPINESSI spent most of my money on airplanes, whiskey, and women - and I'm afraid I just wasted the rest. I think it is very doable with 4mm ply and fully encapsulated in epoxy and 6oz is only 882mm wide. Now that I have nothing to keep me home, I am up for anything.The places we like to fish are very similar and I hear you about getting in and out of a kayak. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). No idea really, i think they both will perform pretty much the same.A mary river float in a couple of these boats over several days or even weeks would be a very good thing mate. While we can all understand occasional cussing, “raping the ocean” is generally the last thing a generational fishing culture has ever done! Magwood said he was selling his shrimp boats because he can no longer afford to insure them. NC and SC are part of the reason I’ve always thought there should also be a North LA and South LA. Tomorrow here we have the Blessing of the Inlet in Murrells Inlet SC, which they call the Seafood Capital of SC. It looks to me as though your boats are decorated more than ours, and our celebration probably is somewhat different because it takes place in the midst of a huge touristy-clap-trappy environment.

What you have here is not a conventional stew, in which the cooking liquid becomes a rich sauce.
In this case, the seasoned liquid is merely a means of getting flavor into the ingredients and providing a gentle way of cooking.
Traditionally, this dish is served on big steaming platters set down on clean newspaper, which becomes the fish wrap for all your castoffs. Just eat and enjoy, plunking down your shrimp shells and corncobs — it’ll only take a minute to roll up the newspaper and throw everything away. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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