There is not a lot of room in the back of a 2003 Jeep Wrangler for the gear and a motor , not as much as in the back of the wife's Nissan Titan. Paddlin'Gator wrote:Chuck, that's what I had in mind when I built that guide canoe, or freighter, that I used on the Everglades trip that you, Mac, John Depa and I made a couple of years ago. And does his plans drawn out like Matts plans on ply with 1' lines and measurements for the curves? I'm thinking this would make a Great Strip Build MikeMatt's boats have more curves in them and a traditional round shape to the hulls which requires cutting the panels with a curve in them to have that sleak shape his have. This is if the boat is made ( Like one of his pirogues) with fiberglass tape along the seams and not totally glassed , myself I would want it glassed inside and out.

Be careful making changes, sometimes there are unseen consequences.I would not know how stiff the bottom needs to be for a power boat. From the few sheets of the plans I have seen the construction is about the same as one of his Pirogues , an easy boat to make. My feelings would not be hurt if it weighed less and it could , never know till it is sitting there. I don't normally like anything on the bottom of a flat bottom boat but two runners on each side would help it sit on a trailer , especially if the runners where so they fit on the insides ( or outsides) of the bunks on the trailer. Like you I don't have all the equipment to do the compound cuts , all my stuff is 90% hand tools.

Then either paddle or row returning and if bad weather moves in , or getting in a hurry use the single ( gas Operated) paddle on the transom. Chuck.In as much as you are looking to use a smaller motor and lighter weight, then it should be nothing to just remove the motor during transport and attach before launch. 5%2009.pdfDoing a strip build would be a simple process , put the strips together , cut the bow angle , glass one side of them and install them , drop in the transom and then add the floor.

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