I think this is a great idea, but I have to point out that the pictures mustn't be added by attachment, so our forum guests could see them. Well Thanks for posting urgen, because it reminded me that if anyone deserves to have their mastery (and generosity for sharing) recognized it is you. It is possible to fish with reduced fuel consumption at a desired cruising speed and, even more importantly, fishing speed. This mainly has to do with a new nozzle suspension and a bulb on the stern which ensure better water conduction along the thruster.

All possible adjustments are made to this vessel in order to reduce the sound level in each of the trawler compartments to a minimum.
I'll bookmark this page, whenever I have another rant elsewhere on the net, about how good SU is. The fuel capacity is 100,000 litres and the drinking water capacity is 37,000 litres.Successful trials, however, have shown that we have fully complied with the needs regarding fuel economy, the sound level on board, the tractive power present during fishing, as well as comfort. What is DOES is make creation faster and more intuitive than anything I've seen yet in the last 20 years.I really wish I had more time to spend with it.

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