I cana€™t stress enough that you do a dry run on your parts to make sure that you can handle the part, transfer the part, spray the part, and hang the part in the oven with out the raw powder touching the hanging system or the oven interiors prior to powder coating. I took this opportunity to test my hanging and transfer method before actually committing powder to the part. Here we used a pair of needle nosed pliers to hold the S-hooks and hang the muffler exhaust brackets from the calrod in the oven. What worked best was a powder application that looked like a velvet Elvis paining with no metal showing through. If you dona€™t like the way the part looks or a foreign object lands on the part, simply brush it off and recoat.
Curing time starts once the part is at temperature and the powder has completely liquified.

Overall the quality is good but is obviously a home use unit intended for small parts and brackets.
The process is not difficult but a bit time consuming.A  A larger oven would allow more parts to be done at the same time. I followed the same procedure for raw, previously painted and chromed parts.A  Yes, you can powder coat over chrome. Wrapping the openings in the door with aluminum foil contained the heat quite adequately.A  I also noted that the heat wasna€™t transmitted to the portion outside of the oven so handling the part during powder coating wasna€™t a problem. Curing times vary according to powder manufacturer.A  The Columbia powder I used specified 20 - 25 minutes at 385A? - 400A?. It is also recommended that the part remains in the oven while the oven cools.A  I left the parts in the oven until it had cooled to 250A? and moved on.

The pictures dona€™t portray the beauty and quality of this finish.A  Overall I am quite pleased with the results and plan on doing more!!!
Overall the quality is good but is obviously a home use unit intended for small parts and brackets.A  It doesna€™t hold enough powder for large projects.
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