Staff member George fished with a few mates out from Corinella during the week where they managed a heap of fish up to 2kg, along with trevally and bycatch of smaller sharks. There are plenty of light line options for family anglers fishing from the shoreline and piers over the Christmas break, not all fishing needs to be done out of an expensive boat. The main species on offer using these methods will be; squid, bream, trevally, salmon, yakkas, garfish and couta. Down at Mornington pier there have been a few light line options for anglers, with mullet, salmon, yakkas and couta all on the go. Customers Daniel Siobhan fished the top end of the port over the weekend in search of a few whiting.
Port Phillip Bay has really started to slow in terms of snapper reports over the last few weeks, and while there are still some quality fish being caught - a lot of anglers are finding the fishing hard for small results. Customer Matt headed out recently in the bay in search of a snapper or two, and he managed a nice fish of around 3.5kg. The trout fishing around Melbourne has been ok recently, as the weather hasn't been hot for long enough to shut the fish down. Customer Vince enjoys his trout fishing around Melbourne's outer suburb streams, and just recently tried his luck on the Yarra River. The squid fishing has been fairly quiet recently around the bay but numbers of squid have still been good for anglers chasing them.
Staff member Kozi has been catching a few squid from the shoreline of the bay between Frankston and Mt Martha, from both the piers and also the rocks. One thing most anglers have noticed over the last year or so has been the lack of garfish being caught from the piers and rockwalls. Staff member Kozi has been out giving the gars and other bait species a hiding from the shore between Frankston and Mornington. Port Phillip Bay is still producing some quality snapper for most anglers, however the fish have been a little bit fickle over the last week.
Customer Jun fished aboard a charter out from Mornington recently where some lovely snapper were caught.
Customer Ivan fished out from Chelsea on the weekend where he caught some nice fish to 5kg in 16m of water.
James from Unreel Fishing Charters has still been getting a few decent snapper for customers recently.
Customers Jarrad, Michael and Marcel fished out in the port recently where they had some mixed results on the snapper.
Customer Daniel fished with a few friends out from Hastings recently to land snapper to 6kg. Customer Rohan fished with a mate out from Corinella during the week where they landed a ripper fish of 9.1kg or 20lb. Gummy reports have been fairly slow recently in the port, with a few anglers picking one up as bycatch while snapper fishing but not the usual amount. Boat ramps can be found at Rhyll (all tide boat ramp), Anderson Road Cowes West (larger craft not at low tide), Newhaven and Corinella.
At present a licence is required for leisure fishing in Western Port, and there are regulations on minimum size of fish, bait gathering and the techniques allowable for taking of various species.
Tide times are published every week in the Phillip Island & San Remo Advertiser newspaper or are available from fishing outlets. Marine radios are monitored by the Western Port Safety Council, Coastguard Melbourne, Coast Radio Melbourne on VHF Channel 16 and 81, 27MHz Channel 88 and Marine Radio Channel 2524. While all types of fish require different techniques and baits to catch them, the most used baits would be mussels, pipis, squid, prawns and pilchards. There is a large variety of fish to be caught in Western Port, the most common are – flathead, snapper, channel whiting, King George whiting, flounder, Australian salmon, elephant-, school- and gummy shark, garfish, trevally and pike. About two kilometres south of Kilcunda is the very popular Powlett River, known throughout Victoria for its’ high quality bream.
Moving along the coast road towards Inverloch is a place known to most locals as Flat Rocks – this is a favourite fishing spot for locals.
The area bounded by the cliff past Eagles’ Nest rock and the cliff on the Cape Paterson side of The Oaks beach is sanctioned as a marine park (Bunerong Marine Park). Around to the second surf at Cape Paterson, great scores of mullet can be caught, but, for safety, avoid the surfing area.
While most anglers have been fishing western Victoria for the SBT, there have been a good number of anglers fishing the south-eastern coast of Tasmania at Eaglehawk neck. Another local angler, Andrew managed quite a rare catch out from Eaglehawk neck while targeting SBT. Melbourne-based boat builder Bar Crusher has made an incredible impact on the Australian aluminium boat scene since Peter and Warren Cleland produced their first boat over ten years ago. From humble beginnings, this proudly Victorian company is now widely acknowledged as the leader in plate aluminium boat construction in Australia.
Bar Crusher was born out of a desire to build a better aluminium boat for Australian conditions. And as the old saying goes, if you want a job done properly, then sometimes you have to do it yourself! After building a few boats Peter decided that Bar Crusher was the way of the future, and together with brother Warren and another partner, the three of them starting building boats on a full time basis.
In fact, so full time was this that Peter was working the design, sales, marketing, management and other ‘front of office’ duties as well as welding up boats. The initial factory in Burwood was capable of producing up to 100 boats a year, but such was the growing popularity of the Bar Crusher brand that a move was on the cards, leading to a purpose built factory in Dandenong in 2003. This site now features a showroom as well, so everything from initial concept to sales is all handled in one location in Dandenong South. What started as a desire to build a better boat has grown into an Australia-wide business that employs over 50 people. Bar Crusher’s strong nation-wide dealer network in extremely important, with a dealer in every state as well as two in Queensland. This is important on a sales level, but it is also critical from a service and communication point of view. This ensures that Bar Crusher is totally focussed on customer expectations, ensuring a positive experience all round. Right from the inception of Bar Crusher, Peter sought out the best designs to start with, and then developed these designs to suit the applications that each model excels in.
With such an extensive model range, each length and model type needs to be individually tailored – it isn’t just a case of strapping a different cabin design to the same old hull. Each hull design is constructed to suit each model, whether an open deck centre or rear console up to the massive 760HT hard top. Even though each model may be slightly different, the underlying design principle of Bar Crusher is to provide hardcore fishing boats for hardcore anglers.
As Peter says, “we can engineer the hull to make less spray, but we would be sacrificing the ride to do so. Peter and Warren both work on design, and use their extensive participation in Australia-wide boat shows to keep a close ear to what customers are after. Stability is also a key issue for Bar Crusher, and the ballast system used in Bar Crusher boats effectively reduces the compromise between a good ride that a sharp V delivers and stability. As the boat settles in the water, the ballast in the hull fills, altering the centre of gravity and vastly improving the stability at rest and at slow speed. Attention to detail is paramount in building these hulls, even down to the way the welding machines are set up to minimise weak points from too hot or cold weld starts. And on the subject of welding, all the welders at Bar Crusher are trained on-site to deliver the high standards required – and given that Peter has welded up plenty of boats in his time he knows how it should be done. Let’s face it, even with the most regular use; the boat will spend more time on the trailer than it will in the water, making it a fundamental element of the package. Peter is very keen on the ‘one-percent’ issues – it is the small design and quality details that set Bar Crusher apart from other brands. A key example of going the extra distance are the neat under-seat tackle boxes, complete with Plano tackle boxes. As Peter says, “these are time consuming to make, but it adds a lot to the fishing efficiency of the boat, and this is what we are all about, making hardcore boats for hardcore anglers”. Peter Cleland stands next to the new Bar Crusher Apache 560C – a special 10th anniversary boat.
Snapper fishing in Melbourne is one of the best places to catch these awesome sport fish and your skipper Simon Rinaldi has been fishing these fish rich waters since he was 4 years old.
Each season Melbournea€™s red hot fishing charters is consistently putting their clients onto some of the best snapper fishing this country has to offer with snapper ranging from 1kg pinkies up to a whopping 10kg snapper right on the door step of Melbourne in port Phillip bay. Snapper fishing charters aboard red hot fishing charters will have you out in port Phillip bay Melbourne where the snapper fishing can be the best in the country with some crazy sessions having 12 rods taking off all at once, snapper fishing in Melbourne is a fantastic way to spend an early morning or an evening or even a nice day out with friends as a catch up. Red hot fishing charters started back in 2002 running snapper fishing charters in port Phillip bay Melbourne and we now offer a wide range of fishing charters we are a Melbourne based fishing charter but we run a large trailer boat so this gives us the option to move around to follow the hottest action .
We now offer red hot fishing charters in NSW and we are the owners of a ''NSW charter boat licence'' these are a must have for any vessel running a fishing charter in NSW.
We target the marlin from the pristine coastal town of port Stephens just 2 hours north of Sydney where Captain Simon consistently puts his customers onto some of the best marlin fishing the country has to offer. Most of Victoria's Western lakes fish exceptionally well for trout during the colder months of the years. Jeremy Gadea had a fish recently over at Upper Coliban Reservoir, which is north-west of Melbourne. Frank Gadea also fished the 'Colli' as well as Lauriston Reservoir with the fly gear where he caught some nice browns along the edges. The Aussie salmon are starting to make their presence felt along most of the beaches at the moment, along with good numbers of them in both bays. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has also found some solid salmon recently while fishing the southern end of the bay.

The local beaches continue to produce some nice salmon for anglers braving the cold mornings.
Staff member Chris recently ran a surf fishing trip with some customers down at Venus Bay where everyone experienced some surf action. A bit closer to home, on the peninsula beaches Customer John has been catching fish to around 1.5kg.
Reports of salmon from the beaches, piers and rocks around the area are still good at the moment. Staff member Chris took some customers down to Venus Bay over the weekend for the surf bus trip where they were met with good conditions. Customer Tim gave us a report from down at Kilcunda earlier in the week, where he said there were plenty of salmon around 700g hanging around in close. Customer Rui reports that the salmon are thick enough from most of the piers at the moment as well. The colder months of the year are the best time for anglers to hunt down some aussie salmon.
Customer Erol reports that there have been some nice fish down at Gunnamatta, with some of the bigger fish measuring around 55cm. There have also been a few fish caught down at Gunnamatta for the lure anglers as well, customer David took his light spin rod down last weekend where he caught 5 fish all around a kilo just after sunrise. Customer Robert fished Venus Bay beach number 1 last week and said that there were plenty of fish about. As a 'start off' outfit for someone looking at surf fishing or even for using off the piers, we're putting a super special together on these Shakespeare 1202 Vigilante outfits which are going out at just $45! If you were just looking for a surf rod by itself instead of a combo, we're running a special on Shimano Aerplus 1202 rods. Gary hadn't caught a barramundi so he decided to try around the beaches of nearby Rosslyn Bay.
After a torrid 35 minute fight, Gary landed his first barra which measured 116cm and weighed around 13kg. For the anglers out there who like catching salmon - there have still been a few kicking around even though the water is warm.
Customers Vicki, Peter and Quinn fished from Pearl Point beach down near Bemm River in Eastern Gippsland last week where they got into some nice salmon in the surf.
With a bit of rough weather lately, the shoreline around the Eastern side of the bay has had some nice salmon to be caught.
Customer Robin caught 3 nice bream from the rocks down near Patterson River on soft plastics. Reports have come from various customers fishing Phillip Island over the last week with lost of different fish species being caught. Customer Phil also fished from the shore near San Remo over the weekend where he caught some lovely whiting and flathead. Some nice salmon are still moving along the beaches down along the Great Ocean Road, with Bell's beach and Wild Dog the picks lately. Customer Perry recently purchased a new lure to try out on his local salmon down near Aireys Inlet after some advice from the guys in the shop.
The area of the bay around Mordialloc has started fishing well with a run of run of snapper moving in close. There have been a few fish caught from the piers and rocks in the area, with more getting caught out around the 17 - 20m area. The trout fishing in the area has gotten a little bit better lately with the Autumn weather kicking in.
For anglers wanting to head out somewhere close to home, most of the piers along the Eastern side of Port Phillip have been producing a few different species.
The bream fishing in the Patterson and Maribyrnong Rivers has been good over the last week with some nice fish being caught. A slow release berley mix like the pier and jetty mix is vital for targeting these fish, if you want to catch more that just the odd one. From late winter onwards these fish have been pretty good in numbers, and the season is looking good. In a short session around sunrise they caught some ripper whiting to 50cm along with a couple of pinkies.
For anglers still wanting to try and land a few more snapper before the year is out, the best bet is to head out deep (19-22m) and try to locate a big school, then get the berley happening. Customer John took 9 year old Frankie out from Mt Martha over the weekend to see if a snapper or two was around. The warmer days have produced fish early in the morning before the hot sun gets up in the sky and again towards dark.
Vince took a small pack of lures and walked the banks above Warburton in search of a few trout.
The more consistent spots have been Mornington through to Mt Martha and around Portsea also. A lot of regular pier fisherman have pretty much given up on fishing for them, as numbers just didn't seem to be around.
Kozi has caught garfish, tommy rough, salmon, scad and couta recently using a fine berley trail and small baits of pilchard, squid, silverfish and whitebait. A few more reports have come from the deeper areas, with the Frankston - Mt Martha area starting to fire up as well.Customer Edly has been have mixed success while out on the bay, with the fish going off on one day and the next not even a touch.
The 2 pictured weighed in at 7kg and 5.9kg and were caught not far out from Mornington harbour on pilchard.
James has found a few more fish out from Mornington - Frankston recently, with some good action out wide. The whole bay is producing fish at the moment, from around Stony Point up to Crawfish, and around through Corinella to the Corals and off Rhyll. Although good size fish have been present all winter, the run of school fish is now starting to filter through. The run of big fish hasn't quite started yet, but there have been a couple caught so they could possibly be earlier than normal this year. If you require more information on fishing, the newsagents, service stations and fishing outlets in these areas are your best source for magazines, books, maps and tide times.
These regulations relate to boating matters such as boat licenses, safety, life jackets, flares and consumption of alcohol.
Announcements of channels providing weather reports are given regularly on the above call channels. Local experts suggest the best bait to use all year round are pipis and squid, or whitebait if the whiting are not biting. Perch can also be caught in this tidal river – at the mouth mullet and salmon are caught in good numbers.
Fishing from a boat in this area can be dangerous on days with large swells so experience in boating is very strongly advised. There are quite a few places where a boat can be launched, including two places in the inlet on the Inverloch side (Mahers’ Landing and the Inverloch boat ramp). The rocks around the main swimming bay and Browns’ Bay produce large whiting and pinky snapper. Using a 24kg Penn Senator outfit, Andrew landed this 225kg broadbill swordfish, which is an awesome swordfish for anywhere, let alone the second ever landed on rod and reel in Tasmania.
Peter and Warren are long-term alloy boat users, and became increasingly dissatisfied with the standard of boats on the market at the time.
This space was doubled in 2005 and then in line with increasing growth Bar Crusher moved into its current one hectare premises in 2009.
At every stage of the process, customers can check with their dealer as to the progress of their boat and know exactly what is going on. Bar Crusher boats are entirely Australian designed and made and fully comply with all Australian regulations.
Plenty of important feedback is gained from this direct contact with the public, and gives Bar Crusher some agility in design that other mass-produced boats can’t match. Hit the throttle and once on the plane the ballast tank is empty, and therefore allows the deep V to do its job. In ten years of building and selling Bar Crusher boats, Peter has never had a warranty claim on a hull – these boats are constructed in such a way as to eliminate structural movement in the hull, which is the primary cause of hull splits. Each model is fitted precisely to the trailer, which are designed to make launching and retrieving easy, and to properly cradle the boat whilst in transit and storage. A key indicator of this is the freely given information such as the buyers guide on their website and in the catalogue. Elements such as the fully tinned wiring looms to prevent saltwater corrosion, rod holders in the right spot and at the right angle, a fuel filler in the right spot, plenty of headroom for tall anglers and so it goes.
Each year the snapper migrate into Port Phillip Bay where they spawn, early spring and into mid-summer is prime time to be catching these beautiful fish. Some of these lakes are relatively shallow which means that during the summer months they warm up easily, and trout don't like this too much. Jermey walked the edges fishing lures and managed some nice brown trout to around 2lb using a variety of lures. While numbers aren't huge just yet, the size of some of the fish has been impressive - with fish to around 4kg confirmed. James has found good schools working dense baitballs, with a lot of the fish in the school up around 2kg, and a handful of bigger fish to just under 4kg. Early morning high tides have been the best bite window, however the fish can be caught all day long if a few preparation steps are involved. Customer Shane caught a few fish up to 1kg on bluebait and surf poppers in the blue colour.
Early morning sessions staking out the gutters at Gunnamatta have produced some quality fish with lures and bait both doing the trick.

Most of the anglers were fairly new to surf fishing so they appreciated learning the finer art of reading the beach, quickly tying up rigs and the importance of berley and fishing in the right area. Salmon prefer the cooler water and during the winter months there is normally no shortage of baitfish such as whitebait and pilchards, along with smaller garfish. Robert's biggest fish came in at around 1.8kg, with most of the others around the 700g mark. Gary caught the lovely fish on a large 180mm hardbodied lure on a Penn spinning outfit spooled up with 10kg line. Most of the usual beaches have produced a few here and there, with Gunnamatta being one of the better beaches for local anglers at present. Most of the salmon were around the 2kg mark with a few that gave 3kg a nudge - which are chunky salmon in anyone's language. The shore from Mordialloc right through to Seaford has been best for the salmon with small metal slugs doing the damage - and there has also been a few nice bream caught on bait as well. Customer Daniel fished around San Remo on Sunday where he landed a few different fish, including a nice little gummy and some big flathead while bait fishing.
Phil said that the run out tide fished the best, with 5 whiting measuring around 40cm and flatties to 52cm taking a liking to strips of squid caught earlier from Newhaven Pier.
Salmon to 2kg are being caught on bluebait and whitebait, with the odd fish taken on stickbaits and metal slugs.
It didn't take him long to connect to a few chunky fish at his local beach, including this 53cm fish which pulled a fair bit of 4lb line from his poor reel! Peter was fishing out in 22m of water from Mordi when this nice snapper of around 4kg took a bait of californian squid.
Many of the streams are running relatively low, but good flushes of rain and cooler weather are starting to kick things along.
Most of the fish have been found in the bottom end of the Port at present where the water has been cooler. Staff member Dylan fished from the pier during the week to collect some baits and caught yakkas, garfish, tommy rough and couta using this berley mixture, along with delicately weighted float set ups.
The boys fished in 21m of water and used snapper snatchers to get amongst a couple of nice fish. Many of the smaller rivers up around Eildon have been good for anglers fishing lures and fly, along with some of the West Gippsland streams also.
A few bumps from smaller brown trout failed to excite him, but after a savage strike he was on to a nice fish. Most colours have been good, with a quick change between a bright 'aggressive' colour to a more neutral 'natural' tone normally turning lookers into eaters. Good news though, as the last month has seen some reasonable numbers of gars starting to come back. The most effective berley has been the 'Pier and Jetty mix' from Zealcol - which is fine enough to attract all species but not feed them, so that they are still attracted to your baits. Customer Damien fished with some mates out towards Aspendale in 14m of water just recently where reds to 4kg were landed. Areas that have been holding good numbers of fish like 17m have produced up to 10 way hookups for customers at times! Best success came on chunks of fresh yakka and squid, during the last stages of the run in tide. A few anglers have been chasing the whiting around the top end of the port with good success. Please check with the Marine Safety Board of Victoria or obtain a copy of the Victorian Boating Guide, available at police stations and fishing outlets.
Whiting (which are very fussy eaters) seem to prefer pipis or squid if it has been bashed to make it soft, presented very neatly on a hook with no loose ends. Maher’s Landing can be found about five kilometres east of the turn-off into Inverloch from the Bass Highway. Do not attempt to launch a boat without contacting some of the local anglers – you are not allowed to take reef fish such as parrotfish, bluenose wrasse and leather jackets in this area. As Peter said, “we just couldn’t find a good alloy boat that had a good ride and good build quality”.
In these publications there is a clear explanation of terms and plenty of very good information to help the customer choose the right boat. Customer Ben fished down at Gunnamatta recently to land a cracker of around 2kg from one of the close in gutters.
These are good sized fish in anyone's book, and they really test the limits on the light gear. To make the most of the fish that move and and down the beach, a good berley mix is needed. Keen young angler Luke also got into some salmon and a few mullet in close around the shore wash.
Gunnamatta and Rye ocean beach have been good, along with Woolamai, Cleeland Bight, Kilcunda and Williamson's.
Fish to 2kg are cruising the beach, with low light periods giving the most productive bite. The best method was to fish a paternoster rig with a green surf popper on the bottom dropper, and a bait of squid or pilchard on the other.
By Texas rigging a small soft plastic with heavier weight, he was able to slowly work the plastic back away from the salmon which resulted in a couple of nice bream which he released back to swim again. Customer Jordan has been catching a few trout in some local streams over the past week on lures, with some of the fish weighing over a pound which are nice fish for small water.
Areas to look have been around Rhyll, Cowes, Tortoise bank and across near Elizabeth Island. Small 'shiner' style hooks fished on 4lb fluorocarbon and a split shot have been a very effective way to catch these fish.
James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been getting amongst some nice size whiting around the banks near Tyabb and Hastings. While they are not thick around the piers yet, many snapper anglers have reported catching large gars in their berley trails while targeting snapper - with some of the gars have been 40cm or bigger. Customer Marco fished with his son Lucas out from Seaford recently where the landed snapper up to 6kg using silver whiting. Damien found unweighted pillies to work the best, and he also said that you unless you have a rack full of Stellas you'll never be a snapper master!
Aaron had a morning session off silverleaves around the slack stage of the tide where he caught these nice fish on pillies and silver whiting.
Customers Zoran and Johnny have been doing well on the whiting with their mates up around the top end.
Andrew was fishing the top end out from Warneet in 20m of water just recently where he caught this nice size gummy.
Western Port Safety Council, Coastguard Melbourne and Water Police also provide a sea rescue service. A popular surf-fishing beach along this stretch of coast is Kilcunda, great for salmon, trout and yellow-eyed mullet during the day, and gummy and school shark in the early morning and night. Fishing off the rocks here can also be productive with rock platforms stretching out past the many whiting channels.
Fish to 2kg are generally a bit more common early in the salmon season, so if you're after a bigger fish now is your time! Small Yamashita Golden Bait skirts have been good, along with Pakula Micro Uzi's when trolled along the edge of the schools. If you are fishing close to a good gutter or hole with some quality berley you should be able to catch a few salmon.
Customer Stan recently hit the beaches up and kept a few nice fish for fresh snapper and gummy baits.
Further afield there have been better numbers of fish along the beaches from about Golden Beach East. Jordan has been fishing some of the rivers in the Noojee region, and has found a mixture of lures working well.
Some of George's favourites lately have been Zipbaits and Rapalas, in both bright and natural colours patterns.
Fine grit berley and size 12 - 14 narrow gaped hooks have been their undoing, with small pieces of squid or pilchard. Customer Andrew has been fishing the top end of the port to land snapper to around the 4.5kg mark amongst some other school sized fish. The areas around Warneet and Hastings have been good along with the middle spit, for fish to 40cm.
To specifically fish for snapper, you will get best results by using WA pilchards, squid, octopus, bonito, tuna or pipis. It is in these channels that whiting can be caught and most of the nuisance fish can be avoided.
On occasions good catches are to be had on the shore, however the tide must be right to fish the shore. Once the winter really kicks in larger numbers of fish in the 400g - 1kg size range will be more commonplace. Slim profiled suspending hardbodies in the 50 - 65mm size have been working the best, with juvenile trout and minnow patterns favoured for the clear water. Salmon are also a very common fish throughout the year and can be caught on blue bait, pilchards and pipis.

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