Wison will fabricate the approximately 2500?ton module at its Nantong facility in China with the delivery planned for the second quarter of 2014. Posted on July 10, 2013 with tags Mexico, Modular, News, Offshore, Pemex, platform, Rig, Wison. Maersk Drilling Norge AS was established in 1990 and employs a staff of approximately 1000 people.
Do you attach great importance to quality and do you have an affinity with offshore projects? Mexico’s state-run oil company Pemex has ordered two accommodation vessels from the PMI Group.
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Many Americans wonder which banks are the best offshore banks to choose, and that offer the most benefits?
Whether the goal is an offshore credit card, checking or savings account, or other type of financial holding the best bank is one that is trusted, and that has a solid business history and reputation.
The best offshore banks for Americans are banks which offers the privacy and secrecy sought by the account holder, and that also avoid any risks of financial losses. The reason is simple: big governments around the world are closing off all of the exits to make sure you can’t get your capital out of their bankrupt system. Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and much of western Europe are flat broke. And they need your money to stay within their borders so it’s readily available to seize, freeze, confiscate, or expropriate on a whim. You saw what happened in Cyprus, where the European Union stole millions of dollars from individual bank accounts.
Keeping all of your money in the banks of your home country is a potential recipe for disaster.
The rest is loaned out on risky mortgages, dangerous sovereign debt, and, of course, the ultimate “financial weapon of mass destruction”: derivatives.
That’s why a global banking study showed the United States had the world’s FORTIETH safest banks.
Everybody should have some of their money invested outside of their own country, outside of their own currency.
The laws of economics tell us that the expansion of the central state can’t go on forever. If you’re a saver and you don’t want to watch your assets confiscated through the printing press, then you’re going to try to protect yourself.
If you think that can’t happen, consider that the US, UK, Cyprus, Australia, and other countries have already decided it’s perfectly OK for them to help themselves to your money for whatever reason they deem necessary, including collecting unverified tax debts. Having an offshore bank account can also give you access to currency diversification, so you can diversify your assets out of your home country’s fiat currency and into currency hedges – even gold. Likewise, the European Union is working hard to shut down its citizens’ access to banks in “tax havens” that allow them to earn interest income tax-free. The Nomad Capitalist guide, The Best Offshore Banks, is your step-by-step guide to actually opening an offshore bank account – all without leaving your house. This guide is all about taking action, so you can spend less time worrying about your money and more time moving it to a safe place of your choosing.
Many of the banks featured will happily open accounts for Americans, and many of them allow you to open your account remotely.
You could search the internet for days looking for offshore banks that will open an account. Worse that, many “bank introduction services” will ask you to fork over $300, $500, or even as much as $2,000 for the “privilege” of having them “introduce” you to an offshore bank.
When you buy the guide today, you’ll get instant access to all of the actionable information as a digital download. And while there are one or two competing guides selling for slightly lower prices, rest assured that The Best Offshore Banks is priced as it is for one reason: it’s worth it. The low $97 price being charged for this valuable information is only available for a limited time. But when you purchase your copy today, you’ll also receive a free 45-minute audio presentation, “Banking in Belize: How to Open an Offshore Bank Account from Home with $500”. This workshop was originally presented at a $2,000 per person offshore conference hosted by Nomad Capitalist and keynoted by Peter Schiff. In the twenty-first century, offshore accounts are no longer only the domain of James Bond and the jet set elite.
About Nomad Capitalist Nomad Capitalist helps successful people like you become global citizens using 100% legal strategies for business, investing, and citizenship planning.
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However, there are various factors that may make a Singapore company more or less attractive to your business. Hong Kong has done something few developed countries can claim: make it easy for Hong Kong corporations to pay zero income tax. Situated at the tip of Mainland China, Hong Kong is no stranger to being a transit point for goods. One issue with Singapore is the government’s strenuous opposition to being labeled a tax haven. But if your goal for starting an offshore company is to legally reduce your tax rates as much as possible, why not go all the way to zero? However, your first S$100,000 (roughly US$75,000) in profits are tax-exempt for the first three years your Singapore corporation is open for business.
That means you can earn nearly a quarter-million US dollars and pay barely 5% in tax for the first three years of your business. Singapore differs from Hong Kong in that Singapore seems to encourage more of an on-the-ground presence. But unlike Hong Kong which actually seems to encourage this type of activity, Singapore treats its businesses more like they are operating close to home. If you live in a high-tax country, that could offer some benefits to you in that Singapore has a large amount of tax treaties that prevent double taxation. Singapore’s desire to have its companies be involved in the jurisdiction is evidenced by some of its more interesting tax deduction plans. Despite having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, Singapore wants to make sure its own citizens have good jobs, and it has stepped up the requirements for hiring Singaporeans if you want to do business AND live there. However, Singapore corporations are responsible for filing a tax return every year, even if they did no business whatsoever. If you have some ties to Singapore or the greater region, and don’t mind paying some tax and dealing with compliance, Singapore might be worth investigating.
On one end of the spectrum you have value offshore jurisdictions like the Seychelles, which offer virtually no reporting, no tax, and very low fees (often under $1,000 per year out the door).
Nomad Capitalist helps successful people reduce their tax bill, earn higher investment returns, and become global citizens using strategies like offshore banking, second passports, and offshore companies. If you're a successful entrepreneur or investor, click the green button below to get our free Strategy Session and learn for free how to do these things.
About Latest Posts Andrew HendersonAndrew has been internationalizing since 2007, and has learned what works and what doesn't work when it comes to second passports, offshore banking, tax reduction, and investing. The project marks Wison’s second contract from COSL for the delivery of modular drilling units to PEMEX. If you're looking for a center console fishing boat, a nice cuddy cabin cruiser, or a full blown deep sea fishing boat we've got the boat for you! The fight that the put up is exhilarating, and it's truly a family activity - getting even your youngest kids excited as you reel in a monster of a fish.
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The answer will depend on a number of different factors, and the best bank for one person may be all wrong for another.
Some countries and global areas should be avoided by Americans, because of the influence that the USA wields in some regions of the world. Look at the history and financial stability of the bank, because most offshore banks do not offer deposit insurance. Banks that will open an offshore account for you – even if you’re the much-dreaded American? But chances are you’ve also seen just how hard it can be to actually open that offshore bank account.
They’ve run up a tab of hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt and funded liabilities, making their entire economies a ticking time bomb. That means for every $100 of your money they take on deposit, they only keep a few dollars in the drawer.
In the US, the FDIC deposit insurance fund maintains less than half of one cent for every $1 on deposit. Unlike western banks which are leveraged to the hilt, many offshore banks maintain real liquidity and have clean balance sheets. Putting money overseas is a 100% legal way to protect yourself from some judge ordering your entire account frozen, or worse, seized.
Imagine earning 5% on US dollar deposits or up to 16% on foreign currency deposits in fast-growing emerging markets. The United States has imposed laws like FATCA on banks worldwide, causing many banks to hang up a “Closed for Business” sign to Americans. In fact, some of the banks listed will open your offshore accounts with no minimum deposit.
There is a lot of conflicting, outdated, and flat out inaccurate information floating around out there. That’s because it is presented by Nomad Capitalist, the brand trusted by more than 100,000 people each month for help with offshore strategies. Once we sell enough copies, the price will double – and it will still be the best value out there.
Take this opportunity to get your copy of this life-changing guide before your government batons down the hatches and stops you from moving money overseas. Banking in Singapore is a great way to diversify your cash, but does that mean that Singapore is a panacea for any kind of personal or economic activity? Personally, while Singapore is nice and the Marina Bay area offers a gorgeous view, I couldn’t live in Singapore without going a bit stir crazy. There are definitely benefits to using a Singapore corporation, but you have to know the pros and cons going in.

Singapore and Hong Kong are Asia’s two economic powerhouses and occupy the top two spots on the Economic Freedom Index. Chinese factories pump up gazillions of dollars in exports every year, much of it channeled through Hong Kong. To accomplish that, you must simply use Hong Kong as your trading hub between two other countries.
I understand that the government wants to play ball with the international community – or at least appear that way.
In that same period, everything between S$100,000 and S$300,000 is taxed at half the normal flat tax rate.
While not nearly as complicated as the tax code in The Land of the Free, Singapore makes things overly complicated in my opinion. Most equipment can be completely written off in one year, rather than amortized, and the maximum period most businesses will use is three years.
Yes, the government is well aware that many Singapore corporations are used for global commerce, and that the company has no presence there. That’s evidenced by the fact that they set it up so almost all Singapore companies pay tax of some form.
Singapore is, however, signed tax information sharing agreements with other governments in their attempt to be a good global citizen. Most reputable firms will charge you as much as US$4,000 to set the thing up if you don’t live there. You can save the annual resident director fee by living there, but that process carries its own fees and Singapore is one of the most expensive cities on earth.
Singapore does come out on top here in that its independent audit threshold is much than Hong Kong’s. I personally believe a Labuan corporation in Malaysia gives a Singapore company a run for its money. While Singapore is viewed relatively favorably by tax authorities worldwide, Hong Kong isn’t exactly viewed as a pariah.
Close to the other end is Singapore (lesser used jurisdictions like Dubai and Switzerland are even more expensive).
The stuff we talk about here is 100% legal and designed to help you build your personal and financial freedom by "going where you're treated best". In 2007, Wison delivered modules for four platform rigs that are currently operating offshore Mexico.
One thing is for sure thought - you're not going to catch these deep sea fish in your little 16 foot lake boat! There are hundreds or even thousands of options with offshore Internet banking, and the right one will depend on the specific purpose for having an account, as well as the tax benefits being sought, the level of personal service and attention desired, and the area of the bank.
While Panama may be the location for one of the best offshore banks for European residents this area should be avoided by Americans. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world right now.You can guarantee that all transaction will be between you and the bank. While the country also uses a territorial tax system, Singapore views money earned in or remitted to Singapore by a Singapore corporation as local income, and subject to tax. Promoters suggest that this appearance makes it easier and more credible for those who do business there. It seems the government throws in these little kickers every once in awhile to encourage trade. Under these circumstances, Singapore will actually send you money in the form of a grant – but you must have several Singaporean employees on the payroll. As long as you own the business individually, or with twenty or fewer natural person partners, you should be exempt from the $3-5,000 expense of auditing the books.
Wison also delivered two modular platform rigs to COSL in 2010 for operation on CNOOC facilities offshore China. To go after these fish you'll need some heavy duty tackle, and a boat capable of handling some rough water. It does no good to have a high yield certificate of deposit if a foreign government takes over the banks in the country where the offshore account is located. This is why you can be sure the interest that grows on your money in the account will be yours. But I’ve always been drawn more to Hong Kong, not only for the way the city feels, but as a place to base your business. After all, a country that has some level of corporate tax looks a lot better to the IRS or your local tax authorities than a country with zero income tax and thin maintenance requirements. Though I would host servers in singapore, HK and malaysia as they do not tax business done through a server there. When a storm kicks up, you'll appreciate the deep V of your offshore fishing boat, as it easily rides the waves. The best offshore banks according to many experts are the ones which are out of reach for the country of residency of the account holder. They claim that foreigners not living in Singapore could run off and, without supervision, turn the place into a money laundering haven. Just make sure that you know the terms of offshore personal bank account.The essential criteria to have access to ones money from these offshore accounts is very important.
The ATM is the source for you to deposit and withdraw your money using the offshore debit card.When I hear of millionaires investing their money into offshore banks and only paying a small portion in taxes, that just tells me that the middle class on down are who is actually paying the president's paycheck. So, we pay but where is our voice?If you liked this article, check out Mafia Wars Concealable Camera.

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