Twin Troller Boats are very stable due to the pontoon hull design and vacuum effect of our patented propulsion system. The Twin Troller X10 comes fully equipped with our patented electric propulsion system and hands free foot control.
What makes a boat the best fishing boat?  Have a look at our comparison graph and decide for yourself. Twin Troller Owner TestimonialsTwin Troller owners come from all walks of life and fish all types of fish.  From Muskie Anglers in Minnesota to Redfish Hunters in Florida, Crappie Dudes in Ohio to 10 lb. Since childhood, I’ve enjoyed spending my spare time bonding with nature and savoring its beaut. Love everything about the “Twin Troller”, the versatility, the capability to hold or get into a tough spot, the stability!
It allows me to get into small water places that I could not get with a larger boat, and it is easy to control while fishing. I really enjoy taking my children and grandchildren Crappie fishing at the Lake of the Ozarks.
Having just completed my 7th outing, I can say I’m starting to settle in with my Twin Troller. I have been fishing out of small boats for over 50 years, but, my Twin Troller X10 is the most stable, most maneuverable, most comfortable and most durable boat that I have seen.
I truly enjoy my Twin Troller every chance I get, which now that I’m retired, is just about anytime the bass are calling me.
I love the twin trolling motors that give me the opportunity to use both hands for fishing while I maneuver my Twin Troller.
Give us your information below and we'll get it to you ASAP!Do you have any questions about the Twin Troller X10? The pontoons on each side of the boat contain recessed motors and provide outstanding boat stability in a small boat. The independent foot control pedals and corresponding electric motors allow the Twin Troller X10 to move in any direction depending on the amount and type of pressure placed on the foot pedals. Big Bass hopefuls from California to the Carolinas.Meet some Twin Troller X10 owners.  You're likely to find someone just like you!
My fondest memories include casting a line into the cool, shrouded mists of the morning waters, feeling the warmth of the day’s sun upon my back and marveling at the waning, dappled sunlight—that magical time near dusk where the fish come alive. I tell passengers you will fall out of the boat, well before the twin troller will tip over!
Robert had to quit work in 2010 (at age 54) on disability due to tumors that lead to Cushing’s Disease, which caused extreme weight gain, fatigue, weakness.
It wonderful for fishing the creek near my house as my TT let’s me fish in areas I always wanted to reach and I’m catching fish. However, as it turns out, I get as much enjoyment from putting it in the water when my adult children and their kids come for visits.
I wanted to downsize my boat so I sold by big bassboat and did research to find the best small boat. I also love how shallow the Twin Troller can get which allows me to get to spots that have little to no fishing. It is very comfortable, safe and easy to manipulate in the trees and stumps of Lake Conway. In addition, the construction material used in the boats is actually lighter than an equal amount of water, which makes the boat virtually unsinkable.
The X10 is powered by two 36lb thrust MotorGuide electric motors giving you 72lbs total thrust. Sharing lunch and bragging rights with a close friend was just as important as a full fishing creel. I initially fished the lake with a canoe, a kayak and a dinghy all borrowed from my neighbor. I have attached a picture of me holding a 10.2 largemouth bass, caught and released October 2015 on Lake Saguaro in AZ.
I was able to net an 8 pound bass and maneuver my boat without The worries of a normal boat. I love using the foot controls and keeping my hands free to do what is needed to cast or land fish. Once my eyes and ears saw and heard Frank Jones’ Twin Troller X10 so well advertised by David via the videos; I was sold! I purchased the Twin Troller X10 Fisherman Deluxe with the 2.3 HP Honda outboard and the trailer. My oldest daughter of three and her husband love to fish and tend to do so every time they come over from San Antonio, if at all possible and weather permitting. I have boated and fished all my life but never enjoyed small bodies of water like this before. I was fortunate in having the opportunity to fish in several of them in a variety of craft. Our boats can move straight forward, straight backwards, make 90 degree turns to the right or left, or rotate 360 degrees in one location.
There is no better way to spend a summer afternoon that losing track of time talking about which fish fought the hardest, jumped the highest and that really big one that “got away”.
All three were unstable, uncomfortable, and as clumsy as I am, it was a only a matter of time before I knew I was going to be wet. I had the bass on the line in one hand And my net in the other… My feet helped me keep my boat in position.
He used a single pontoon boat for a while, until his right eyelid closed permanently from tumor pressure and he couldn’t see to the side to control the boat. Several trips to local lakes as well as traveling to the next state over to meet my cousin for more great fishing.
We have worked hard to determine how to catch bass in this body of water, and have had a lot of success lately with catches of up to 30 fish a day (all released to bite again) up to 3 pounds. I have had many people stop and ask how are you controlling that boat ?  We have been watching and you never use your hands, you go forward and backwards and turn in tight circles.
The boat is in my spare garage stall and always on a charger – so I’m ready to go ANYTIME!
I love this boat because it allows me to be versatile and fish in small waters as well as large lakes like the Kissimmee Chain in Central Florida in a boat that requires very little to maintain and operate.
After watching another couple unload and assemble a 2 man pond boat, the decision was made to look into the two man fishing boats.
But, all my five grandkids love to fish as well and always enjoy taking a ride in my Twin Troller. The amazing hands free guiding of this boat is incredible, all your focus can be on fishing. I have owned several boats in the storied life catching fish, but the Twin Troller is definitely my favorite when I go bream fishing!
If you need to get in a tight location, or just want to have a little fun on the water, a Twin Troller Boat is the boat for you. I went to the internet and started researching electric boats and was lucky enough to chose the Twin Troller. The Twin Troller allows us to maneuver around the laydowns and into the coves, some of which are protected by a sand bar at a depth of only about two feet.
I put my guest in the bow seat so that I can keep an eye on them and they can enjoy the best seat for fishing.
With that said, my favorite story to tell involving our Twin Troller is likely not one that you’ll want to share with everyone out there considering the purchase of one of these great little fishing boats, since it involves my wife falling out of it.

This boat is a little pricey but the first time you use it you know it’s worth every penny. Owning an X10 Twin Troller has taken me back to those good old days as well as opened up an exciting new frontier of fishing. I ordered the Fisherman’s model, the dolly and the cover even though I remained a bit skeptical because I thought the price was a bit too cheap compared to similar boats on the market. I tried going along in another single pontoon boat, but it was too difficult to reach over and help him. When I’m ready to go fishing, I roll the TTX10 on its dolly to the back of my pickup. The occasional breeze does not bother us because of the capability provided by the two motors.
I fish tournaments, own a high end fishing kayak (that I now need to sell), used to own a full sized Ranger Comanche bass boat, I was even the Captain of large air-boats for over 4000 Eco tours, and I am now over 60 years old. If the guest is an experienced angler, I let them face forward, then, I maneuver the boat so that they have the first and best opportunities to cast toward prime fishing spots.
It was the perfect boat to fill our needs on the river and allow us to fish on our time schedule, not the rental hours schedule.
The instance of her falling overboard into the pond was certainly not the fault of the boat, rather just a fluke occurrence involving my clumsiness and likely a rather poor decision on her part.
It is also fun to watch the faces of other people when your cruising along & they cannot figure out how your moving with no motor. Under windy conditions at boat launch ramp, a second person is helpful to more easily load boat. If my guest is a novice, I have them face me, so that I can help them when they need a little instruction.
At one lake A friend of mine was just launching my boat when another boat was just being recovered. I have used it in the VERY shallow upper Neuse for cat fish where a normal boat could not operate. One couple thought somebody was trying to play a joke on them when they saw me in a picture on Facebook fishing out of it. Small, gorgeous lakes up to 100 acres where regulations do not allow boats equipped with gas motors to be put onto the water. Cover and dolly arrived within 10 days of ordering, the boat took about 6 weeks to deliver. The aft position for the Twin Troller foot pedals allows operation of the electric motors, and the little Honda outboard from the same helm seat position. My buddy asked him if his boat was about $30,000 & the guy replied it was about twice that. The result is an astounding amount of pristine lakes full of big, hungry bluegill, redear sunfish, crappie, bass and catfish. There was no delay in the delivery on Freedom Electric’s part but once it arrived at the local trucking company they decided to hold it and wait for more packages to deliver in our fairly remote area. For trolling, I lock the throttle and steering on the Honda, and use the foot pedals to steer the X10. So, we went down to our floating dock where the Twin Troller was tied up and I helped her into the back seat. Even my wife enjoys driving the twin trollers just for sightseeing with the boat – she is not a fisherman. I always love telling people about my X10’s propulsion system, and how the tunnels contribute to the boat’s remarkable stability. The foot controls make it easy to keep the Twin Troller in a sideway position while drifting. I then untied the boat from the dock and went to step into the front of the boat when my flip flop caught on one of the cleats on the dock (lesson learned, never ware flip flops when boarding a boat).
I stood up on the side of the boat with waves hitting the side and stood there talking to them.  They were both impressed so much that they went and looked it up on line right there. Frank and Dave provided great follow up and really bird-dogged the trucking company to get them to deliver it it to me. We looked at various boats but at his 300+ pound weight and weakness, we were concerned about a boat tipping, or the struggle to get in and out.
This electric boat allows me to drive right through heavy Kissimmee Grass, buggy whips, and lily pads very much like when I was in an air-boat. Around the lake, overhanging trees attract fish looking for insects as they fall into the water. She often would not want to paddle and surely hated it when she flipped us over in the boat. I like to flip and fish in heavy grassy areas so I am often standing to pitch in mats for big bass. As I clung to the dock with one foot in the water and struggled to right myself, the boat began to push away from the dock. Most of these lakes have several small coves full of sunken timber, lily pads and many types of aquatic growth. Once on the dolly I had to move it about 100 yards down a paved street and then another 50 yard over a small grassy slope to the lake. He watched the videos over and over, including the one where two men stand on the side and it doesn’t tip! I am not a little guy and have had others fish with me in this boat with no problem, but most of the time I fish alone.
The outboard now allows us to go upstream at a much quicker pace saving the battery and giving us more time to fish. My wife, watching me, decided it would be a good idea to lean over and try to grab the dock and in doing so caused the small Twin Troller to lean enough in that direction to dump her fully into the pond.
This abundance of natural cover provides a great backdrop for observing deer drinking at the water’s edge, the occasional lone eagle flying overhead or the loud splash of a hungry bass. Well, I did get myself into the boat with only one lower leg wet, and then managed to help her get up the dock ladder and safely back onto the dock. I can do most things a bigger boat can do and some things a big boat cannot do at all, or does not do well, yet I pull this boat with a smaller compact car. We load and unload our Twin Troller at the boat ramp with our Smart Car, heads turn with big smiles. As panfish hunters, my wife and I specifically target these smaller, secluded lakes, following the most off-the-beaten paths to locate these fat and sassy fish.
The Twin Troller was super easy to launch directly off the bank and now it was time to learn how to drive it. When we fish together on the TTX10, we sit back to back which allows each of us 180 degrees of unobstructed visibility. The smaller platform of this boat and the quietness of the trolling motors make this an ideal boat to sneak up on skittish bass in heavy cover or big bass on beds in skinny water. That incident occurred probably a year or so ago and we still find ourselves telling the story occasionally and laughing about it every time we do. It took maybe ten minutes to get used to the foot pedals but once you get the hang of it, it is by far the most maneuverable boat on the market. But I was assured it was relatively easy because of it’s small weight, and the trailer could be ordered with it so that it was a perfect fit. I installed items on my Twin Troller that I designed myself to expand storage of tackle and other items to help me on the water. Our TTX10 really paid for itself earlier this spring when our weekend lake received record rains and flooded.

I love bass fishing and it is always better doing so casting toward the pond’s edge rather than out away from it, which my Twin Troller provides an excellent platform to do so from. Unfortunately, the vast amount of aquatic structure that fosters such a healthy ecosystem makes it nearly impossible to fish from the bank. For the benefits of safety, sitting upright on the water, controlling movement with your feet (and adjustable so that he or the other person could do that), it became the obvious best choice! Now she smiles and smiles and smiles even more as we get to take Nyla our skittish female Rottweiler with trust issues who is completely at home it our Twin Troller X10 with its’ rotomolded stability! I have had other fisherman stop me at boat launches or on the water to see my Twin Troller. Lake Texoma set a new flood level and our boat dock came off its pencils along with others in our cove.
Only the few easily accessed areas (such as the boat ramp or lakeside edge of the campground) are within reach of the bank fisherman. The dog loves to see her fishy friends come out of the water as well the other people in boats. With ramp roads flooded and closed, we put our TT into service unloading where roads now entered into the water.
The salesperson was extremely helpful, talking with me several times, answering my questions, patiently explaining how it worked.
TT allowed us to ferry through the trees and flooded debris to check on our dock and keep it secure for most of the summer until the water finally receded and our boat dock was moved back into place.
The few fish remaining in the area having built up a stubborn reluctance to take most baits and lures. We were at home when the salesperson called me back and I was able to ask my husband “which color do you want?” He was shocked and thrilled!
I can maneuver the TTX10 forwards and backwards, right up to the dead branch or vegetation and retrieve the lure. Due to his size and safety, we bought bigger seats with armrests, making it even more comfortable. After undoing a snag, I can use the zero turn capability to return to our previous location.
I learned to pull the boat, practiced backing it up in a parking lot, and took a friend along on our first trip. The X10 excels in allowing you to fish deep into cover, reaching those fish that seldom see a hook or line. I could think of several more reasons why I love my TTX10, but these are my top five reasons I love my Twin Troller X10!
We’re no longer forced to stop at the edge of cover; rather, we continue straight to the heart of the most brushy, stump-covered coves the great outdoors has to offer.
Because we are in Trout country the majority of the fishing is fly fishing and the Twin Troller is the envy of the lakes. It was always the talk of the lake, as people admired the ability to easily move across the lake, use both hands for fly fishing, and control the boat in any direction easily! Using the X10’s intuitive foot controls to silently glide over submerged cover and thread through heavy standing timber, we’re able to keep our hands free to fish. It doesn’t matter how good of fly fisherman you are, it takes two hands to fly fish and this is where the Twin Troller surpasses all other boats on the market. The ability to hands free manuver in order to get that fly in just the perfect spot can only be done with the Twin Troller.
Of the eighteen outings we have taken in our X10 this year, it has never failed to gain us comfortable, reliable access to those seldom-fished hot-spots.
There are other boats on the lakes that are similar in appearance but all are powered with standard trolling motors requiring the use of at least one hand.
He may not get to use the boat again, but it gave great joy and pleasure, reminding him of his youthful days of growing up in Vicksburg, MS with a pond in the backyard and being a able to fish all around the banks from a boat. After just a few hours of fishing in solitude on such a tranquil lake, you realize the X10 is truly in its element by offering a combination of features that no other small-body fishing boat can. Since seeing the Twin Troller I have had several of the local fly fisherman asking me where to get it. Although stability and durability are some of the many features of this boat, I would like to expand upon the benefit most important to us: more fishing with less frustration.
I have fished with the Twin Troller one season now and it has turned out to be the perfect boat for me and our area.
In the picture, Robert is in the back and his good friend Pete in the front at Silver Lake, Washington, on the first trip out. Anyone who has taken a canoe, kayak or Jon boat fishing on a windy day has experienced the frustration of battling the wind. I have since bought the trailer (easy to assemble good value) and will be bringing the boat in for the winter next week.
Next season I will branch out to larger lakes and plan on ordering the Honda outboard motor which is needed if you are going to fish larger lakes. All the time and effort spent counter-steering, dropping anchors (and scaring fish), hauling wet ropes in and out of the boat, has been eliminated. I have never given a product endorsement before even on good products I have used, In the Twin Trollers case I am more than willing to get the word out on a boat that is not only extremely well engineered but is truly remarkable in every sense. He is now on hospice and I’m trying to work as long as I can, but be with him when needed. We now leave the anchor at home and reserve the extra space for a larger cooler, spare battery, or our dog, Bruiser.
Steering the low-profile hull using slight peddle movements (instead of a motor tiller or paddle) is now second-nature. As a result of freeing our hands we spend much more time fishing and actually CATCHING fish.
The X10 does everything we ask, but if I were to caution the potential owner about one thing, it would be this: If you invest in an X10, be prepared to meet new people. They will approach you at the dock, on the water, and if you haul it around on a small trailer as I do, in parking lots.
I once walked out of a store after purchasing some night crawlers to discover an older gentleman carefully studying our boat. I introduced myself and he said he was retired and looking for a small fishing boat that would be easy for him to manage with his wife or grandson on their fishing trips.
When he pointed to the transom and asked where the motor was, I feigned surprise and said in a panicked voice, “Oh no!
Which way did you come?” After a few moments in which he sincerely offered to help me find it, I could no longer contain my laughter. It was then that I showed him the “motor” was safe and secure; both of them mounted solidly under the boat and protected by the weed-grates. I also showed him how the foot controls worked to move the boat around similar to a zero-turn mower or Bobcat. We both had a laugh while he took some pictures of our boat and wished us well on the trip. In parting, I leave you with this; If your idea of the perfect fishing trip involves a hint of exploration and a dash of adventure down the freshwater “path less traveled”, call up a good buddy, grab your tackle and head out in an X10 Twin Troller.

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