In addition to marine electrical advice, we offer lots of marine wiring info about everything from shorepower installation to standard boat wiring colors. Is this switch basically just a spare switch that I can use or does it do something with the panel that I'm not aware of? The options that the switch could control would be very obvious: livewell pump, courtesy lights, etc. If the lower left terminal is open or has a short wire that leads to an open connector, then you should be all set to connect your depth sounder here. I have a 2000 Smokercraft pontoon boat and I’m trying to hook up a Mariner 75 hp powertrim motor to it. Cut the brown and connect it to the tail light along with the brown in the four wire harness and the brown for the right side light, and cut the wire and connect it to the tail light ground along with the white wire in the four wire harness. At the left light, connect the yellow and white wires directly then connect the brown with tail light and the left side light wire. If you want to ensure a good ground for the side lights, you may want to run a ground from them to the grounds at the tail lights.

I unplugged the amplifier connection from the boat wiring then also lost my front front red and green navigation lights.
My guess is the forward navigation light wires were connected with the same plug as your forward speakers. If you are running new wires back to the battery, make sure to add an in-line fuse or circuit breaker at the battery.
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If you haven’t had a child, spouse, friend or pet take a spill down the entry RV steps then you are quite fortunate. The installation of the entry RV steps mod should be easy for anyone that has worked with plywood before.
As always if you have comments or have something like this setup in your RV we want to see it!
Keep in mind that your previous wiring probably failed at the connection points so multiple connections into this one will probably have the same result in a couple years.

Now that I can’t find any wires from the old amplifier, what is the easiest way to run a line to power and battery to get the radio working? When you come across one that adds safety into the mix its always a good addition to your RV. The right leg of the V has the green and brown wire and the left left has the yellow and a second brown. If they are not available, crimp the connections and then cover them with adhesive lined shrink tube. The white usually connects at the tongue of the trailer and the trailer frame is used as a ground. After having the same concerns that many of us do over a few on-board aging companions he decided to take action.

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