Here are a couple of the tank in the mud, not quite as thick, but I stopped and could dig out by dropping the motor down all the way, from a dead stop that is.
Black Bark pattern for the base, shadowed the bark pattern with brown, then leaf pattern in brown followed by marsh grass in tan and shadowed in brown.
Looks good but some green would make it look closer to the colors we have during most of the season. Jill, my Brittany hunting dog is 6 years old and knows about fences and bard wire – as long as she can see them. There are only 2 good parts to an airboat ride – getting to where you’re going and getting off at the end. This is actually the ONLY TIME I’ve ever seen Capt Brent Hopkins take a nap – and he was just fooling for the picture. Help the Federal Fish & Wildlife Service when you can – they determine when and how we can hunt and real data helps make better decisions. I dare you to show me a duck hunter who doesn’t have a massive collection of sunrise photos.
I hope I never tire of watching the fog clear and sun rise with a cup of coffee and my favorite duck hunting dog in a duck blind.
You can hunt ducks on the Texas gulf Coast without an airboat but you are going to be limited to mostly redheads and some pintails that don’t mind the box blinds. Some of the duck on the river where I hunt in Texas like to hit the deeper water where the river banks are steep.
Since Wyoming is very large and there aren’t many sage grouse left, they can be very challenging to find.

Given the sheer size of the Wyoming country, it is highly unlikely that you’ll find a sage grouse nest. My guide is also a fly fishing guide and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pull some brook trout out of this little hole.
On the way back to the lodge the first day, the guide asked me if I minded if he shot an antelope. Since we weren’t having any luck out in the field, we went back to the lodge to help solve a problem – more on that in a minute. A typical pigeon hunt with well decoyed pigeons can result in as many as 200 birds harvested in a couple hours.  This was a spectacular hunt with three shooters and an endless supply of pigeons and occurred over 90 minutes of shooting time.  Thanks Brian! Mike and Dean from Big Water Outdoors had their camera guy there Sunday, so hopefully he can put some video of the boat running soon, it was impressive, even to me and I built the boat!!!!
We had a great weekend with the guys from Big Water Outdoors and Operation Red White and Bluebill.
We never get a ton of ducks in Texas but I still enjoy hunting them and all of the adventures and learnings that I accumulate during the short season. We don’t see mallards on the river very much – mostly gadwalls – so it was a treat to put one in the bag along with the Gadwalls, wigeon and Teal. It’s just like hunting up here but you have ducks about every five minutes and you never have to keep count.
So, take out your plug and grab your magazine extension.  If the pigs are flying, you’ll need the extra shots! Texas duck hunting provides more than enough water and cold weather to keep my buddy cool and performing.

There is an abundance of pigeons and Eurasian Collared Doves in Texas.  They are both invasive species and there are no limits or seasons to hunt them. It’s hard to hunt a boat based duck blind in the river and I like to be flexible and adapt to the conditions I find when I finally get where I’m going to hunt ducks. We’re fortunate to winter many thousands of geese and a morning sunrise over goose decoys is something to behold.
It’s also fun to look back and appreciate just how rich and satisfying it is to hunt ducks in Texas. I built this rig so I could anchor right on the shore and still stay hidden but close to the deep water.
Texas dove hunting is hot and keeping your dog cool in a water tank or bath will help your friend keep working for you on both ends of the day.  The terrain available in Texas for dove hunting is spectacular and the choices are rich. You have to come to terms with the impact you have on other creatures, but I'm afraid we're seeing a new generation of hunters who are disconnected from tradition. It just so happens that this morning turned into a fantastic pigeon hunt before the ducks even woke up! The best part of our Argentina duck hunt was the amazing number of crazy shots that were successful. I had hunted in Wyoming the year before but didn’t know about Sage Grouse or Bombers and when I did find out about them, discovered that I was just a few days late for their very short season.

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