At Canyon Marine we are an authorized boat dealer for G3 boats, Kingfisher boats,  and Ranger bass boats, Evinrude outboards, Mercury outboards and Yamaha outboards. Our selection of boats include jet boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, ski boats, duck boats, duck hunting boats. This marine boat shop takes pride in offering the highest in customer satisfaction and product quality. Kingfisher boats are built with a premium welded fishing boats built of the finest grade of aluminum available.
For more information on how to purchase your Kingfisher boat please give us a call at (208) 467-1417. What happens when you morph the best of the Karma creek boat with the Best of the original Zen river runner? The 2015 Zen bridges the gap between river runner and creek boat and offers a new tier in speed and performance. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is a trademark of the BBC and is produced for PBS by WGBH under license from BBC Worldwide. WGBH and PBS are not responsible for the content of websites linked to or from ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Online.
The 143R is a great all around size and design for those boaters out there who need one raft to do it all. The 156R is an all-purpose, expedition sized raft and the most popular of our bigger raft designs. We are an authorized Bass Pro Shops retailer with an excellent selection of bait and tackle. Exclusive Pre-Flex® technology hulls are designed as a result of years of successful river racing.
This raft is a stable paddle boat for taking on big waves and a responses row boat for multi day expeditions.
It's not too small for the Grand Canyon and not large for the occasional paddle raft trip down your favorite big river.

The “round” design, with its large tube diameters and long water lines, offers maximum stability and stiffness and makes it a great choice for groups and gear on big rivers.
These boats make easier class II and III water more challenging and exciting, while remaining stable enough for experienced paddlers to run big class V sections and drop waterfalls. The 14' Super Duper Puma offers more space for friends and gear but still has a narrow beam which makes it an awesome whitewater paddleboat and a great rowing rig for three people and lightweight gear.
Our marine technicians specialize in inboard and outboard engine repairs on Evinrude, Mercury and Yamaha motors. Highly maneuverable and amazingly responsive, the Puma Series can also play the role of an inflatable drift boat. The Super Duper Puma’s continuous smooth bottom makes it handle like a slick hulled drift boat. The Zen has held onto its fast, light maneuverability but now allows you to fly up and over rocks, holes and waves better than ever.
Whether you are looking for a forgiving, easy to roll all around kayak while just getting started or wanting a sporty river runner that surfs as well as it creeks, the 2015 Zen is for you.
I like that it is somewhat narrow in front as I can take a really good vertical paddle stroke. Much of the interest comes from my grandfather, who was a member of the New York Society of Etchers way long time ago and began a collection at that time that I've been fortunate enough to inherit. The narrow beam allows the rafts to descend smaller rivers and creeks than our more conventional sized rafts.
This new 2015 hull design will make the Zen a forgiving kayak for those rolling, bracing and running whitewater for the first time. Enough volume in the back and front to stay on top of the water and move through holes easily. APPRAISER: So this is just one of a handful of things that you grew up with around you as a youth and now you have on your wall.
The end result will be a Zen that is fast, stable and more versatile than ever on rivers and creeks.

GUEST: Very little, other than somebody took me aside and said, "I think that's a famous artist that did that," but I never pursued it.
APPRAISER: You have an etching by the artist Edward Hopper, who is a very famous American painter and printmaker. And a lot of people know Hopper's work probably through his paintings of solitary figures alone at night in diners, in interiors in New York. He began in the early 1900s after studying in New York and traveling to Paris pursuing art as an illustrator, and oftentimes, in the early 1900s, he had to go and solicit business as an illustrator. It wasn't until 1913 at the famous Armory Show in New York that he actually had a painting exhibited that sold. A couple of years later, in 1915, Hopper turned to making etchings, and he produced the vast majority of his etched output, approximately 70 different etchings, through the 1920s. This is an etching he made in 1922 which is known by the title "The Cat Boat." He took awhile to develop his style and never really adopted any one of the art movements of the early 1900s, whether American or European. And it was really his etchings of the 1920s that started to bring him more fame and appreciation from the market. There's a tiny little typed signature which is so typical of him right down here in pencil, "Edward Hopper." You'll notice that it appears as if Hopper might have erased his signature and written over it.
Hopper always commented on how he liked to use a very stark white paper and deep, heavy black inks and get the contrast of the two.
He would print them as he sold them, and there's probably fewer than 25 of these known of this particular subject, so you have one of the top prints by an extremely important American artist from really what is the most important decade of his career as a printmaker.
GUEST: Well, more than I thought originally, I think, just because of the interest that's been taken by many people, yourself included.
APPRAISER: Right, well, as an insurance value on this-- and I would suggest insuring something like this-- I would put an insurance value on it of $250,000.

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