If you’re reading this and I happened to be on the phone with you yesterday and were laughing and talking and I was telling you all about how I was going to make these beeswax candles and I went on and on about it and told you I was going to post it on the blog….. But that is a story for another day when I’m not trying to tell you all about how to make a pallet wood clock. Remember the brother that made the pallet wood letters and the pallet wood Christmas trees? So he explained to me how he made it and even gave me a link to where he found the clock hands.
Cut out a 4 inch diameter center of the circle (this is where you will attach the clock movement piece). He also suggested using the end of a plywood spool (like the ones you find hardware stores).
Then….lay the pieces of pallet wood end to end and stagger them like bricks on top of the plywood circle.
Once dry, flip the glued pallet top over to show the plywood circle which now has rows of pallet wood glued and nailed on to it. Then cut out your circle with a jig saw.  You will cut through the plywood and the pallet wood together at the same time. You can follow the directions that come with the kit…but essentially you will be drilling a hole in the plywood and attaching the clock hands to the front and the clock movement piece to the back connected by a threaded shaft in the center. Perfect place for the rustic yet industrial project and it even has a practical use – telling time even from across the room or the next room and maybe getting people to places on time. It looks amazing KariAnne- I have always wanted to make one of these (okay, maybe not always, but for several months now). A woodburning tool would also make letters and stars for those who are wanting to do something similar. I have projects that have been like that, and I told my blog readers I would be doing them–um, yeah. Alucraft has been established since 1989 and specialize in aluminum design and construction of commercial boats with waterject and other forms of propulsion.
Alucraft is located in the Western Australian boat building industrial complex of Henderson. Whether you require a fishing boat, pearl cleaning, workboat, research vessel, offshore supply, house boat, mussel picking and processing, long lining, fast patrol boat, charter, fire fighting, barge or passenger ferry; Alucraft can design, build and outfit your next vessel. Repairs, modifications and maintenance of aluminium vessels, it's equipment, systems and propulsion are also catered for, so you can rest assured of after sales service when required. We like our clients to have a long lasting relationship with us, and the confidence to return with their next project. The latest production welding equipment in MIG and TIG welding is used to weld aluminium plate and sections together as well as stainless steel. Hydra-bending, guillotining, in house CNC plasma cutting to 10 metre long sheets and manual power sawing is utilised to process sections to be later assembled and welded.
All engine installation is carried out on the premises as well as other system installations and internal fit-outs.

Alucraft are the most versatile, flexible and organised company in the 40 metre range offering a tailor made package from design to delivery utilising the latest available technology and techniques.
For many years the Australian 18 Footers League has been conscious of the need to keep the cost of racing to a realistic level or risk the future of their fleet and the emerging fleets in the U.S.
During the 1990s the League introduced a single hull design and appointed a specialist builder to construct each hull.
Since then the USA and UK have each won Giltinan (world) Championships for the first time and the level of international competition generally has also improved.
Class boat builder Van Munster Boats built a new deck mould last year and is presently giving the League's existing boats an upgrade 'treatment' to bring them up to the current 2011 specs.
First boat to receive the upgrade 'treatment' to the 'new' specification was Gotta Love It 7 in December 2010. Another five of the Australian 18 Footer League's boats are presently undergoing the same upgrade given to Gotta Love It 7 with similar numbers again likely next year as the club continues to improve the quality of its entire fleet.
Continual refinement of the hull structure and construction over the past decade means that the upgrade comes in four separate levels. As well as producing the upgrades for the League, Brett Van Munster says his company can also produce the upgrades for interstate and international competitors. Pressure Drop suggested the competitive longevity of the boats in Australia is approximately four to five years, so asked Howie how long he thought they would last on San Francisco Bay.
Howie said: 'They built a new mould last year that solved some structural issues, so I think new boats will last 10 years - even on San Francisco Bay'. The move should ensure stability in the class and improve the likelyhood of a further spread on an international as well as interstate level within Australia. Most of the upgraded hulls will be on Sydney Harbour next Sunday (9 October) in the League's opening race of the season.
This strange tradition in Olympic sailing has stood strong for years, and despite new crews, new boats and changing times - the Olympic 470's are still named after Nicole Kidman movies.
When three sailors capsized and damaged their boat off the tiny island of Fanadikin Micronesia, there was no other option but swimming to shore and sitting there, waiting three days for rescue. The Darwin Sailing Club say they're getting back to their core mission, offering sailing and hospitality, but no pokies. A new Moth is being developed by an Australian designer, which promises a competitive boat for less than $15,000.
In 2006, Alex Thompson suffered a keel failure in his IMOCA 60, Hugo Boss which forced him to abandon the boat and step aboard a fellow competitor's yacht. This week in Dubai, the Extreme Sailing Series was launched, announcing 8 teams competing in 8 stops around the world, with an all new boat that's set to wow spectators.
With enormous rigs and 6 man crews, these vintage 18ft skiffs were a sight to behold on Sydney Harbour this week, with 11 of the classics racing. Whether it be a general service or an electrical or mechanical repair contact us now and we will get you back out on the water quickly and safely.
From oil changes to engine overhauls, no job is too large or to small and all marine repair work is completely guaranteed.

We are a fully registered Marine Accredited business so you can rest assured your vessels repairs are in the hands of dedicated professionals. Our mechanics are also Marine Trained in Mercruiser, Mercury and Volvo Penta, your guarantee that we know what we are talking about. SOS Marine Services is affiliated with Clean-A-Boat Services, a skilled team of specialists in the field of marine vessel shipwright repairs, painting and antifouling. So whether it be a simple oil and filter change on your Mercruiser, Volvo Penta, or Mercury Outboard, or other make or a complete boat refurbishment or engine re-power we are your One Stop Boat Repair Shop on the Gold Coast.
Hastalavista - Traditional wheelhouse built for the South Australian Crayfishing industry.
But no where did you say it is a magic clock, so I guess I will have to make it and see for myself.
I am so sorry about your backsplash and your lack of potential light in the future power outage but you made me feel so much better because….
My daughter and her husband just finished building their rustic country home and this would be the perfect accent for their family room. Did he do something to the pallet wood where the hands are suppose to be to make it thinner? Since its foundation it has been involved in many different vessel design and construction, enabling a wide range of experience. We are 10 kilometres south of Fremantle and a 20-minute drive from Perth on the Kwinana freeway. We can also provide you with the help and technology shipyards to build and maintain your boats.
Will do 80kms an hour in 30cms of water Features: Step Ladder, Load Ramps for ATV, Stax Fire Protection System, GME GX600D VHF Radio, Dash Mounted Compass, and satellite navigation. Specialising in sterndrive engines we also hold a range of spare parts in stock for both outboard and inboard petrol & diesel marine engines. Take advantage of our total maintenance package including all mechanical, antifouling & detailing services available. You remind me of one of those fantastic figure skaters who perform a difficult jumps and they twirl and twirl and almost fall but then land gracefully.
The size makes it stand out, but the materials keep it from overpowering the focus of the room! This every-day yacht uses an ingenious way to fit beneath a bridge on the Intracoastal Waterway in America.

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