We specialize in gelcoat & fiberglass repair and prepared from major hull gamage to small chips ahd scratches. AboutProudly servicing Muskoka with Ontario's largest fleet of Muskoka Boat Rentals since 2002. With over 50 years of combined experience, we are the specialists when it comes to Paint, Gel-Coat, Marine Fiberglass Repairs & Refinishing.
Our Boat and PWC (Personal Watercraft) body shop does it all with a long list of services aimed at improving and restoring the condition of your watercraft. Paint codes aren’t prevalent in the marine industry which makes matching the colour of your boat a difficult process.
Osmosis and stress cracks are both serious issues, especially if you are experiencing either one of these issues on the hull of your watercraft. While obviously an unfortunate situation, Northern Lakes has the facilities to restore your watercraft to a like new state.
Providing us with images of the areas that need to be repaired will allow us to provide you with a more accurate quote.
Polishing and Detailing: To keep their factory gloss fiberglass gel coats need to be cleaned and polished regularly. Anti Fouling: Modern, environmentally safe, (but expensive) anti fouling coatings require sophisticated hull preparation techniques and careful application. Painting: New urethane coatings are usually better than the original gel coat on a fiberglass boat. Have your boat or Sea-Doo stored with a Marina you can trust, a marina that is dedicated to meeting your deadlines and one that will keep your boat in the condition you’d expect.

NLM provides Premium Boats & Sea-Doo's for rent along with a customer first ideology & turn key service built just for you. Please take note that our facility allows for a complete boat lift, so your machines will never be turned on its side or flipped upside down.. Does it have light scratches or dock rash on the sides of the boat that you’re tired of looking at?
We will promise 100% satisfaction that any fibreglass issues is repaired correctly, thus restoring your boat to factory condition. If left untreated, osmosis will slowly add more moisture into your hull which will weaken you gelcoat and peel off.
We are a one stop shop in that our services include body repair, re-upholstery and rentals. Our aim is to serve our region better so if you’re on Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, Lake Joseph, Lake Simcoe or Lake Couchiching and need body work completed on your boat or personal watercraft, then Contact Us Today! Small scratches and scrapes need to be repaired to keep water out of the fiberglass below the gel coat. We have the equipment to remove your boat from its trailer so that these treatments can be applied effectively. When you have your boat winterized and stored at Northern Lakes Marine, you can select from either indoor or outdoor storage.
Our Muskoka Boat Rentals include Free Delivery to your location because it's your vacation and we want you to enjoy every minute of it!
In turn, stress cracks will continue to expand until they weaken an entire section of your watercraft.

Give us a call if you have an insurance claim, we will happy to provide you with a premium rental boat while yours is being repaired and restored to factory condition.
Prior to storage, your watercraft will be fully winterized, your battery will be maintained and the boat will be fully detailed (Acid Wash, Interior Protector, Vacuum. Gelcoat is made up of layers; these marks will easily come out without having to re-spray the boat with new Gelcoat. Both are visually unappealing, but more importantly both are significantly damaging to the long-term health of your Boat or PWC. That is why you need to look no further if you need to have your boats transom repaired, floors refurbished or any other issue affecting the overall durability of your boat or personal watercraft. We can assure you that refinishing your watercraft to a like new state is a lot less costly than replacing the Boat or PWC altogether. Specializing in cosmetic repairs, stress crack repairs, custom paint, gel-coat repair & structural fiberglass repairs, you will find our work nothing short of excellent.
We ensure you that we only use the highest of quality resins and cloths, as well, expoxy repair is also available upon request.

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