Marine grade epoxy, fiberglass, plywood, paint: all your boat building and repair supplies in one place with free technical support. We are distributors of System Three® and MarinEpoxy® resins, dealers for WEST System® resins, Divinycell® core foams, all fiberglass types, EMC2 paints® and marine plywood. We sell all that boat builders need to build a composite boat hull, at the best prices and with the best technical support. Building a wooden boat from a set of plans can be a daunting challenge, many potential home builders can struggle at this early stage, and their project comes to a grinding halt before the garage has been cleared!
Another Troy,  JOCELYN  T1, was involved in a collision that took away the top section of her stem and bowsprit.
A well known Falmouth boat, Tom Tit, belonging to David Carne, was brought in for new deck and mast step, with new deck layout, beams and kingplank, reported to have been built in 1903, she sailed again in 2008.

We also maintain many wooden boats, doing the annual maintenance in the spring, and also looking after them during the season, if there are any problems, or small jobs that need doing, we can usually do them afloat, or bring the boat to the workshop.
We have also supplied new rudders, tillers, masts, gaffs, booms, spinnaker poles, and oars for a variety of craft. Order processing works but if you do not find an item, please call 772-770-1225 during business hours.
We are happy to help, advise or undertake this part of the construction process for a reasonable charge. We work closely with Riggers-uk at Penryn who can supply any rigging usually at very short notice, to get boats back out sailing again. This boat comes stock with full coast guard floatation, cabin, AJR aluminum windows and set up for the engine of your choosing.

This boat has a huge back deck, 80 gallon fuel tank and very nicely appointed cabin with large Vee birth. This particular tug is being built for JJ Woodsmall, he is going to use this tug to pull an aluminum barge full of BBQ and smoking equipment for catering jobs.
This paticular boat is set up for a 225 HP yamaha outboard that will have a top speed of 43 MPH.

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