These Bristol Bay Gillnetters were based on the lines of the boats that fished salmon on the Sacramento and Columbia Rivers in the late 1800's.
This vessel was reportedly built in 1931 at Astoria Oregon by Arnold Lindstrom for Libby, McNeill & Libby Co.
Ruggedly built of Port Orford cedar planking on oak frames, this boat would have carried a single mast and most likely rigged with a lateen sail. We are seeking sponsors to help get the boat ready and to fund the establishment of floating markets in the Seattle communities.
For optimum use as a floating market boat and educational resource, removal of the aft mast addition and modern sail rigging may be desired to provide maximum covered work space and minimal setup time. The lines of these double-enders migrated form the Eastern Mediterranean with their designers and builders. Proposed alterations include lateen sail rig configuration to allow for a covered work deck.
The FarmBoat Floating Market aboard the Virginia V at Lake Union Park is closed due to City of Seattle adverse policies against small businesses. Notice: Our newly redesigned web site is currently under development and may contain substantial errors as we hack away at the endless lines of code.
The Installation of Paul Ludwig as Master of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River ThamesWednesday July 13th 2011 saw one of the City of London's ancient ceremonies that make up the rich tapestry of our civic traditions when the Company of Watermen and Lightermen installed Paul Ludwig as their Master. Among things that will remain -and which are already enhancing the Olympic Park - are the vast numbers of trees, plants, flowers and grasslands whicb have been specially planted to create a lovely natural atmosphere in this densely populated part of East London. The trees are already attracting birds and insects and  other wildlife and will be a lasting legacy of the 2012 Games.
Exciting Floating River Park Planned for the River Thames The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced that a floating Boardwalk will be constructed alogside the norh bank of the River Thames from Blackfriars to the Tower. The Royal Wedding 29th April 2011Not strictly an event on the River Thames, but close enough and important enough to be a must be included item.
The London Jazz festival606 Club-17th November 2010Multi-award winner Stan Tracey never fails to disappoint. 25th September from Millwall Isle of Dogs, saw the start of the 21st Great River Race with over 300 man- powered boats, set out for the 21 mile race to Ham Common just above Richmond Bridge.
There are many categories of boat and crew that can enter and so there are lots of results. Throughout the day there were displays from Knights of the Crusades, falconry from the Raptor Foundation, live music from Laid Back Paddywacks, Braunston Pickle and Chucklefoot and Stompie.
With luck, the IWA will return to Beale Park in the very near future, it being anexcellent venue, and popular with boaters and the public alike. Cycling along the riverbank, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air on a bicycle made for two is one of the most fun ways to keep fit we can think of!
From 30th of June for just three months, a stunning exhibition of contemporary photographs of the Thames-Sea to Source is being held at the fabulous viewing gallery of Tower Bridge. Budget Day 22nd June 2010RTG attended a very special launch party at the Speakers House within the Houses of Parliament.
A decade ago Rainham Marshes was an abandoned military firing range closed to the public for over 100 years. Huge picture-windows that look out across the marshes make a nice feature of the innovative visitor centre.
We are proud to announce that ThamesWatch were the winners of the annual Thames Heritage Trust Award. Stephen Worsfold RTG Director said “We are absolutely delighted with the award and on behalf of the ThamesWatch team which includes RSPB and Bug Life volunteers, we are extremely grateful for the recognition and encouragement.

Paul Coleman from the Thames Heritage Trust with RTG's Charlotte Ford and Stephen Worsfold and Fiona Cosson from the Environment Trust for Richmond.
The Royal procession on its way to the State Opening of Parliament is a splendid sight and on a bright sunny morning, it was even better than expected.
On these occasions the crown- literally, goes first and by some 20 minutes being the enduring symbol of the monarchy. After losing the toss, Cambridge started with a big disadvantage but manfully retrieved the situation with blood, sweat and tears. At 29 feet in length, she is designed to carry up to ten tons of salmon in calm conditions.
The vessel is being acquired in anticipation that it may be used on a weekly route between Bainbridge Island, South Park, West Seattle, and Downtown. Canadian designer and manufacturer of the Silver Dolphin and Silver Lite welded aluminum boat.
Thousands greeted him along the last few hundred yards on both sides of the river and Westminster Bridge. Greco still has a striking stage presence and continues to captivate the audience with her range of songs and charming charisma. Etheridge's abstract, airy and dynamic style ranged from John Coletrane with hints of Jimi Hendrix rifts.
A gruelling race for the fittest and the youngest at any time, the event was well supported by many grey haired teams who in time honoured tradition were obliged to carry a passenger all the way. The RSPB has been one of the organisations that have been in the forefront of special events designed to heighten the awareness of young people to the natural owrld around them. There were some 250 exhibits to visit, ranging from model boat makers, traditional boat builders, 15 or more canal societies and perhaps the crowning glory, the Newfoundland rescue dog displays. The joint winners of the “Best Thames Local 2010” are The Angel on the Bridge and The Little Angel, which tied for first place!
Some great names in professional environmental photography are exhibiting including Ronnie Israel, Jil Orpen and Grahman Diprose. With a personal greeting from Mr Speaker himself we are able to confirm an exciting development in making the historic, august buildings much more available to the general public. The RSPB acquired the reserve in 2000 from the MoD and since then it has changed dramatically.
It is full of environmentally friendly features and already boasts a handful of prestigious architectural awards.
Millions of visitors a year use Tripbase for travel tips and vacation ideas so we are very happy to have been recognised as one of the top London sites for people wanting to visit the capital. A fine start perhaps for Britain’s first Coalition government since WW2, with the pomp and ceremony only the British can do (according to an American photographer standing close by). On this occasion one of RTG’s clients Paul Ludwig from Thames River Services, had the honour of serving in a ceremonial capacity by accompanying the crown by coach down the Mall, Whitehall and onto the House of Parliament before the arrival of the HM the Queen herself.
Each school designs and makes a one metre square of textural embroidery to create a tapestry to reflect how the Thames has shaped and influenced the local communities it runs through. The ship takes its name from Jack Petchey OBE, who is an East End entrepreneur, and who was himself a member of the Royal Navy during the Second World War. Definitely one of the most exciting and closest fought Boat Races for years with between 200,000-300,000 spectators cheering the teams. After the official installation Paul Ludwig processed down to All Hallows by the Tower accompanied by his fellow Watermen and Lightermen, in their traditional robes and splendid red tunics with silver badges.The Annual Service at All Hallows was conducted by the Watermen's Honorary Chaplain. The other iconic structure on the Park is the Velodrome which has been nicknamed "The Giant Pringle" by locals, because it looks like the popular snack.

The Boardwalk will be constructed on floating Pontoons and will provide a continuous pedestrian walkway linking most of London's most visited tourist attractions. There were easily 500,000 people there and the event was watched by millions in UK and world-wide. She was amazingly expressive, with a narrative, quirky and colourful delivery as though she was speaking the songs for the first time. Stan has always had a great harmonic awareness and sense of inventiveness which he continues to demonstrate with his masterful improvisations. The race has its roots in the ancient and Venerable Company Of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames and the Waterman’s Badge issued to William Savage in 1803.
Boats leave the start on a pursuit handicap basis, slowest first, and are calculated across the finish line together if all cruises were able to put in identical performances. Well if you weren’t there that may sound a bit odd, but without any doubt the Grannies took the Henley Festival quirkiness award for 2010 closely followed by the Trans Siberian March Band.Next year - save the dates! Some of the photographs are of dependable scenes but with a new twist and some were, RTG is reliably informed, taken at some risk to the photographer with tales of finger tips clasping the walls of a Thames Bridge, reluctant wildlife and the occasional disagreeable Thames boater. The reserve situated in the heart of the Thames Gateway is now an oasis for wildlife and a place where visitors can enjoy getting close to nature.You can expect to see breeding wading birds in spring and summer, large flocks of wild ducks in winter and birds of prey and rare birds are regularly seen too.
The project is designed to support and enrich the national curriculum; it will broaden knowledge of the river and develop a deeper understanding of its significance. No stumbling, faultering,crumbling voice from one who had just completed such an exhausting task-some 140 or is it 150 miles in the water. Both buildings will be an enormous and lasting benefit to the local population and to the sports themselves after the Olympic Games have finished.
It is intended that 8 Pavilions themed on topics like transport, innovation and culture will also be constructed and linked along the Boardwalk. Great support too from drummer Clark and bassist Andrew Cleyndert, who each made many great solo contributions. The gauntlet is literally thrown down by the master of the Watermens Company (Mr Michael Turk) for all comers to accept. So, the crew that get the best from its particular boat irrespective of type, will emerge the winner. The end result will be a multifaceted portrait of the Thames from its source to the estuary through the eyes of the children who live along its banks. No time to change his wet-suit, shave or accomplish any other of life's essential tasks. Boris Johnson hailed the new venture, saying that he and the constructors will work together to ensure that one of the most famous and cherished waterfronts in the world is enhanced by the venture. Here's hoping they may enjoy a long period of private married life away now from the glare of publicity.
And for the record the "New Southbank" is very impressive and a wonderful stage lighting for every song. This principle applies to all handicap classes.The event attracts tremendous support all along the river, particularly the London Bridges and with the vast majority of supporters gathering on Ham Common. Stan has always had a great feeling and sense of adventure for standards which was evident in his solo of Easy Living. The trios take on Autumn Leaves was the most daring version I have ever heard as the rhythm section was loose and explosive like that of the old Miles Davis groups of the 1950s.The 606 club near Chelsea harbour is a great venue in London for Jazz and is well seated and serves good food whilst the band plays.

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