Birdon Marine Port Macquarie is vessel slipway and ship building facility located on the East Coast of Australia on the New South Wales Mid North Coast. Birdon Marine caters for all types of refit and vessel repairs, including marine engineering, electrical repairs, painting and abrasive blasting. A growing world-wide demand for Riviera’s luxury boats has encouraged Australia’s favourite and most awarded luxury boat builder to go in search of more master craftsmen.
Riviera’s general manager Scott Cumming said that right now the company was looking for highly skilled and experienced boat builders and cabinet makers to fulfil 14 positions. Riviera’s chairman and owner Rodney Longhurst said there certainly was a proud and enthusiastic atmosphere at Riviera’s manufacturing facility. Riviera’s 400-strong team are dedicated to delivering on the company’s promise of creating ‘the ultimate boating experience’ for Riviera owners.  With a dealer network spanning 60 countries including the Americas, Dubai, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, there is a growing global demand for Riviera and Belize boats and a world of opportunity for the Riviera team. Riviera offers 15 different models from 36 to 75 feet across three model series Flybridge, Sport Yacht and the new SUV collection. In 2012 Riviera celebrated the launch of its 5000th boat, the 445 SUV, a significant achievement in the company’s rich 34-year history. Riviera also offers the bespoke Belize Motoryachts.  Inspired by classic luxury details and timeless style, Belize Motoryachts has recently released the new 54-foot Sedan and Daybridge models.
By clicking OK, you're confirming that your use won’t conflict with the restrictions found on the image page. On the edge of Rozelle Bay, just down from the Anzac Bridge, the yard is most famous for turning a half-buried hulk found in Tasmanian mud, into the glorious ship that is the 1874 built, James Craig.
Most of the blokes that work at the yard are feet and inch type of guys – most old, but not all. The 1912 double-ended inner harbour ferry, Kanangra is tied to the dry dock, precariously as it could sink at any time.
In a large shed just up from the shipyard, the 25ft Chris-Craft designed, Australian-built 1954 pleasure boat is stripped back, waiting for her refit.
Sitting on the submersible dry dock is the John Oxley, the one everyone looks at when stuck in traffic on the Anzac Bridge. A hole is drilled in the 10mm thick sheet steel (8mm for the deck) and then countersunk – that gives it the bond strength and the flat-end finish for a smoother hull. It is estimated the John Oxley will have about 30,000 new rivets by the time she’s relaunched. A keen boating man, George has a love of Sydney Harbour, the fleet (the long morning teas and longer lunches) and especially Boomerang. The existing steel on the John Oxley, like the infrastructure deemed structurally safe enough to stay, has to be needle-gunned back to bare metal and sealed with Phoenix Metalfix 1000, ready for final painting.
For the last three and a half years that’s been one of the jobs assigned to Team Lindsey, headed by Lindsey Roberts.

If you’re new to the yard, standing on the dock with your hands in your pockets often solicits a request.
That’s a pretty good description of about half the blokes on site, although not all are called Dave. Most men have a sense of purpose hammered into them from an early age – provide a home, feed the family, buy a house and work hard. The standout at the Rozelle shipyard is not, as you’d think, the preservation of Australia’s maritime history. Damian Kringas is a Sydney-based writer and historian, currently studying diversional therapy in aged care and working towards his 100 hours at the Sydney Heritage Fleet. Damian Kringas is a Sydney-based writer and historian, currently studying diversional therapy in aged care. We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries. If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. Breathtaking digital imagery of Cruise Boat Passing Sydney Opera House Building In Sydney Harbour Australia, one of the photo from some digital imageries, from the article Visit Sydney Harbour – A Major Tourist Destination In Australia.
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In fact the smile will probably be from ear to ear, because it’s the closest thing you’ll find to man heaven.
Visited by thousands of maritime enthusiasts and tourists at its Wharf 7, Darling Harbour mooring, it’s one of only four tall ships licensed to carry passengers left in the world.
Between 50 and 70 volunteers clock on each of the six days a week that it’s open; many working harder than they ever did in paid employment.
The last Sydney ferry of its kind, she’s waiting her turn on the dock to get a new steel-plated hull. In arrangement with SHF the PUG Men’s Shed operates like any of the other 720 or so sheds in the AMSA, with the added responsibility of restoring the Kanangra’s windows, doors and seats.
Originally powered by a straight eight Chrysler, the Kookaburra II seated 19 and was a joyride fixture working out of Manly. On the hot rivet team, retired TAFE teacher, Don Harvey explains the finer points of joining steel, before welding became the way to do business. Donated to the SHF by the Albert family (of Alberts Music fame) the schooner is a popular fixture on the harbour.
Ex-surgeon and keen sailor for over 50 years, Roberts was scratching around for something to do post retirement. Not just because its development made a huge impact on shipbuilding worldwide, but because it was an Australian who invented it, George Michell (patented in 1905).

A lot are ex-Navy, ex-dockyard, ex-ferry which is where that sense of team comes from – but the question is: why do so many turn up for work? When work life significantly shifts or ends, for whatever reason, that’s often when the hard stuff begins. Although that’s what it does and does well as a prime example of a working museum on a beautiful working harbour. Will do 80kms an hour in 30cms of water Features: Step Ladder, Load Ramps for ATV, Stax Fire Protection System, GME GX600D VHF Radio, Dash Mounted Compass, and satellite navigation. The lathes, drills, milling machines, bandsaws, rippers, thicknessers, welders and grinders all clunk, buzz, hum, spark and cut to a backdrop of hammering and loud conversation.
Some are here for the experience, some for the social bonding, some to get out of the house, some just for the spectacle.
Apart from the hull, the ferry is mostly wood (Australian red cedar, NZ cowry and American redwood) giving the chippies more than enough to do. At 2.9 tons she wasn’t that fast, but the noise of the great engine and sight of the spray guaranteed her popularity with day-trippers. There’s a definite sense of pride, climbing into the bowels of the John Oxley to show visitors the bearing, although for a detailed explanation of how it works you’d have to ask retired shipbuilder Barry Jones, an original founder of the SHF and a member of its brain trust (he has a specially designated chair in the lunch room). Too much time at home, boredom or the dreaded black dog – some revel in the opportunity to pursue a lifelong interest that has no real point other than distraction, like breeding greyhounds, model railroading or brewing beer (although making beer has significant social and scientific rewards). The golden moment is seeing a whole bunch of blokes working with a sense of purpose so strong that it’s hard not to get emotional – although real blokes don’t, they tell me.
Opinions swapped, measurements double-checked (measure twice – cut once), adjustments made and then more hammering. Like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one-by-one orange hot low carbon steel rivets held in place, then the small end slammed to make it fasten. For some it’s about quality of life, self esteem, others need the social interaction and physical activity – just like the good old days and that’s where the SHF kicks in. From men with and without a maritime background there’s a collective call – we’ve got to get that boat fixed, together, as a team and a team it is.
The Archer 60 ton hydraulic press, Hafco 15” planer, Asquith drilling machine or the Macson 18” swing lathe. It provides an opportunity to see some real old school making, either from wood or steel, done with tradition – rebuilding boats and ships from a time slowly being forgotten.

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