PENDINGATOA is very sound built yacht for full time living aboard of couple or family with occasional crew or friends. Mike has been President of the Bertram Yacht yard in Miami, Florida, owner of Matlack Yacht Builders in Stuart, Florida, and President of Rybovich Boat Works in West Palm beach, Florida. Gamefisherman boats are custom built to the highest of yacht standards and to American Boat and Yacht Council Specifications.
In addition to the representation of all models, our extensive on-line Photo Gallery presents an enviable picture (pun intended) of the volume of quality boats produced and in use fishing and cruising, around the world. If quality Second-Hand Boats are of interest, Gamefisherman provides knowledgeable Brokerage Services for Gamefisherman and other fine yachts. Start Date 05-26-07This log will start the build of the Midwest Boothbay Lobsterboat Kit #964. Basic kit evaluation:It seems from my initial observation that everything is very well laid out for a true novice builder.
I did not like the stain as it is way too dark for me - so I stripped off all the stain and put down English Oak stain from Model Shipways. Hi Donnie,What I have done in the past with another companies warped wood was to lightly soak it in water and sandwich it between 2 pieces of waxed paper until it dried with weights on top.
We've had a good running discussion of furled sails in another thread, headed "Real cloth sails?"  I've just moved it to p. Very nice, I hope when I start my Wappen von Hapsburg aka Captain Kidd in a couple months, it will look as good as your Jolly Roger.  I can't wait to see the rigging and furled sails!
Location: Australia So what is to become of this ship if she is righted and refloated ? Originally Posted by Mr Efficiency So what is to become of this ship if she is righted and refloated ? A vessel is nothing but a bunch of opinions and compromises held together by the faith of the builders and engineers that they did it correctly. Originally Posted by SamSam What's wrong with labeling containers so you can tell what's in them? Originally Posted by jehardiman They are already labled to show what is in them, why do it again in a more confusing manner. VS I can't tell from either label what is in the container, only some properties of the stuff. Plus, the chemical properties values interpretation ( such as degree of flammability) or the way they are expressed, vary from country to country, so the new system would get everyone on the same page. Originally Posted by SamSam I can't tell from either label what is in the container, only some properties of the stuff. Originally Posted by SamSam I think they are just trying to get a system that is universally recognized.

Originally Posted by troy2000 I'm not going to complain about attempts to standardize labeling worldwide, given how much international trade there is nowadays.
Yes there should be a global system, but this isn't it AND the NFPA and DOT stickers are still required anyway. I think the insurance and cruise ship folks are between a rock and a hard place and the salvage folk are getting the absolute maximum profit from it. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Since then, Gamefisherman has delivered fine sportfishing boats worldwide, including France, Italy, the Azores, Madiera, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Hawaii, and all over the United States. Standard Gamefisherman model sizes include the 34', 39', 42', 45', 48' and custom sizes to 65 feet. You'll find comprehensive and easy to use information regarding the Gamefisherman Models - including Specifications, Drawings, and Photos.
With decades experience in the quality custom boating and fishing industry, Gamefisherman should be a "priority call" for your boat buying and selling needs. When the laser cut Upper deck pieces were removed from the parts package, it left (as a template) the curvature of that upper deck. Thanks for reaffirming that it wasn't just me that had problems keeping the xacto knife on track in this type of process. I couldn't get the stain out of the crevices and nail holes of the planking, so it came along as a blessing in the end. Even though the directions do not say, I had to really wet down the balsa to make it fit the curves. I know that I am making the seasoned modler cringe here, but I am sorry, I am at at loss about rigging this thing. The big exclamation point tells me somethings up here, pay attention, and the picturegraph tells me the stuff is bad for the environment.
Mike's industry familiarity and boat building experience, knowledge, and professionalism has few peers.
Gamefisherman has built flybridge fisherman, express boats, walkarounds, and special boats to accompany mothership operations and expedition fishing - worldwide. THe directions wanted me to use that scrap piece (as a template) to lay in place and take a pencil and to trace that same curvature along the decks surface. Sometimes I have found that mistakes can work for you in the end!This kit had alot of warped wood.
By the way, I will go ahead and mention that the MEPS-III motor from Midwest already has the speed control attached and prewired to it.
I plan to build a Jolly Roger "pirate" ship by mid 2006, but after seing you're pictures, I think I'm going to start earlier than thought!

This is opposite of what you or I would find on a typical tall ship as with a typical tall ship ALL of the decking runs straight from stern to bow and usually we will taper or nip each decking plank as it butts into the bulwark. This way I could rest the Xacto up against the scrap template and make sure that the knife followed along nicely. I was thinking that a nice speed control that has a smooth variable spped would be nice, however, this is not what you get with the MEPS-III.
A new technique I just read about involves using a powered paint, mixing it with white glue and injecting it with a hypodermic needle in between the planks. So this is what I did, however, I took it a step further and took an Xacto knife and simulated my own decking planks.
I had misplaced some of my blocks, so I know that I might have used the wrong blocks for some of it. This will do for now as I am not up to researching and buying more electronics for this unit.
I then took a scriber and ran down each groove that the Xacto knife made to widen the false planking. Maybe in the future.The wooden parts come in 5 packaged bags which I like, instead of having all the parts thrown into a box.
I then decided to add detail to the decking my adding nail holes and other features to make it look like separate planking was added. Appearently, the decking on this type of vessle runs to follow the curvature of the bow, etc. I just used a non scientific approach and ran some very warm water over the boards just enough to get them wet.
Then I laid them on a flat surface with a flat heavy weight on it - like a thick book will do -until dry. But that is not saying much at all, because, I only have one completed wooden ship under my belt. The manual is 95 pages long - not that it is so much a difficult build that Midwest needs 95 pages, but the pages are filled with pictorials and many steps that to some, might be unnecessary, but I like it - I need all the help I can get!One other thing about the Manual is that the kit came with a supplement that had corrections sheet in it.
I did this with no problem, and I suggest that this is done first before you do anything, because there are some situations that will cause you some grief if you do not go ahead and make those changes in the manual - beucase, if you are like me, you will forget! Well, its about time to check those sub deck planks to see how they are coming along.

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