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Si alguna sinopsis cuenta demasiados detalles del argumento -o para corregir errores o completar datos de la ficha- por favor mA?ndanos un mensaje. Mounting 5 monitor guns, including a tower gun which could be extended 44 feet above water level, Los Angeles City No. One of the few covered boathouses ever built for American fireboats, this building, later known as Fire Station 112 became a waterfront landmark until its demolition, July 22, 1986, to make way for a new cargo container complex. Note: Compare the crewmen's Turn-Out Coats with the member's coats shown in the photo above. The sleek red-and-white fireboat, launched in 1925 and modernized three times since then, already has moved to its temporary station, an uncovered moorage at Berth 84 in San Pedro near the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. Boat 2, the structure, and Boat 2, the vessel, have played large roles in the history of the Fire Department and the harbor area, said Battalion Chief Larry Schneider, commander of the port fire division. Schneider, who coincidentally began his firefighting career 32 years ago with an assignment aboard Boat 2, said the boathouse was exceptionally well-designed and built and was by no means outmoded when the decision was made to demolish it. He noted that the boat was ready to go 24 hours a day and regularly churned out of the boathouse within 60 seconds of an alarm.

Dahlquist said that in the 1960's and '70's firefighters made that dash about 150 times a year. Preliminary work on the demolition of the old boathouse began Monday, and the walls are scheduled to come tumbling down July 21.
Fire Boat 2 in action during the fire at the San Pedro Marine Terminal of the Tidewater Associated Oil Co. The cover photo is available at the Relief Association Office in four color poster form for $5.00. It took 26 Los Angeles City Fire Companies and 5 Fire Boats over two hours to extinguish this difficult fire in the San Pedro area. CFPA Photographer Jeff Miller happened to be flying by in a helicopter and took this great shot (below) of the crew of FireBoat 2 outside their quarters at Fire Station 112. Please Login to add a comment!This photo has been shown 975 times since it was added to the site. 2, a state of the art fireboat with many innovations, was built in 1925 at the Los Angeles Shipbuilding and Drydock Corp.
2 went into service 25 days later with a crew of 14, including a captain, a pilot, a mate, two engineers and nine firemen.

2 carries breathing apparatus, forcible entry tools, heavy stream appliances, a bank of eighteen 50 lb. 2 battled its first major fire, March 3, 1926, when the fully-loaded lumber schooner, Sierra, burned at the E.
21, 1944, a flash fire spewed flammable liquid across the harbor, engulfing two Navy landing ships, killing nine men and burning to within about 500 feet of the boathouse itself.
2, stationed in the harbor, is shown with all nozzles in action in a demonstration of its powerful fire-fighting ability.
2 maneuvering along side of Berth 154, the American President Lines pier and warehouse, where it succeeded in stopping the fire at this point. 2 cools endangered tanks during a three-alarm fire, June 29, 1954, at the San Pedro Marine Terminal of Tide Water Associated Oil Company. Caverly's designs dated January 31, 1925, a $214,000 contract was awarded to the Los Angeles Shipbuilding and Drydock Corp.

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