The Vindicator range of custom plate alloy boats are designed to naval architectural standards by a leading Queensland boat designer and is solely owned by Watson’s Marine. A fine team of certified craftsmen and technicians at Watson’s Marine Centre assures personal service and consultation from the building of your vessel to the finished product and beyond. Our range of custom plate alloy boat Trailers are designed by one of the leading Queensland Trailer Designers.
This great photo of a sailor polishing the HMAS Arunta's builder's plate with pride is part of the Australian War Memorial Naval Historical Collection ID No.300200. Riviera Boats has earned the recognition of being a major player in the global marine industry. Oar Boat If You Want To Know How to Build a DIY Boat Quickly & Easily Please Pay Attention. Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boats® and Vindicator Quality Aluminium Trailers® are built in Gympie, 45 minutes North of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast by Watson’s Marine Centre.
The boats are router cut which enables us to have the highest accurate and efficient cost effective method for boat construction. Emphasis is placed on crew comfort – our custom made alloy boats are well suited for extended pleasure cruises and relaxing fishing trips.

Based in Australia, and exported world wide, Riviera boats are known for their luxury, quality and versatility.
You must test drive a Vindicator Plate Alloy Boat to appreciate their many fine attributes. We only use the finest material both in the framing and running gear, making Vindicator Custom Boat Trailers strong, safe and easy to load and unload. They are a Family Business delivering hassle free service and ready to help us & our customers every time. After handover, the builder's plate was sometimes kept highly polished, sometimes it was left to go green with neglect.
The Riviera line of boats ranges from 36 to 85 feet and include Flybridge yachts, sport yachts, offshore express and motor yacht models. Our boats for sale are the finest quality vessels for total safety for you and your family. Vitamin B complex and was so that we completed were atomic number 85 incorrect slope of the river and left field this field States the us with a problem. Today, they operate out of a state of the art waterfront complex on Queensland's Golden Coast.

Their facility holds the honor of being the largest luxury boat building facility in the southern hemisphere. Each year Riviera exports almost half of the boats they build to thier expansive dealer network which is represented in over 30 countries and maintains a presence on every continent in the world. They strive to continue to deliver extraordinary options to it's steadily growing owner base. The company re-invests in itself year after year to bring boating enthusiasts exciting new models and fresh new innovation in design, performance, interior appointments and quality. They use the latest in computer aided design technology to develop and mold their boats and ensure consistency and strength by employing infusion molding processes for hulls and components. Each boat is finished by an automatic varnish system that operates in a 100% dust free environment. This process not only ensures consistency and quality, but it improves the workers environment and reduces emissions.

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