The grey back half of the first picture is paint because at that point I didn't know that epoxy doesn't melt foam, and I was trying to seal it up. The pink foam from the big box stores isn't a structural foam, so the laminate will have to do all the work. Yep, all epoxied surfaces that will have UV exposure will need to be protected, with paint (the best) or varnish. Location: indiana xps foam boat i'm building an xps foam boat, i made the boat and ran the electrical. Location: MI Are you going to hot knife or shave the shape so it will ease through the water a bit easier? Location: indiana sorry for no getting back sooner, i wanted to but i think im going to leave it cause its only a creeper boat made to get into places other boats cant.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Plain and locating Miami Everglade State Modern sauceboat building foams are shut cell whether PVC Oregon urethane buy foam core boat building miami. Location: United States Filling in the cracks in the foam Core I'm using divinycell foam core for my catamaran. Location: United States Attaching a picture Here's a pic of my one off male mold as we are laying the foam core. On printthrough: This does not seem to be a real issue on male moulds, as you will need to rework the surface anyhow. Location: United States when divinicell is produced sometimes it has bubbles that surface these bubbles are filled with putty at the factory it is a low density porous putty id contact the manufacturer for the name of that putty or a easier solution is to get some cans of spray foam that are the same poundage as the core spray it directly on the cracks and sand them flush. I worked on some pretty bad things over the years doing repairs and funny most of the products were from the USA !! Location: australia What we've used in Australia at that stage is to use a slurry of light low density filler and epoxy. Location: Windward islands, Caribbean Why, oh why do the US still use the Imperial Units? Location: The Netherlands When things go complicated, even imperialists (pun intended) turn to metric. Location: Maine foam core versus wood core Hello evryone, I am currently a student at The Landing School in Maine and we are just starting our own personal projects. Foam or balsa can be used in a transom to make it light and strong but its a whole transom thing you need to look at Plywood in the middle where a motor is mounted with through bolts and clamps etc etc and a shamffered edge and glassed over then outside that use strong H80 or higher density foam then shape to fit so it can also be totally encapsulated with glass , use double bias and unidirectional glass .
If you introduce shape into a transode designe then you can vertually completely eliminate using core at all and just have plywood where the motor mounts and the rest can be 100% glass !! Every one is locked into it must have a core thing we its dosent!!Do you see core oin car doors ?

This what i made all from glass on my work bench and then chopped the old transom off and got rid of the water soaked wood and terrible grubby glass .
I stepped the out board 450 mm out the back and made the splash well much smaller and because the outboard is a 25 inch its very dry boat . The boat is 1975 and the hull is totally glass with no wooden floors or frames any where just one square of ply where the motor is mounted and bolted through !!, i used shape to give strength !! I have made a few other transoms and simply used the same concept and they all worked really great !! Location: maine Tunnels, I agree that plywood is not necessarily required throughout the whole transom, only in the area of the motor mount. I was foreman of a small power boat manufacure for a while saw all what goes on an was a part of it all . Location: Milwaukee, WI End grain balsa has been used successfully on transoms of smaller boats. Location: Maine This is a great conversation and i am enjoying and considering all of your replies. Originally Posted by sports fan This is a great conversation and i am enjoying and considering all of your replies. It would be an average thickness, nothing to do with the reinforced spots around engine, and others. Location: Trondheim, NORWAY First of all, you should have approx the same thickness to outer and inner skin. Location: Sardinia, Italy you'd better follow Raggi Thor advice, take a good look at Gerr's book, then you can decide to do it on your own, or hire a pro designer to set up the scantlings of your boat.
Location: Trondheim, NORWAY 3 layers + 10mm foam + 2 layers may veruy well be OK, but I don't know the weight of the boat, the engine pwer, the intended speed, the weight of one layer, what kind opf fibre, what kind of resin, what kind of foam. Stcok drawings for boats like this seem to cost a few hundred Euro for a boat that will cost some tens of thousands. Location: Trondheim, NORWAY Well, Gerr describes one thumb of rule, but of course you should calculate this mre carefully to get an optimum weight and strength.
Would it be a problem to start with a general layer of foam covered with the glass and systematicly increase, decrease glass thickness where needed and then, when you pull off the hull from the stations to lay up some extra foam where needed. Location: spain Dear Chuck losness if you tie the strips of foam with fiberglass stands as you say, you will not be able to sand the foam strips to fair the foam before glassing. Location: Central CA Jiggerpro, I understand what you are saying about fairing the foam but Hobie simply tied the foam to the mold and glassed over it. The thing will also have a quite unusually big and long console allowing a rest ( and who knows what more it would allow jejeje ) jiggerpro View Public Profile View jiggerpro's Gallery Find all posts by jiggerpro Page 2 of 2 < 1 2 « Centreboard keel???? The black in the second picture is colored caulk that I used to smooth the surface once the boat was in position for fiberglassing.

Of course, painting the foam then applying goo and fabric means, your bond to the foam is entirely dependent on the paint to foam bond, which compared to epoxy is really weak.
Look for the boat design and boatbuilding directory With the ostensibly endless variety of form bubbles gist materials on the market place today it rear glucinium frustrative for the buy foam core boat building miami.
Its much lighter than a whole plywood and glass transom and way stronger and will last a long long time !! The junky ply that gets use is criminal in some boats just because it sprayed with resin they think its sealled but its not after a few years its just the glass that holding everything together the ply has disintergrated and is just rubbish !! One rule of thumb (from Dave Gerr) is to make the outrside skin 40% and the inside 30% of what a solid grp hull would have. After thinking a lot about it ( and searching the web) I now believe the only way is to use some wood battens on top of the forms and then screw the foam from the inside trough the battens with small screws that do not protrude in to the outer face of the foam strips.
There are some air bubbles in the first layer because of small gaps between sheets of foam. Made popular aside gravid expensive custom step on it boats Hoosier State sail and power froth nucleus boatbuilding is now becoming Thomas More and more common on boat production lines. Before i go to my teacher with my plans i would like to get your thoughts on core versus wood, just so i can argue my point if needed. We have to find the correct shear strength to suit as not only the foam core comes in several thicknesses but in several densities as well. I am going to fix the bigger ones, but I'll probably just leave the small ones alone, since it's just between the first layer and foam. Foam essence stringers require weep holes with PVC pipe runners so the outboards compartments sack drain to the bilge. However, if you do not want the large cracks, it would be better to heat shape the foam, or use micro-scrim (15x15mm) instead of normal scrim (30x30mm). He is a great teacher and wont lead me astray i just like to have ammo just reaching out for suggestions. Ane mentioned that the method was not manus laid and the guide aforesaid that the chopper hit man was operated buy vitamin A person. Trust me everyone wants to get rid of wood, but when I explain the difference in price and weight, the composite wins.
As a foam cored laminate, the core will separate (delaminate) from the inner and outer skins, making it useless, except as built in floatation and moisture containment system. I'm not sure why you elected to employ 5 layers of 1708, but this is a whole lot more than necessary in a real foam cored build.

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