A Wallsend manufacturer is on a mission to bring boat building back a€?where it belongsa€? through his bespoke narrow boat firm. The father-of-three reckons it is the first boat built on the Tyne in 10 years using a€?old school methodsa€? where the steel has been shaped by hand.
He calls his band of helpers a€?The Admiral Cluba€™, as he plans to take photographs of them all wearing Admiral hats on top of the completed boat.
At Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, lawmakers heard first hand from scientists who are studying the ocean microbes, algae and coastal reefs to help protect the natural resources and support economic development.
Hawke said she  was surprised to learn how many jobs are available right now in Maine, but are not being filled because of a lack of qualified applicants. Lawmakers took a tour on an oyster boat with Pemaquid Oysters and held a roundtable discussion with more than a dozen industry experts on the marine economy at the Darling Center.

Eves launched the jobs tour in January to spotlight the need for more jobs and better wages in the state.
Lawmakers have met with employers, workers, and community leaders across the state in York, Aroostook, Kennebec, Somerset, Waldo and Oxford counties.
Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news from Gateshead! Like so many others, he has gone through a€?any amounta€? of redundancies as the once-booming industry declined on the Tyne.
Stephanie Hawke, R-Boothbay Harbor, listen to Hodgdon Yacht Director of Human Resources Neal Williamson give tour of company boat building facility. They said the workforce for skilled boat builders in the state would be growing by up to 25 percent of the current labor force of 6,000.

But the Howdon man - who worked at the now defunct St Petera€™s Yard in Byker - is trying to bring boat building back to Wallsend. He has set up a company, North East Narrow Boats and has nearly completed a handmade narrow boat at a yard in the Swales Industrial Estate, near Howdon Lane. Peter a€“ who has previous experience building canal barges - has been working seven days a week at his yard, and has had some generous help from his mates.
Peter and his mates have dubbed the barge a€?The Bairna€™ but final naming rights will go to the buyer.

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