Mall Home - Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. Many of the most prestigious marine manufacturers in the world are installing FUSION's world leading 'True Marine' entertainment products on-board their vessels. Windy Boats is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Periscopus AS, Oslo, Norway - a privately owned holding company with interests which include publishing, media, hotels and property. Steel is an essential part of most modern building - even green buildings use steel for structural strength. Steel is often used for small practical or work buildings such as storage, office space and living space. Steel and iron is also used in RC - reinforced concrete - which is used to build high rise buildings, multistory car parks, bridges, barriers, and other high performance structures where strength and speedy construction is important.
Steel and metal buildings are often claimed to be green, as up to 60% of the material is from recycled sources, and the frame at the end of life, can be 100% recycled. There is hardly any waste from a metal building, as the structure is optimised for strength. Small steel or metal buildings can be self assembled or DIY (perhaps with a group of friends or relatives) and so is popular with self build enthusiasts. Timber frame buildings can also be engineered offsite, although timber buildings can be made on the spot, a technique known as stick building. Poor or inappropriate design can easily lead to water leaks and corrosion of iron and steel buildings.

Clearspan means what it says, the internal space is free of columns and the roof supports itself using overhead supporting beams. Often timber buildings use structural steel (RSJ - rolled steel joists) for support across open spaces. This is the navigation for DIY building advice, do it yourself, home improvement, garden design, garden rooms, self build, timber building, home tips, diy topics, gardens, gardening, green information, and much more. Get tips and advice on metals, steel, materials, steel, brick, wood, metal, stone, marble, many more, also building techniques, building materials, gardens, DIY work methods, tools, design.
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The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products.
From trailer boats to large luxury crusiers, these boat builders have chosen to use FUSION above any other manufacturer because of our unrivaled dedication to purpose built marine equipment and pursuit of perfection. We are dedicated to you the customer and use only the highest grade of materials and products for your custom build. Located in Bayswater, Melbourne XFi also offers a full service serivce centre and award winning in house trim shop. The renowned WINDY boats are built at our modern and well equipped production facilities at Västervik at the east cost of Sweden and in Ostroda, Poland. Since 1953 it has become a benchmark for quality cruising, fishing, ski and pleasure boats.

Many amazing new designs with curves and odd shapes are only possibly because of advanced computer aided engineering (CAE) using steel. Steel building kits are popular as it enables a fixed price quickly constructed building to be erected by a DIY or amateur builder.
However usually the reason for choosing steel buildings is to do with strength and cheapness, not green principles.
More eco conscious builders use timber frame or even ICF - insulated concrete formwork - where plastic battens are filled with concrete to provide an insulated wall.
Melbourne Sign Works has the resources to provide unparalleled levels of manufacturing capacity, flexibility and customer service so when it comes to design and signs we know what we're doing and we get it done right the first time. This is all fine as it shows how the market is moving to green approaches with changing building legislation (LEED, EcoHomes).
To meet insulation standards, steel buildings have to insulate the frame - so adding to the process.
Although more expensive, clearspan buildings are obviously used for aircraft hangers, large garages or industrial spaces, warehouses, and sports stadia.

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