Located in historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina along the Cape Fear River, CFCC’s boat building school offers two programs designed to teach students the fundamentals to work in the boat building and repair industry. Emphasizes fiberglass and composite boat building techniques along with training in marine finishes and paints, marine electrical, plumbing and rigging systems.
Focuses on traditional woodworking skills and precise wood joinery techniques needed to work in boat building or woodworking trades. Workwise gained funding from Transforming Suffolk Community Fund to start a feasibility study on a project that would help us become self-financing – we had in mind a Boat Building project! PEI’s boat-building industry is thriving, with permanent, full-time positions available across the Island.

Agriculture Employment Officers assist individuals to find jobs in agriculture while providing agricultural employees with much-needed workers.  For this free service, call the nearest office.
This is an opportunity that many without work would never expect to be able to access, so this is your opportunity! The programs focus on hands-on training in traditional and modern boat construction, repair, and mechanical system maintenance.
Through its range of high quality services, specialist advice, and campaigns, Papworth Trust supports people with any kind of disability to have equality, choice and independence in their lives.
Graduates will have the skills needed to work for companies in boat building, boat repair or woodworking.

It is available commercially, either as a completed vessel or dispatched ready for self-assembly in kit form.

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