Download this FREE CAD Block of SPEED BOATS ON TRAILERS, including 3 different size boats.
Description for this Autocad drawing : yachts tour boat, race boat, large boat, luxury sail or motored boat, a medium-sized sailing boat equipped for cruising or racing, powered boat equipped for cruising, ships boats . You can easily download diagrams for AutoCAD, IntelliCAD and 3ds Max by using our point system. On the subject of Wylie, would someone like to crank up their VPP and run a fictitious race between a Wyliecat 44 and a Coutts 44? I wonder if there's much contact between aspiring French designers and educational institutions, hydro labs, and builders in or near Quebec. Location: Smithtown, New York, USA I have read the Professional BoatBuilder article, but no, I didn't realize Jelik was lost. My preferred racing boat is one that is not yet on the water : It's Brit Air and it will be Launched in June 2007.
It is an open 60 designed for the solo Vendee Globe and has some innovative characteristics: The very sheltered cockpit and the huge quantity of solar panels incorporated in the superstructure (energy for the canting-keel).
The Finot Group designed this boat around the 60-footers they had already successfully designed, (4 wins in the 5 Vendée Globe races, 3 wins in the BOC).
Location: Pontevedra, Spain What about the Black Sea 40, designed by our fellow poster Stephen Baker?

Regarding hull shape, the shape of this one is necessarily very influenced by the rules under he would be competitive, and according with the designer, a lot of them: ?The DC 70 was designed to race competitively under PHRF, IRC, and Americap?.
Location: UK I am not suprised that Frank Pong had made several modifications to that particular Jelik. He was the first person I had ever seen do a 'hull and keel' transplant, instead of simply ordering a new boat. A interesting comparison, regarding hull shape would be a comparison of the performance of the new 40DK (IRC) with a 40 class boat, the cruising and racing versions and the Transpac 41xsturbo. What about the stern wave supression winglets on rudders first seen on Paul Bieker's I-14s. This however, was not the original keel that had been designed by Wylie and built by Schooner Creek. One of the most innovative features of this boat are the wings on the canting keel bulb-an idea pioneered by Mr. Even twenty five years ago, Frank had one of the top big IOR boats, at a time when the RHKYC was a major player in offshore sailing. Vega, I accept that IRC effects hull shape (and that Mark Mills knows how to design an IRC boat).
The cruising boats (Tonga) with two folding keels are amazing, but I have never seen a test of one.

We at Schooner Creek were told that while returning from the Philippines after first to finish and corrected time victories in the Hong Kong to Manila Race, Jelik's keel failed while 400 miles out, and she turned turtle. Jelik has been undergoing a series of modifications, including new rigs, new keel, and new rudders. I think that a more generalist international rule is needed, something in the lines of the Open 60?s rule. Although not a memeber of the club's team (La Pantera, Uin na Mara, Vanguard) that finished as the third 'country' (out of 19) in the '79 Admirals Cup, beating him (occaisionally) was a major scalp.
I think that a more generalist international rule is needed, something in the lines of the Open 60’s rule. Her owner has enjoyed not only racing, but also experimenting with design and performance improvements. What they were aiming for, in particular Armel, was to obtain something simple, which would offer reliability, a light touch and ease of handling. This would provide probably different approaches and different hulls, all searching for absolute performance and not performance under some very strict and limiting rule.

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