Carefree boat club Tampa offers an alternative to boat ownership or boat rental in Tampa Bay.
Tampa, FL Boat Rental – Description, Reviews, Photos, Map for Gone Fishing Charters on Xdestination. Come enjoy an exciting day aboard our Tampa Bay flats fishing boat with Captain Greg McCullough, the top Tampa Bay flats fishing guide.
About UsSaltwater Addiction is a Tampa-based fishing charter boat company owned and operated by Captain Craig Weaver. Tampa and St Petersburg have gained notoriety among anglers as one of the hottest light tackle fishing spots in the US. If you're thinking of going Tampa fishing or St Petersburg fishing, you've come to the right place.
Our year-round fishing encompasses every one of the major species of inshore game fish that are sought out by tropical anglers.

We specialize in private fishing charters throughout Tampa Bay, the largest estuary system in all of Florida.
The bay has a variety of unique ecosystems that range from deep blue water to shallow flats, making this area one of the most diverse and versatile fishing locations in the US.
It's designed to run safe, smooth, and comfortable, getting us quickly to my favorite spots. Although most of our snook fishing is catch and release, we are catching some nice keeper size and a few oversize fish. With over 75 gallons of live well space it will keep all the live bait needed .Saltwater Addiction Charters uses only the latest and greatest equipment from electronics to rod and reels and terminal tackle.
The Tampa Bay estuary system, with its mangrove shorelines, artificial reefs, back country, luscious grass flats and creeks, gives you the opportunity to target a wide variety of sport fish. Work as many potholes as possible to increase your odds of hooking a trophy size a€?Gatora€? trout.

If anyone was ever looking for me the first place they'd check was to see if my boat was gone, so I guess it came as no surprise to my friends that I decided to become a fishing guide. And now I'd like to share my enthusiasm, and the excitement of stalking and catching fish with you.
We also have many other saltwater species of fish, and you can bet there isn't a single one of them that will give up easy.

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