When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 and a trio of Gear smartwatches, the company made a big to-do about how it listens to its customers.
The S5 is a solid upgrade over last year's model, with improvements to the hardware, software and camera. If there's one word we'd use to describe the Galaxy S5 design, it's "inoffensive." It's not exactly a visual treat like the new HTC One M8, but it's not ugly either. As ever, Samsung included a removable back cover and a swappable battery, with a capacity of 2,800mAh (up from 2,600mAh). I won't spend a lot of time on connectivity because it will ultimately vary depending on where you live and which carrier you use (that last bit is particularly true in the US). Oh, and while I'm on the subject of speed, most versions of the GS5 come with a new feature called Download Booster, which essentially combines the power of LTE, WiFi and Grayskull to help large files download faster than they would on any one connection. The S5's 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display has the same resolution as last year's flagship despite the larger size screen.
For starters, the S5 is much brighter than the S4, not only indoors, but also in direct sunlight (with auto-brightness turned on, the display goes up to around 450 nits). Until the iPhone 5s came out, the last flagship phone with a fingerprint scanner was the Motorola Atrix 4G -- and that was three years ago. If the sensor doesn't recognize your finger after five attempts, the phone will prompt you to enter an alternative password. All in all, Samsung makes more use out of its fingerprint scanner than Apple does with Touch ID. To be fair, my experience may get better over time (although in Apple's case, it got worse for a while). There's a bit of a silver lining, at least: If you don't like it, don't want to use it or it simply doesn't work for you (or all of the above), you don't have to use it.
Our team tested the heart rate monitor against more dedicated fitness devices like the Garmin chest strap (connected to a Vivofit) and the Adidas Smart watch. As with the hardware design, Samsung's TouchWiz software tends to err on the safe side; in the past, Samsung only made minor tweaks to the UI. Most core apps have been redesigned to be more visually appealing, and even the recent apps menu has a fresh look. Theresa and Larry celebrate 25 years of marriage, taking trips down memory lane and visiting the place where they had their first date.
Did you know that exterior home accents is most likely the most popular topics in this category? 2015 ford -150 long-term road test - updates, 2015 ford f-150: foam strip vacates the cowl area. Welcome to cannon ford lincoln a ford and lincoln auto dealer serving the greater cleveland, ms area. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The smartphone market has seen a downturn of late and even mighty Samsung has been affected.
However, certain headline features like the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor are mediocre at best.
Each iteration of the popular smartphone series has had a few nips and tucks, but overall it's maintained the same look over the years.
In particular, the blunt edges and mostly flat back make it easy to wrap your fingers around the device. More specifically, it's IP67-certified, which means it can be immersed in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The service won't work on anything smaller than 30MB, and doesn't apply to certain protocols like FTP and UDP. Yes, pixel-density snobs, that means you're subjected to nine fewer pixels per inch (441 vs.
At the same time, it's also capable of dimming down to as low as two nits in pitch-black rooms.
Unlike most non-Samsung phones (save for Nokia), the GS5 has five screen modes: Professional Photo, Cinema, Dynamic, Adapt and Standard. Back then, it was clear the technology wasn't ready for prime time, mostly because the sensors didn't actually work very well.
Samsung's setup features Synaptics' Natural ID, which consists of a tiny sensor that sits underneath the button.
It's an alphanumeric password, mind, so you'll have to include both numbers and letters instead of a simple four-digit PIN code. Both the GS5 and iPhone 5s use the scanner to unlock the phone, obviously, but that's where the similarities end. It's technically possible, but the odds of success are so low I have a better chance of seeing Narnia each time I open my closet. It's obvious there's a learning curve here; it can take practice to place your finger in just the right place, at just the right speed with just the right amount of pressure.

And unlike the HTC One Max, whose fingerprint scanner sits below the rear camera, the sensor itself isn't visually distracting. It's offered an app called S Health for quite some time, which helps users track their exercise and food intake. After a series of tests, we noticed that the GS5's results averaged about five or six beats per minute lower than the Garmin and Adidas. With the GS5, however, the company's Android skin has received quite the face-lift, resulting in a design that's flatter, more modern-looking. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. On their way down south for a makeup honeymoon in Miami, Theresa makes stops for more surprise readings and while in Florida receives a few surprises herself. This season starts with A Caputo Christmas special and includes celebrity guest appearances, including an emotional read with Jim Parsons. Sales are down, and the manufacturer must now make phones that give people what they actually want (shocker, we know).
Chances are, you'll be happy with the phone, but don't fork out the extra cash for an early upgrade.
The S5 is no exception: The only new features here are its squarish shape and its plastic, waterproof casing -- dimpled to look sort of like leather (it doesn't really). This time around, I've heard plenty of jokes referring to the GS5 as the "Band-Aid Phone," a nod to those dimples on the back.
And that's a good thing, since the GS5 is larger than its predecessor in every way (5mm taller, almost 3mm wider and 0.2mm thicker). But before you decide to take it for a swim, make sure to close the back using the rubber gasket and seal the charging port.
Out of the box, you get either 16GB or 32GB of built-in storage; just remember that the operating system takes up a lot of space before you even get around to installing apps or downloading movies. The GS5 also supports carrier aggregation, which basically means that it can fuse together LTE from different towers to increase your data speeds. In English, it includes an extra antenna, with which you could theoretically double your speed -- provided you have the right kind of supporting equipment, of course.
But if you're trying to install an app, load a YouTube video or save a movie your cousin shared with you on Facebook, Download Booster should do the trick.
This makes for a more comfortable viewing experience when you're reading in a dark bedroom or (tsk, tsk) catching up on Facebook during a movie. They all use a different color gamut; so if one doesn't fit your fancy, try the others to see what works best.
Now, in 2014, the S5 comes with a capacitive fingerprint scanner built into the home button -- yep, just like on the iPhone. On one hand (no pun intended), Samsung likely did it this way to make the phone more secure, but I still believe users should be able to choose what type of password they want. I trained the GS5 to recognize both of my thumbs and my right index finger, since those are the three digits I use the most when waking up the phone. Normally, I hold the phone in my left hand and try to swipe the sensor with my left thumb; however, my thumb is at such an angle that the sensor simply can't recognize it.
However, I don't believe most people will be that patient -- after a few frustrating attempts, users might simply turn the feature off (or worse, attempt a warranty swap because they think it's defective). Starting with the GS4 in particular, the app's been able to monitor heart rate and steps with the help of third-party accessories. Be careful where you put your finger, though: The sensor, which uses a light that allows it to "see" and measure your pulse, is positioned almost directly beneath the camera lens. That said, the scores did match sometimes, but this was the exception rather than the rule.
If you ask us, it's a step in the right direction -- and a sign that Samsung knows it needs to freshen up TouchWiz.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Viewers will also gain a deeper insight into Theresa's process, both before and after readings.
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If you don't have an unlimited data plan, however, be very careful about how often you use this -- if you're not keeping tabs on your usage, your next bill might give you an aneurysm.

In any case, those nine pixels were worth the sacrifice: The display here is a surprising improvement over the S4. The viewing angles have improved significantly as well: Even from a severe angle, the colors are more lifelike, and it's easier to read onscreen text.
It remains to be seen if this leads to another court battle, but regardless, you can't fault Samsung for choosing the home button: We touch that part of the phone dozens (if not hundreds) times a day. Using signal strength, the sensor can draw a "map" of your fingerprint and presto -- you're all set.
Samsung, meanwhile, lets you make online payments through PayPal, as well as access a private "locker" for confidential files. Over the course of several days, I made dozens of attempts with each finger and it only recognized me on the first try about half the time -- and that's a generous estimate.
Sometimes it'll work if I push the phone up a little higher and try to position the thumb at a more shallow angle, but even then, it takes multiple attempts, and it's so off-balance that I've come close to dropping the device several times. Now, though, both of these features are built directly into the GS5, giving you one or two fewer fitness gadgets to carry around. Without your eyes directly guiding your finger to the right place, it's easy to mistake the camera lens for the heart rate monitor.
In other words, the GS5 sensor will do a good job getting you an "in the neighborhood" reading, but you're still better off with a standalone monitor if you want the most precise results. Put it another way: Samsung could release a phone with no improvements, and it'd still sell millions. A durable phone that brings a toned-down TouchWiz UI, a better camera, longer battery life, improved performance, a fingerprint scanner and enhanced health tracking. Fortunately, my white unit doesn't look like a Band-Aid at all; in fact, I prefer it to the glossy covers used on the GS3 and GS4.
It's also 0.52 ounce (15g) heavier, but I only noticed the difference when I was holding one device in each hand. Additionally, the home button now includes a capacitive fingerprint sensor, which I'll discuss in more detail later on.
The difference is easy enough to see with the naked eye, especially when you put the two devices side by side. Admittedly, the HTC One M8's S-LCD panel does a better job with whites and darks, although the GS5 offers more color saturation (and it's not even over-the-top saturation this time, either). What's more, the prints are stored locally on the phone, and instead of storing an actual image of your print, it only logs a virtual map. I'd also like to see these companies open up their sensors to third-party developers; all in due time, hopefully. More often than not, I had to swipe my finger two or three times before it let me in; typing in a PIN code would've been more efficient.
Apple's sensor, on the other hand, has no problem picking up my fingerprint from any angle.
That said, the heart rate monitors built into the new Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches integrate with S Health, so the company's hoping you'll buy some fitness wearables after all (so long as they're made by Samsung, of course). I received an unlocked review unit from GSM Nation, which was the first outlet to start shipping the phone in the US with AT&T- and T-Mobile-compatible LTE. And besides, by modern-day standards it's compact: Compared to the One M8, the GS5 is shorter, thinner and lighter, and that's with a slightly larger screen, too. Around back you'll find the small speaker grille, but the biggest change can be found farther up: Samsung installed a heart rate monitor next to the LED flash, just underneath the rear camera. As you can see, I'm being rather nitpicky here, but I believe most users will be happy with either display. Spoofing also wouldn't work; Synaptics says that any change in the physical properties of the phone will result in rejection.
Worse, there were other times when the scanner wouldn't recognize me at all, even as I adjusted my swipe speed, angle and finger pressure. If my finger was even slightly off, the monitor couldn't measure my pulse and I'd have to redo it. Meanwhile, Samsung introduced a new font, and for whatever reason, the interface uses a lot of circles. Now that I've been testing it for a few days, let's see if the Galaxy S5 lives up to all those promises. And even when it works, there's a small delay after you swipe before the phone accepts your print.
When you've done it right, you'll know pretty quickly since it only takes five seconds or so to complete the process. Oddly, too, there are some inconsistencies; the settings menu uses large, circular icons (though you can switch to list or tab view at any time), which makes it more of a chore to scroll through the menu.

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