The most common snap used on canvas boat covers are glove button fasteners, or durable-type snaps. Even though they look like glove buttons, note the words Pull the Dot on the top of the snap button. The most common type of boat snaps you will want to install on your boat canvas is Dot fasteners. An equally troublesome problem is the boat cover snaps actually pulling through the canvas from a tear or an enlarged hole. Professionals mostly use a Press-n-snap tool built by hoover to set snaps, but it is costly and over kill for the DIY boat snap installer. Boat cover snaps can be set with an anvil style set tool as pictured below, but the press style snap tools do a more professional crimp. TIP The vice grips in this kit are bigger than average, so don't buy the dies by themselves because they may not fit on the tool you have at home. Professionals install these fasteners using a expensive hand punch tool and again are not practical for the DIY boater.
The curtain fastener (twist fastener} and the Lift-The-Dot fasteners all come with two parts a€“ the 4 prong male top side and the female backing plate which sandwiches the fabric between itself and the male side, using the prongs to crimp down and hold tight the backing plate. Both of these boat cover snaps fastener can be installed with a little patience and without expensive tools. 8.Insert your male Curtain or LTD fasteners into the hole and crimp the prongs down over your female backing plate on the back side. After you drill any hole in fiberglass you will need to countersink the hole, this just means that you need to clean away the sharp edges of fiberglass from the opening of the hole. Just spin the phillips head in the drilled hole while asserting pressure and you will clear away a nice opening as shown in the photo below.
Now test screw by hand, your #8 screw stud or your Lift-the-Dot stud into your fiberglass hole, applying firm downward pressure as you twist . If as you go, you feel too much resistance and the fiberglass feels too thick stop (you are in danger of twisting of the screw, stripping your screw head or worse, cracking the fiberglass). This will help you get a feel for drilling into the varying thicknesses of your boats fiberglass. You can install a screw stud into thin aluminum using the right drill bit and phillips head bit for putting in the screw. If your boat snaps have pulled out of the fiberglass and left an enlarged hole, you have a couple of different choices.
First choice would be to try a screw stud with a #10 screw base and to see if it is large enough to hold in the fiberglass. If the hole is still too large you can use a plastic drywall anchor like this one, they do come in varying sizes. Repairing your own screw studs and boat cover snaps is easy and something any DIY guy or gal can do for themselves. A Christian based children's home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of hope and healing.
The isinglass had shrunk to the point that installing it was an all-morning job, with some snaps totally unusable due to the material shrinkage.
I got a chance to install these yesterday and just thought I'd get back to you to let you know that they worked perfectly for me. Tammy has become a valuable resource to my BoatButler business, and she has actually created sort of a "cult" following among my customers.
With your zippers in place we could button up all of the canvas and make a very nice weather tight space which made our boating season very enjoyable.

I will be sharing your zipper solution with other boating friends and will be sure to mention the excellent customer service too. Have a question that might benefit others, use the "ask a question" form at the bottom of this page?
IMPORTANT: Please determine your zipper teeth size accurately before ordering!Please don't guess, #8 and #10 look very similar.
Do You Have a Question You Would Like to Ask About EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers or Marine Zippers? Click here to see the rest of the form and complete your submission.What Questions Have Other Visitors Asked? How do I sew a zipper in an arch or semi circle? I'm not sure if I need to cut the zipper different lengths! How hard is it to cut your EZ-Xtend zippers and add the stop for it? I have a SeaRay with Camper top canvas.
Is this a size 8? I just wanted to double check with you on the attached picture to see if this is in fact a size 8 zipper? What happens if your panels are 6 inches from each other? I use a bridge cover for my boat but I am selling my boat.
EZ-Xtend boat Zipper sizing The zippers on my camper canvas are 35", can I get by with the 34" EZ-Xtend boat zippers or do I need to step up to the next size for one inch?
Are you compatable with PK zippers used on Monterey cruisers? The top canvas is too tight.
Do you offer larger zippers ? Our UK Sail stack pac came with a zipper along the top of it that runs the entire length. Does the ykk 10v mean that I should order size 10? Does the ykk 10v mean that I should order size 10? When I order a quantity of one EZ-Extend zipper is it a pair of them or is it just one? Aft isinglass panels tough to zipper to arch on both port and starboard side. The Zipper pull has popped off do I need to get it fixed before I can use the EZxtend Pontoon Boat Cover is So tight that I popped off the Zipper Pull Trying to zip it. You can use just one, but you would then need a pair of Align-a-zips on either side of the panel you lowered. We just installed the zipper we received on our sea ray boat canvas- what an incredibly easy experience!
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Marine Products has been awarded the Indmar CSI Award for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, 7 Consecutive Years in a row. Boat enclosures are great for keeping you dry and warm, but sometimes the fit leaves a little to be desired; especially in the top corners where the bimini boat top and enclosure panels meet. The adhesive tape on our Drip Shields is aggressive enough to stick to Sunbrella and other marine fabrics. Tip a€“ if your rope disintegrates, buy a 50a€™ fishy tap from Amazon and feed it into the hem, tie the new rope on and fish it through. Share a photo of your new cheap boat cover, show other boaters how it fits and what you like and don't like about it. Inside Eye Ends - Stainless SteelSold in PairsSpecial Note* - If you are buying support poles along with your insert eye ends, please be aware that you will have to re-cut the support poles. Dot fasteners and Fasnap are two common names.They consist of a button and socket which are crimped together and become the female snap in the canvas.
First make sure the canvas where the boat snap is being installed is reinforced so the snap will not rip through the fabric.

Center the chalked prongs over your original snap mark on the fabric and touch the tips of the prongs to the fabric and transfer chalk marks.
Flip your pronged male fastener over, position and mark the oval center hole that is between the four prongs. Putting a block of wood under your fabric, use your tiny tip flat head screw driver and tap with hammer to punch the holes for your prongs.
Next use the same technique to start a pilot hole in the center, finishing with a pair of sharp scissors, carefully cutting the oval hole in the fabric. In 30 years doing this I did break a side windshield and getting the glass replaced was a huge pain.
I really was preparing to purchase a complete new canvas set, but hated to spend the money-especially since the canvas is still in excellent shape.
When they're held by a person that truly cares about her customers, brings honesty, creativity and passion to her work, you have just described Tammy Hampton. I have been in to two local shops for estimates on a new canvas enclosure for my little boat. I have to tried to order a few extenders and to pay by paybal but I could not as the US is the only country that I can select from the list. The gaps that may exist between your boat enclosure and the bimini top can be even more exaggerated after using EZ-Xtend boat zippers. Drip shields are stick-on clear vinyl shields that keep out the elements along the upper corners of your Bimini top, helping to close any gaps that exist.
These stick-on guards, similar to the corner drip shields, are designed for any gaps that may exist between two enclosure panels along the sides or front of your boat enclosure. You will most likely be getting nylon or polypropylene which may need replacing at some point. Then you have the eyelet and stud that are crimped together and form the male snap in the canvas.
So if you are unsure of where your glass lays inside the metal windshield get help or hire a professional. Better known as "The Cover Girl," Tammy has been both a friend, mentor and business partner for nearly twenty years.
Both commented that they were happy to have a customer who knew what he wanted and was familiar with the material and options available.
I am the past commodore of a Boat Club up here in the great lakes region and have many boating friends.
They can not be used if one end of your zipper is sewn shut.You will receive installation instruction. I don't mean where you grab it and turn it, I mean where you use the tip of your index finger to spin it in a circle and it moves freely. I am sure that once I show them how great your product works you will be getting more orders.
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. She has yet to meet a challenge for which she could not find a creative and effective solution.

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