Not only did you get yourself a smart, inexpensive insurance policy for your boat by purchasing a boat cover, but you went out and got a custom cover designed specifically for your make, model and year of boat.
But the elements can be harsh. Rain, hail, mildew, dirt, road grime, falling debris and UV rays can all wreak havoc on canvas tops. So maybe you’re at the point where your some of your snaps are shot and need to be replaced.
So now’s the time to get that cover back in shape before the new boating season starts. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0Both comments and pings are currently closed. Most boats have the standard jaw slide, nothing to unusual about that, but look at the other two.
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Realizing that your cover was an investment itself, you took pretty darn good care of it with regular cleanings. The Top Snapper Canvas Snap Tool is ideal for aligning and fastening both inside or outside snaps (the only animal of its kind) on tight covers, and for unsnapping snaps without tearing or ripping the canvas. With a handy Canvas Snap Kit (snaps, punch tool and lube) and a Snap Setter Locking Plier Snap Tool you can skip the trip to a custom repair shop and do the job quickly and easily yourself.
With these simple tools and solutions, you can make sure your boat won’t blow it’s cover! With the swiveling ball and socket you can move your bimini in ways that other fittings won't allow.
With a comfortable, sure-grip, rubberized handle, it’s equipped with two stainless steel, notched blades (long for outside snaps, shorter for inside jobs), that slip over the snap shoulder to allow you to position the snaps. A heavy-duty locking plier with welded snap dies, the Snap Setter is designed to install the cap (dome) of the snap directly to the canvas. The once simple task of aligning and fastening the snaps can turn into a knock-down, drag-out wrestling match.

The Snap Setter provides greater leverage than die-and-peg snap tools and lasts much longer than light duty snap pliers available in some marine stores. With a roll of Boat Cover and Bimini Bandage, you can make fast and easy repairs to your boat cover or Bimini top.
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. A specially formulated transparent tape that resists tearing in all directions, it has an aggressive adhesive that will even stick to damp covers. An easily applied, solid form lubricant, it cuts through corrosion and lubricates for easy snapping, with no liquid mess.
Available in a three inch wide by 15 foot long roll, it’s suitable for any color canvas.

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