But suddenly the boat's front end begins to lift and soon the entire craft is airborne and starting to flip in the airSpectators' cheers turned to screams of horror as the Outerlimits Powerboats closed canopy boat rose from the water during a boat race on the lake.Wind interference caused the boat to take off and flip over twice before coming to a rest, Missouri Highway Patrol said.
It is unfortunate that the passengers have to suffer from the Captain not taking the proper precautions, however, based on that statement, it seems as though that Captain knew what he was doing and was just taken by surprise. Well, it's a little more than a big river, but I have little doubt that it represents the largest concentration of stupidity in North America. Don't mean to highjack but those are great pictures Cap'n Morgan, brings back memories of my youth running that circuit in Minnesota. I think it is necessary to break down the accident and discuss this, just remember these are real people who like you who love power boating and do it every weekend.

I ran a 16' pickle fork with a 115hp BP Merc.Now back to the regulary scheduled discussion. My question is what class did he race in ?Last month we were boating on the inland waterway, and they had the APBA outboard races there. If he was an APBA driver of one of these, he had no business driving that boat as fast as he was. The 3 boats coming from the other direction all had to to come to a stop to avoid hitting tube.
The driver crushed his eye orbital and broke hus back at T8 ( he is a former F-2 racer with APBA).

Another passenger who raced professionally for many years broke his pelvis in several places and is in a wheelchair. I have been around powerboats for many years and it only takes on unguarded minute to loose a life or permanently hurt people you love.

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