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From some wild animals on set, to the Sea World creatures that stopped by, The Rhode Show was bustling this week. LAKE OF THE OZARKS, MO (WPRI) – A Bristol man was seriously injured Saturday when his boat flipped over during a race on a Missouri lake. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports that the crash happened at about 10:30 Saturday morning on the Lake of the Ozarks.
Fiore was flown by medical helicopter to a hospital in Columbia, Missouri, while Begin was taken via ambulance to a different hospital.
Organizers of the 2014 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout event said on the event’s Facebook page that they had visited both men in the hospital and that Fiore is in critical but stable condition. According to reports, Begin was able to get out of the overturned boat on his own but Fiore had to be extracted by emergency responders.
A video of an Ozarks boat crash has gone viral after clearly capturing a violent on-water accident from an unusual vantage point has captivated the web. The clip of the Ozarks boat crash has been viewed by more than 900,000 people on YouTube, showing the footage taken from a camera showing the inside of the boat (at a high-resolution) and how the crash tossed the previously happy boat occupants around like rag dolls.

The August 24 Ozarks boat crash in Missouri was determined to be the fault of the boat’s driver, Melvin Carter, who it was later discovered was driving at speeds of up to 70 mph, creating unsafe conditions.
News --> --> You are using an outdated browser. It is unfortunate that the passengers have to suffer from the Captain not taking the proper precautions, however, based on that statement, it seems as though that Captain knew what he was doing and was just taken by surprise.
Well, it's a little more than a big river, but I have little doubt that it represents the largest concentration of stupidity in North America. Don't mean to highjack but those are great pictures Cap'n Morgan, brings back memories of my youth running that circuit in Minnesota. On Saturday, during the early runs at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, the new 46-foot SC Outerlimits catamaran owned and driven by Joel Begin and throttled by Mike Fiore—owner and founder of Outerlimits—flipped while running more than (estimated) 150 mph about three-quarters of the way down the course. Fiore and Begin reportedly survived the crash, were extracted by the Shootout’s rescue crews and taken to University Hospital in Columbus, Mo. While there have been many false and inaccurate reports regarding the medical conditions of Mike and Joel. PBN also thanks Matt and Jason from Speed on the Water for the collaboration during this stressful time. Godles, 39, was last seen Tuesday morning in the backyard of his West Main Road home, according to police. 44 year-old Michael Fiore of Bristol and 47 year-old Joel Begin of Valley Field, Quebec, were aboard the 42-foot catamaran when it lost control at high speed and went airborne.
Six of the seven people on the boat were treated for minor to moderate injuries after the Ozarks boat crash.

I think it is necessary to break down the accident and discuss this, just remember these are real people who like you who love power boating and do it every weekend.
I ran a 16' pickle fork with a 115hp BP Merc.Now back to the regulary scheduled discussion. After launching 50 to 60 feet in the air, the boat landed on the throttleman’s side of the canopy and came to rest right side up.
We would like to let everyone know that Joel Begin has been released from the hospital and Mike Fiore is stable and responsive.
My question is what class did he race in ?Last month we were boating on the inland waterway, and they had the APBA outboard races there. If he was an APBA driver of one of these, he had no business driving that boat as fast as he was.
The 3 boats coming from the other direction all had to to come to a stop to avoid hitting tube. The driver crushed his eye orbital and broke hus back at T8 ( he is a former F-2 racer with APBA). Another passenger who raced professionally for many years broke his pelvis in several places and is in a wheelchair. I have been around powerboats for many years and it only takes on unguarded minute to loose a life or permanently hurt people you love.

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