Shopping for a super strong, stylish and affordable aftermarket boat T-Top for your Glassmaster?
The Stryker SG600 T-top features a sleek, modern style that will turn heads everywhere you go. Capable of supporting hundreds of pounds, the Stryker offers the same durability and strength of custom and OEM-installed tops. Attach all your favorite outrigger gear to any of the 7 mounting plates under the Stryker top, including a Stryker electronics box. When you're ready to store your boat, the Stryker folds down in minutes thanks to strategically placed quick-release knobs. The Stryker is designed for quick assembly and installation without compromising durability.
A: Most center console boats are constructed with extra materials on either side on the console. A: Lanocote is a paste that inhibits all types of corrosion and prevents thread seizure in marine hardware and machinery.

A: The height of your folded T-top will vary depending on the clearance on your boat's bow. A: If you plan to fold your top only once or twice per year, then you can use an Allen wrench to loosen the bolts. A: We recommend the Woody Wax CPR system for use on Stryker T-Tops and other accessorie with anodized aluminum, aluminum, stainless, and chrome finishes. Our customer photo gallery is a great way to see how a Stryker T-Top can dramatically and inexpensively improve the functionality, look and resale value of almost any Glassmaster year, make and model.
The Stryker is all brawn, featuring premium 2" diameter aluminum tubes with a marine grade anodized finish to withstand harsh environments.
The Sunbrella(TM) fade-resistant and stain-resistant canvas top provides plenty of shelter for you and your gear. You should experience no problems with installing a Stryker T-Top on your center console boat.
The Stryker T-Top ships with 2 stand-offs that can be cut to match the exact dimensions and placement of your center console.

Otherwise, if you need to store or transport your tower more frequently, then, yes, the quick release knobs will make it much faster and easier to collapse your T-top. Stryker T-Tops, and all other types of center console tops, are NOT designed for watersports including wakeboarding, waterskiiing, wakesurfing, and tubing. Woody Wax prevents water spots, corrosion, oxidation for up to 6 months, providing lasting protection, sealing in corrosion blockers, creating incredible depth and shine.
Please contact us if you have any questions about your product quality, installation or usage.
Also, the floor of your boat needs to be flat on the sides of the center console for the legs to be mounted to the deck properly. Sunbrella fabrics breathe so it doesn't trap heat and moisture like vinyl, which can mildew.

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