S'il vous plait entrer un nom de villel ou code postal et selectionnez la ville de votre choix. The other reason that this talk is rubbish is because, despite the temptation to look for similarities, the marine industry bears virtually no resemblance to the automotive industry whatsoever. And when you actually think about it, all this is totally understandable given the relatively tiny volumes of boats being produced every year and the proportionately small R&D budgets. Indeed, given the harsh realities of the industry economics, it’s a true credit to the boat builders that the general quality they manage to turn out is so good.
And you may think that it should be possible to rank these builders on that quality relative to others, but there’s just so many factors at play that it can prove really tricky. It was clearly built by a yard who at the time was on top of its game, both in design and production.
Well, given the plethora of neat design touches throughout the boat and the fact that she still looks and feels stunning (this presents like a 3 or 4 year old boat), it’s obvious that she was designed by people who knew what they were doing (who actually spend time using boats like this), and that she was built to a very high standard. To watch the full 27 minute long video tour complete with lots of water test and engine footage, just leave your details below to get Free VIP Access. Once you’ve signed in as a VIP Member just navigate back to this listing to view the extra content. Lots of neat little design touches to make life onboard easier – Watch the full length video to see them all. Hi looking at the doral you have for sale what size of car would you say is needed to tow it ?

In terms of the size of vehicle required to tow this boat, the all up weight (including trailer) is probably close to 3,500kg so you’ll need something with a towing capacity around that, and in all likelihood it would need to be a 4×4. If you can’t remember your password then click the ‘lost your password’ link on that page and put in your username – then you can reset your password. Once you are logged in, just navigate back to this page and you will be able to watch the full length video (just below the preview video). Thinking of selling your boat?We're always looking for good used boats for brokerage sales or trade purchase. And you guessed it, it just so happens that it’s always whatever boat he happens to be peddling that particular season. The build process is not exactly uniform from one boat to the next, and at some point along the line a BIG Hammer has probably been used to persuade a particularly reluctant component to comply with the design requirements. Whilst every care has been taken in their preparation, the correctness of these particulars is not guaranteed. Often small cruisers become overcrowded quickly with the addition of a couple of passengers. The particulars are intended only as a guide and they do not constitute a term of any contact. On the Doral Monticello, though, a sliding rear bench seat expands to make extras room for visitors. Everything about the sale went smoothly, Colin & Linda the previous owners had looked after the boat meticulously and even gave me the service receipts for every year.

The aft U-shaped lounge slides backwards over the extended swim platform by a good foot or more, giving that much more room to the cockpit.
Like all Doral cruisers, the Monticello has a forward-leaning radar arch with a spotlight mounted on it. The seating arrangement is comprised of a U-shaped rear lounge that extends when the back seat is pulled out over the swim platform and an extra custion is inserted.The helm is comfortable and almost double-width. There is a rearfacing lounge on the companion side.Therefore the cockpit can comfortably seat six adults with room to spare. Beside the sliding door into the cabin are steps molded into the fibreglass for easy access to the front of the boat through an opening panel in the windshield. On top of the cabin is a full-length sunpad with built in pillow to enjoy those lazy days on the water.Belowdecks, the cabin features a convertible dinette with plenty of storage below.
It converts to a berth with room to sleep two adults.The galley features a stainless-steel sink, pressurized water system, alcohol stove, icebox and storage for dishes and glasses. Using the trim tabs along with the sterndrive trim, I was able keep the hull of the boat level and running at optimum speeds even as the passengers moved around the boat.Acceleration was more than acceptable considering we were powered by just one engine.
With three adults on board the cruiser maintained a plane at a speed of just less than 20 mph, around 2,700 rpm.As an introductory-level cruiser the Doral Monticello feels like a larger boat and certainly offers all the amenities to let its owners enjoy some great cruising experiences on the water.

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