Need a professional buff and wax, custom cleaning or how about getting your older canvas replaced? Excellent options for renting boats in northwest Arizona are available at boat dealers, rental centers, outdoor stores, and boat rental agent locations.
Listed below find boat rental dealers and other resources offering boats for rent for use on Alamo Lake, Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, Willow Creek Reservoir, Colorado River, Virgin River and other waterways in Arizona. Locate boat rental dealers and other boat rental locations within or nearby cities and attractions in northern and western sectors of Arizona. If you are looking for a specific type boat for rent, chances are one of these dealers can assist you. To enhance your boat renting experience, click here to locate resources for safety gear, water toys and boating accessories in northwest Arizona. Runabouts are great for families and small groups to go sight seeing and cruising the lakes.

Ski boats and speed boats are well suited for of three to five who enjoy water sports such as water skiing and wave boarding.
Aluminum boat rentals are best suited for parties of one to four planning to travel short to mid-range distances.
Bass boats are designed for two passengers and are ideal for most fresh-water fishing, and some inshore fishing.
Check with your insurance agent to be certain you are covered while boating in a rental boat. Boats offered for rent typically include canoes, family boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, inflatables, jon boats, ski boats, aluminum boats, electric boats, jet skis and others. Having the right boat can greatly enhance your experience on the water as well as impact safety issues. Check with Alamo Lake Marina, Katherine's Landing area is a marina or Temple Bar Marina for information on local boat rental options.

Most often they have a safety railing and a canvas or metal top to reduce the amount of sun rays absorbed by passengers. Find pontoon boats, fishing boats, family boats, canoes and kayaks, plus deck, ski and speed boats for rent in northern and western Arizona. Some boats offered are confined to specific lakes while others are available for travel to other bodies of water.

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