S'il vous plait entrer un nom de villel ou code postal et selectionnez la ville de votre choix. Legend Boats, headquartered in Whitefish, Ontario (near Sudbury), describes its 2015 Splash series of four pontoon boats as, “Simple, affordable fun.
The Splash and its upgraded sister Splash Plus, subject of this review, are the smallest of eighteen models of pontoon boats up to twenty-six feet in five series offered by Legend for 2015. The Splash Plus, with its eight foot beam, offers essentially a similar interior layout and amenities as larger pontoon boats but simply on a smaller scale.
All seating and backrests are well padded and the starboard bow lounge also has a padded backrest on the forward face of the driver’s helm to facilitate lounging.
All furniture is of composite construction with Legend’s Ultra-Flow ventilation feature and all furniture has hinged-lid storage under the seat bottoms. The Splash Plus rides on twin 23-inch diameter .080 gauge pontoons each with three separate internal pressurized sections and full-length V-keels. Other notable standard equipment on the Splash Plus includes a bimini top and boarding ladder. I opted to enter the boat from the port side entry way (one of three in the boat) and I saw a simple yet effective layout. Sitting on the heavy duty vinyl lounges I was immediately drawn to the red accenting stripe that is part of the Regal package for this boat that takes a simple boat and adds some curb appeal. Having seen enough at the dock I wanted to get out in the lake to see how this bad boy would handle the slight chop we had on the small, Quebec lake.

Including these eighteen pontoon boat models, Legend offers a total of forty-two models of full windshield (dual console) and side console riveted and welded aluminum fishing boats plus utility boats.
For example, there are three entry gates; centre bow, portside, plus at the starboard stern.
Between these two bow lounges is a floor-mounted removable woodgrain table with integrated drink holders. Notable optional features include a Legend Glide-On pontoon trailer, a ¾ enclosure which consists of slanted fore and aft curtains plus side curtains providing all-round visibility and protection, a stainless steel Napoleon marine grill, and even a mooring package and a safety package.
As I was drawn closer I noticed extruded style lines on the exterior gates, the Princecraft Logo and corrugated aluminum side walls that add strength along with style. There were facing benches in the bow along with a bench along the rear port side edge across from the helm. Upon further investigation I found out there is also an Electric Lime colour option ­ something I would love to see. While most of the features I was presented with were options, they were options every boater is going to want to get.
Now even though the Jazz 180 was shown with the max horsepower of a 60 hp Mercury, I knew I wasn’t going to be breaking any speed records.
There are port and starboard bow lounges with rounded forward corners albeit the portside lounge is a single seater and the starboard lounge a two seater. Aft of the portside entry gate is an L-shaped lounge which extends back and across the transom ahead of the motor well and over to the stern entry gate.

Several optional upgrading Mercury® power choices are available up to the rated maximum horsepower of 60.
With an overall length of 19.5 feet, the Jazz 180 is proof that good things do come in small packages and with small price tags. The smaller 8 foot 1 inch beam keeps things intimate as those on the rear bench can chat with themselves or keep the Captain company. With a top speed of 22 mph going with the wind will be enough to take the kids tubing, but if you add more people and gear you’re going to lose a few off your top speed. Behind this lounge and extending over the motor well is a raised single-width hinged sunpad with lots of additional storage below including a dedicated central spot for the portable gas tank. The boating market however is fueled and driven by affordable, quality built boats that have simple features ­- enter the Princecraft Jazz 180. So it’s a basic boat that has modular packages to tailor your boat and budget which is an absolute must do to be successful in the ultra popular pontoon market. But even still the boat felt solid, the ride was quiet, the frame didn’t shift or creak at all at high speeds and turns with and against the chop.
Like all Princecrafts it’s a seaworthy boat that I would feel safe bringing my family aboard.

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