The United Boat Dealers of North Texas produce the boat expo to support that boating and marine industry in the greater North Texas area.
As the father of 5 and head of the household, I am often looking for the next best thing when it comes to gadgets and toys for my family. EZ Dock's exclusive beige colored floating boat dock sections are attractive and cool to the touch, even on the hottest of summer days.
Both patented design features work together to create a more stable floating dock, pontoon, or jetty. I enjoy trying new products and am excited about delving further into the tech world my wife and teens know so much about.

EZ Docks' docking sections are rotomolded from low-linear density polyethylene, and have a patented hollow-chamber that creates pressure and suction-this is what makes EZ Dock the most stable floating dock system on the market.
Whatever you call your dock, EZ Dock invites you to walk on the competition, and then walk on a EZ Dock before your make your purchase. Each floating boat dock section is part of a versatile modular design that remains securely connected. You can choose to install the dock yourself or hire one of our authorized dealers to install for you. This show features more than 450 boat and watercraft models from over 20 North Texas boat dealers and it is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Dealer’s incentives on 2015 models to make room for 2015 models.

And since the dock is modular, you can design a dock system that has the perfect layout for your needs, or even add sections at later date. Choose the boat dock configuration that best suits your application, and give your local dealer a call today.

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