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Adults have a short thick white bill and white frontal shield, with a reddish-brown spot near the base of the bill between the eyes. Their breeding habitat is marshes from southern Quebec to the Pacific coast of North America and as far south as northern South America. They migrate from northern locations to the southern United States and southern British Columbia. Their call is a high-pitched squeaking honk somewhat like a goose's but more hollow sounding.
American coots are highly territorial during the breeding season, with both males and females fighting with neighbors to maintain a small territory where they obtain all their food. These chunky birds require a great deal of effort to become airborne, pedaling across the water with their feet before lifting off. Although coots look like weak fliers, this species has crossed the Atlantic to reach western Europe at least 23 times, including 12 records in the Azores and four in Great Britain.

Before you rent out a boat or other water vehicle, it is important to have your customers read and sign a comprehensive rental agreement.
The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus), also known colloquially as seahawk, fish hawk or fish eagle, is a diurnal, fish-eating bird of prey. The Osprey tolerates a wide variety of habitats, nesting in any location which is near a body of water and provides an adequate food supply. Yellow Pages online for Boats North Carolina Cities Find North Carolina Boats Rental Charter on MagicYellow. The females are known to lay eggs in neighbors' nests (known as conspecific brood parasitism). In December 2003, an individual of this species attempted to overwinter in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. It is a medium-sized raptor, reaching 60 centimetres (24 in) in length with a 1.8 metre (6 ft) wingspan. It is found on all continents except Antarctica although in South America it occurs only as a non-breeding migrant. It has evolved specialised physical characteristics and exhibits some unique behaviours to assist in hunting and catching prey.

It is brown on the upperparts and predominantly whitish on the head and underparts, with a brownish eyepatch and wings. As a result of these unique characteristics, it has been given its own taxonomic genus, Pandion and family, Pandionidae. Get Maps, Driving Directions, Phone #, Reviews, for Carolina Boat Rentals Lake Lure is a lakeside community located in western North Carolina. Their chicks have black bodies with bright red head and beak, and orange plumes around the neck.
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