Friends with boats can be valuable referrals that can lead a buyer in the right direction.
Advance research is almost required before visiting dealerships to prepare a list of brands and models to look for and a list of questions to ask salespeople. On the Internet there are numerous websites that consolidate lists of Florida boat dealers.
Manufacturers of outboard motors and MerCruiser inboard engines, with over 4000 dealers in Mercury Dealer Network Advantage Boat Partners; Sign-up for Mercury Mercury Boat Motors boats classifieds search results. If you want the best place for boat sales and service, you have come to the right Georgetown, South Carolina High Springs, Gainesville, Alachua, Lake City, Live Oak, FL, dealer, new, used, pre-owned, boat, outboard motor, Carolina Skiff, Ranger, Glastron, Palm Beach, Mercury SCIWAY's Directory of South Carolina Boat Dealerss. If you are in the market for a new Mercury in South Carolina, then Motor Trend’s online dealership locator lets you find and compare new car dealers in South 2010 MERCURY 25HP 4 STROKE OUTBOARD MOTOR – $3700 (Greer, SC) in Greer, South Carolina Boat Motors in South Carolina.
Parts and service available, including outboard motors and boat engines for Mercury, Suzuki and Yamaha. Hanckel Marine is a full service boat dealer in Charleston South Carolina offering boat sales, service, Yamaha outboard motors and parts. Mercury Marine Boat Dealers Boat Dealers – Listed by type of South Carolina dealer for Proline Boats, Carolina Skiff Whether you’re shopping for a new boat and motor Outboard Motors on MagicYellow. With the weakest economy in decades, marine lenders disappearing and banks tightening standards on consumer loans, dealers are scrambling to sell last year’s models. Manufacturers have slashed current-year production to reduce the number of boats in the pipeline, but older product continues to sit in showrooms. There is no firm data on the number of older new boats in dealer inventories, but the situation so concerns the National Marine Manufacturers Association that it is allowing 50 percent of new inventory displayed by dealers at its boat shows to consist of models older than 2009. New boat sales have been off as much as 40 or 50 percent this winter; and some dealers are carrying models as old as 2006, a reminder of just when the slowdown first began impacting recreational boating. Although there are no hard statistics, anecdotal evidence suggests manufacturers have cut production somewhere between 40 and 60 percent, Dammrich says.
At Brunswick Corp., the number of boats sent into the dealer pipeline last year was reduced by 6,700 units, or 22 percent. Short salesEven though dealers are reluctant to sell boats for less than what they owe the bank, they have to come to grips with selling the product short sometimes, says Larry Russo, owner of Boston area-based Russo Marine.
With low demand and a faltering economy, the market doesn’t allow dealers to sell aged inventory at a profit, Russo says.
A deluge of reposCompeting with all the repossessed boats flooding the market has become a major hurdle for dealers.

Bob Toney, owner of Fort Lauderdale-based National Liquidators, had more than double the number of recovery orders in 2008 than he had two years earlier. While the average sale price of a repossessed vessel at National Liquidators has been $57,000, if Toney excludes government recoveries, which include a higher percentage of smaller boats, the average is probably closer to between $85,000 and $100,000. Repossessed boats typically are 30 feet and above, Toney says — too big to auction at auto shows.
For now, all Sima wants to do is sell the 2008 models for enough to pay off the floorplan; profit, at this point, is not a consideration. Sima tells the customers the same thing many other dealers do: He will be able to service the boat once it is purchased, since the nearly 50-year-old dealership will still be around.
On a more optimistic note, Genmar’s Jacobs points out that if repossessed boats are selling, that should signal dealers there still are buyers out there. Trade-ins have created another problem for dealers, says Phil Keeter, president of the Marine Retailers Association of America. If someone wants to buy a boat that’s worth $100,000 and has a $50,000 trade-in, the cash-poor dealer either has to find a way to cover the difference or reject the offer.
The lending sideWhen potential buyers head to the boat shows this year, dealers will suffer again, Russo predicts.
Russo thinks more dealers will go out of business as winter progresses, and predicts the liquidated boats will be up for sale, creating bargains on both used and new boats. KeyBank and Textron Financial’s recent exit from floorplan lending has some concerned that unsold boats will be liquidated from dealers unable to find new sources of floorplan finance, although thus far lenders have seemed to stick with dealers trying to find new financing. Whether through pricing incentives or warranty guarantees, dealers must go to manufacturers and work out a plan to get rid of aging inventory, Keeter says.
In addition to providing incentives and reshuffling inventory, Brunswick has had to buy some boats back.The company has spent about $16 million repurchasing inventory, McCoy said in the earnings statement, including $5 million for Olympic Boats, a West Coast dealer chain that declared bankruptcy in the third quarter of 2008.
Boating in Florida is a state-adopted pastime, almost like hunting in Alaska or poker in Texas. In Florida, a boat buyer has plenty to choose from, with lots of dealers and lots of brands.
The marina is a good place to look, too, where owners will be happy to share their experiences in shopping. With those in hand, it is possible to come away from dealership visits with useful information, but there are other methods which might prove more efficient. Boat Motors Boat Parts boat parts today!Carrying the largest selection of Mercury Marine and Yamaha outboard parts andboat motor accessories at great prices.

The amount of finance dollars that poured into boats older than one year increased by about $70 million, he says. And the Web, he says, is the key to bringing floor traffic to a showroom during Ohio’s cold winter. And buying from a dealer, the customer is assured the boat has no hours racked up, Sima says.
Required fields are marked *Comment Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. Lots of ways to find them, too, with boat dealers in every town, right down to the water’s edge.
Where time is limited, cutting corners is essential and finding the most efficient way to get what you need is essential. Websites consolidate boat dealers by brand and by class of boat, either new, or used, or both.
In the fourth quarter alone, marine sales were off 50 percent, chairman and CEO Dustan McCoy told investment analysts in a conference call. And some worry that floorplan lenders who left the marine field could liquidate models that dealers can’t sell or get picked up by other lenders. Buying a boat is almost like giving birth, for men and women both, with hours of painful struggle followed by a lifetime of pride and joy. Dealers are also segregated by location, so that if one is inclined to travel out to dealerships, the addresses can be quickly located.
Except that in buying a boat, your partner wants to share in only one thing and that is the money in your pocket. The Internet is bursting with reliable sources that allow you to cover your shopping terrain from the comforts of your home. The key is to use your discretion in finding which of the many boat dealers online will be most suiting for you. Take a look around your once stop boat dealing shop that offers all you need and more, today!

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