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For over forty years, Lake Norman Marina in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina has set the standard for excellence in boat, pontoon marine products, customer service, and facility. Because of its superior service, excellent facilities, and quality products at fair prices, Lake Norman Marina is recognized as one of the finest marine dealerships in the country today. Lake Norman Marina is conveniently located near the areas of Charlotte, Denver, Mooresville, Huntersville, Cornelius.
With hundreds of clients in multiple fields we've produced award winning content in many ways over our 16+ year history. Our company is dedicated to bringing your business or group up to the newest technology, most efficient systems, hosted on redundant and widely available architectures. Our cue to come up and start surfin' with the shaw was when he put the bass down to get the feed back going and went into a drum solo, totally trippy show by him. The town ends up being ogallala, tom's decision to stop here based on old friends of his family.
Tom and i get coffee and donuts from the motel, and now it really reminds me of bottle rocket. I guess the new condos across the alley complain all the time, so they struck a deal to try and get the gigs over by eleven.
Cool people, they came up an introduced themselves right off the bat as i was setting up the drums, very friendly. Tom and i went to feed the stomach, i got some killer mango stuffed shrimp with a side of green beans, and also some mac and cheese. I got a little nerves going because all the people, but nobody seems to be snobbin', and all are into what we're doing.
Their son Mark, is now president and owner, and their grandson, Logan, plays a significant role in sales. This reputation has helped us to attract some of the most experienced personnel in the industry. Greg norton's restaurant opens at 11, and we're goonna go there to eat before heading to omaha. All the club and band guys seem very nice, which is good, because the sports bar look from the outside was a little off putting. Seemed fine though, can't remember waking up during the night, which is a pretty normal thing for me. Been lucky with that, i wear the same thing almost everyday, but it always clean because i've had many opportunities to wash it. I remember getting that album when it came out in 1977 and really tripped on their words - even the way they presented them - not like I just did but in prose form - I appropriated that for the minutemen too! I go back after a tune and konk hard, not realizing 'till tom comes and gets me for the gig that what they were doing was not a soundcheck but their set! Says he has eggs, so i scramble a few eggs and he adds some home grown jalopenos, and also some tomatoes. The Kale family started and continues to operate the company, but the staff at Lake Norman Marina is what sets it apart. Their enthusiasm has spread throughout the organization, resulting in a staff that goes the extra mile for its customers. Many employees are truly boating professionals whose lives are immersed in the wonderful world of boating.
Like maybe you're at the pad with the day off with nothing pressing, but it kinda sucks when you got shit to take care of. Played here with everyband i've toured but one, the first show for me here was ten years ago with jag-offs.

The sound guy is even cool about us doing away with the drum riser, sometimes with ideas as simple as that people can still get territorial, i'm glad he's on our side. We've been here four hours now, and in conversation it comes up that we'll need a place to stay, and she's kind enough to offer up her place for us to stay the night. She was sweet enough to also wake early with us, and make one of the best homecooked tour meals for breakfast, eggs benidict with avacado on top, and rosmary potatoes for the side. We're up next, and it looks like it might be a chin stroke, most people wouldn't even leave their seats during the jingo's set. While he got these going, i did the daily wash again, Man, i've even been wearing the same cloths everyday.
On a closer inspection, i find that the club is downstairs from the restaurant, but still pretty high brow.
To walk off the chow, i take a short one down to the burndide skatepark under the bridge to see some craziness from the skateboarders.
Our staff is second to none in experience, training, and knowing what the customer expects. Watt got all blasted on barcardi and woke me up at three in morning, shit, i strated to get up because i thought it was time to go. After check, Tom and i go a few blocks over to gluek's old brewery now eatery to get a burger.
After the gig alex from the leisure birds comes in the boat with us to give us directions back to his pad.
Also got to see craig d, an old friend from oakland who i frist met when he came with fleshies and sexy to pedro maybe six seven years ago. Dinner is got from a subway across the street, counter lady tells us we should get the fuck out of ogallala soon as possible, and would we kindly take her with us. It's gonna take about an hour to get done, so i go to the mega store to get a flash drive to replace the one donated to cat's cradle in carboro.
Don't get me wrong though, i have much appreciation for all the good food that folks send our way on the road. First time that i can remember seeing perma frost, chunks of ice frozen from the wind and maybe because altitude. But not before getting more hurt, a hugh shiner from the beds edge that leaves a welt the size of a fist on the shin, another kinda pillow bite happens.
Drummer had a pretty original set-up, Floor toms on both sides of the snare, and a big steel drum above the tom on the left. With all this wash luck i could've just brougt one pair of pants, one of socks, one chonies and just a couple shirts. We are time has morped itself, and now has extended drum and bass part at the end with tom added texture, little string pops and scratches. The people at Lake Norman Marina are the reason for award winning service and incredible company growth. On the way watt blows the top of his head with hurlyisms like swim team, and also the buddy rich pep talks. After lunch he takes us down to the basement were all the offices are, and also his gear and the old husker basses, and a hugh collection of jazz reccords. I'm instantly sure that would not be in our best interest, she got one tattoo that's just the word troubled, and a more round about one with just the word hate in big bold letters. I spent the first two songs thinking about this attitude more than the songs we were playing, not the best idea. At first glance, i thought maybe we might have the salt lake syndrome, everyone staying at the tables.
Johnny jewel is always about timing for me, and i felt i maybe got this one the tightest of the tour in that sense, but loose in the crazy department. His plan is to work for a couple more hours, then he'll make the hell ride to omaha and play with us again. Staying above the club tonight, so very close, and there's is a garage too, way safe for the boat.

The thing that had me worried was that i didn't want to be seen as a person that didn't belong here.
Once we got going though, i thought we did alright, but i think the elevation thing may have been more of a factor for me here than last night in denver. We've also started to bring this one up and down in the solo parts with both the guitar and bass taking turns back and forth, pretty neat. Everybody else was still konked, so i tried to be quite while getting all my shit together. You know, like it was because of me prices and rents were going up and it was my fault the nieghborhood people were being shoved out. All the people came right up front and danced, not like slam dance either, there was groove to it. After almost an hour i decide maybe best to start gettin' the dudes up, long drive to mpls today.
She's got a cool pad that used to be a doctor's office, but now converted into her apartment.
After breakfast it's time to part ways with norton, such a treat to get to spend these last two days with him.
So i crashed out fast, but not before getting a mail from home saying there was a earth quake.
As i walked past, a lady involved was trying to get my attention and call me over or something, i played like i didn't hear and kept walking, but i could feel the eyes on my back. I like getting the gear down fast, but sometimes to much rush leads to stupid things like slipping down three stairs, twisting your ankle and pulling your arm out of it's socket.
Tom taking the basement bed, so i take the laundry room bed, dryer sounds lull me to sleep.
I chimp diary next to him while he drives us, I put the neil young I got from jimbo's on cuz he likes that stuff. Spent about an hour hangin' on the roof of val's place watching the firework show and having a couple of beers. This time i got the exact oppisite effect, maybe it was hugh rainbow that changed my feelings, but it seemed so much prettier and friendly this time around. We got the fluffiest omellette i've had, with chicken, broccolini, and some mozarella, and a fresh salad on the side, great chow. I get us past pendleton (yep, where they make the flannels!) and to the columbia river and turn west, the columbia's a very mighty river, whoa.
I think everywhere has it's own trippy whatever flying past the window so I never bum and am curious though sometimes it is sad cuz of beatdown pads - I feel for the folks living there but I never get all wound up about what some might think as "boring" cuz of the land being a little flat or stuff like that. Had really killer veggie kung pow rainbow shrimp from a chinese place down the street from the club. I go out when it's about time to meet him - so great to give him big hugs, been a while and he had heart trouble that almost killed him, scaring the shit out of me and I prayed HARD for him. I go to get chow and find a pad I can get a grilled walleye sandwich (hey, it's friday - I asked some sheriff hombres guarding a streetcorner even!) and then go to boat just to rest a moment but konk hard.
I go across the road and get some beers for me and raul cuz tom's got wine from mister norton's cellar. I hand the wheel over to tom and konk hard, popping just past green river (yeah, like the ccr song) and taking the wheel again at evanston - last town before the utah border. I get it more together as the gig goes on, mike's got good monitors going and my guys are playing great (though it's a trip to hear later from raul that it was a tough one for him) and I am motivated by them and the salt lake city crowd which are very happening - even some dancing, yeah!

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