Automotive, boat, RV, motorcycle, and trailer dealerships throughout the country utilize our chrome-plated nameplates as a classy and effective way to garner brand recognition.
Durable beam construction adjusts to various boat weights and eliminates water & wind movement.
Adjustable mounting sockets are easily installed into wooden or metal columns at the perfect depth.
The ATLAS revolutionizes boat lifts for constant level lakes addressing common issues associated with on-water boat storage.

Though the weight of your boat varies from end to end, the ATLAS ensures a level lift that is flush with your dock for easy boarding. Each beam solidly supports 3500 lbs and is easily added or removed to accomodate various boats.
In this video, lifelong industry expert Curtis Brown demonstrates an early prototype of the ATLAS mounted on a mobile dock simulator. All images and text used on this website are property of Elektroplate and cannot be copied without written consent.

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