Soft  on the waves a cruiser boat for long range.   Build beautifully in wood bye the Cantiere  Navale De Cesari  in Cervia. CYD also designs custom yachts, and this market niche still plays an important role, especially for custom yachts made of wood or composites.
During the past year CYD designed a number of weight-efficient wooden boats in strip-planked cedar, like the My Song 50 or CYD 4710 for Cantiere Alto Adriatico, and in cold-moulded wood, like Seridama built in 2010 by Cantiere Navale De Cesari in Cervia. We have extensive experience in wood design yachts starting from cruiser boats in the early 1960?s (i.e. Now we are designing and engineering wooden boats with a semi-planning hull principally for the power boat market, having performed intensive research with CFD technology to optimise hull efficiency.
We also create one-off designs, like the Morgana, to be built in aluminium or in composite, which we have principally used for our prototypes that have won many races over the years. For example, the CYD has designed a number of weight-efficient wooden boats over the years, both in strip-planked cedar and in cold-moulded mahogany, and possesses extensive experience that covers most of the construction options.
CYD’s experience is rooted in small custom yachts and, to date, despite the large portfolio of the Company, this market sector still plays an important role.
It ‘a fascinating challenge to be part  on this new product  for the Ceccarelli Yacht Design. For Giovanni Ceccarelli is interesting and full of energy to work  for  Neo Yacht a new brand with behind it a great sailor. The hull was designed by making extensive use of CFD CYD working together with a former colleague of the 2007 America’s Cup of +39  using the same technology,  the shape of the hull are very innovative paritre rovrescia from the bow, the large volume in the bow area and after careful research it was decided to eliminate the edge into the sides. For Orci has worked extensively on the stern that has been the subject of study in 2013 Orci penalizing large transom and low  on the water plane. A hull that will be performing with light wind in strong winds  due to his composite shape. The appendages have a high aspect ratio, with laminar profiles design optimized for performance of the project. The design of the deck and its windows, bow down and  sheer line make it very innovative sheerline a real NEO.
Laminations and structures are calculated according to ISO attiuali and checks and direct calculations with use of FEM has been chosen as a building material to use carbon hull and deck structures, hull and deck lamination will be pre preg. Ceccarelli 39 One design  is a yacht to be produced  for race one design  in fleet or match race .

The package of drawings are ready  for  construction of the mould  and of the total boat , if request we could supply the full mould  ready for the production . CYD  team lead from Giovanni Ceccarelli consisting of  employees that includes  naval architect, civil  and mechanical engineers and  designer. The illustration above shows a 3D drawing, FEA model and photograph of the installation of a combined lifting and canting keel system for the 65’ Supercruiser, Spirit of Adventure. From small and seemingly insignificant items to major structures, each part is reviewed to ensure its fitness for purpose and the appropriate design and engineering methods are implemented. Owen Clarke Design have recently been nominated and won awards for some of our big boat engineering, including a development of an interceptor trim control system that has been retro-fitted to the 40m Wally superyacht, Angels Share (ex Dream).
Designing custom components ensures all aspects of the project’s design are fully optimised with regard to weight, whilst ensuring the best operational characteristics and of course a long service life. We undertake engineering calculations by hand, apply finite element engineering where appropriate and utilise a number of in house programs developed and optimised to provide rapid evaluation of various problems and components.
For grand prix projects we maintain a close involvement with the general engineering design of the yacht but sub-contract out the major composite engineering and some of the construction drawings. The hull shape  is a  semi  displacement  with a   max speed 21 knots, cruising speed  18 knots.   The boat reached the performances of design   with a perfect trim.
An effective example of a boat built for a client who could not find what he wanted on the market at the time was John Dare’s Apriori, built by Neville Hutton in 1987. It can be considered creatively stimulating, and often involves clients who are looking for a highly customised product, which they cannot find in the wide ranging mass-produced offer of the general market.
He can now implement this in aesthetic and ergonomic terms, since custom-built construction methods can produce more weight-efficient boats than conventional glass reinforced plastic .
The conceptual engineering, 3D drafting and final engineering were all carried out in-house. As often as not a design is taken from a previous project, reviewed and enhanced, or it begins life as a conceptual sketch.
The system illustrated above was created as a 3D engineering design to fit precisely to the existing transom structure and hull lines with no room for error.
The above illustration shows the original 2D design of a ballast valve and scoop for an open 60 which was custom designed because the off the shelf versions were heavy, resulted in poor (slow) flow and could not be dismantled at sea to clear blockages.
This methodology extends to composite engineering where we offer a full design service from complete boats to components such as rudders and steering systems.

As in the other areas of our work we continually push the limits of design in order to improve both performance and reliability. We work closely with the client, manually sketching their ideas to transform them into reality. Conceived as a boat that could win races and provide an excellent cruising platform, it has lived up to those original expectations to date. We carry out such work in-house, but where the project warrants it co-design with top engineering consultants, or contract the work completely to industry leaders such as SP Gurit, Key Design and AES. As due diligence, and in order to remove the maximum weight from the system, the keel box design and the solid stainless fin were checked by an external engineering specialist using finite element analysis (FEA). From this point the component is either drawn up as a two dimensional CAD drawing, or in the case of more complex, high value or less dimensionally tolerant structures, as a three dimensional solid model.
The carbon framework and titanium alloy components were manufactured in New Zealand, then shipped and fitted to the yacht towards the end of its refit at Lurssens yard in Germany. For our latest Open 60 as well as sub-contracting the composite engineering we contracted SP Gurit to undertake an FEA analysis of the global hull and deck structure and an in-depth analysis of the keel, ram and mast step engineering. Not only did Apriori win two RORC Yacht of the Year awards – and under different rating systems at that – but she also ‘retired’ to a more sedentary cruising life under the same, highly satisfied owner. The production and installation of the component was monitored by ourselves from our Auckland office.
The above example shows the original concept sketch of the rotating bow pole for our open 60 Pindar (ex Hexagon) and the finished product which includes a simple tack lock that we developed for the end of the pole. The new design was created as a 3D solid model for production purposes and the latest versions have a carbon body. As well as engineering some of our own Mini Transat and Class 40 designs we have also undertaken the engineering of rudders and other components for cruising and racing yachts from other design offices. In common with others items the design is available under licence or we can supply finished and inspected product.

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