First of all I work with MultiSurf, and because of that I have no problem with any surface in SW. I don't know if i answer to all your question but I think that you have enough to tray to make some small boat. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Originally Posted by marshmat There's been some interesting talk here about the various devices, features, gadgets, etc. Right now I'm leaning towards NMEA0183 for all onboard monitoring and control, thru NMEA combiners and USB, like an incoming tree. Originally Posted by TerryKing RADAR: Can you (or anyone else) point to a good explanation of modern small-boat Radar? Liebermann has been using solid state hard drives for years (the PuRAM solid state hard drive), but their machines are rare and priced way out of most people's reach. Thus most of the connections to the PC itself are via USB which, left as the manufacturers provide it, is to a large degree self-troubleshooting. Location: Ontario Liebermann has been around for a while and the company has already gone under and restructured itself at least once.
Location: Denmark Sandisk and Samsung make some impressive SSD's, but (and here I go again about my audio-recorder), my portable recorder has the option to record to both CF and the internal HDD, which is shockmounted. If you guys are interested, I would be able to get hold of a digital camera and open the recorder, so you could see how simple the set-up is in reality (small soft rubber washers and foam). Some PPC's are now coming out with usb-on-the-go (or some such name), which more or less means that it can be used, at USB2.0-speeds as a host-device. I'm using a Lenovo T-series laptop at work right now that has some degree of shock-mounting on the drive, but also has a gadget that lifts the drive head off the platter within a couple milliseconds of detecting the beginning of a shock, to prevent physical disk damage.
Hailing Portager: You talked about this a while ago here (#14) Using 12v System to Directly Power Computers and other DC Eq. There are many different ways of doing any system, and many different components that could be used.
There are four sections, showing things that involve (1) Humans, (2) NAV, (3) Onboard SYSTEMS, and (4) Communications. I am going to prototype a system over the next 2 or 3 months, and I have a PC system board in hand here that looks good. Detect explosive gases, combustion products, CO, fuel vapors, solvents in Engine Room areas and bilges. Location: Topsham, Vermont On-Screen Gauges One of many unsolved questions: How do we display all those engine parameters and stuff on the LCD screen? Originally Posted by Man Overboard Yes, I was not completely clear; solid state hard drives have been around for quite some time, but there is a push to make them available for pc's, primarily targeting notebooks. If you need to save something - simply write the data to a second CF card - there are lots of 2-card IDE adapters on eBay, couple of quid each.
The trick with this setup is to NEVER write to the 'system' CF card as these cards have a limited write capacity, which you'd soon exceed if it was enabled permanently as a solid state hard drive, as Windows is forever writing stuff onto the HDD.
For almost every science fair project, you need to prepare a display board to communicate your work to others. In most cases you will use a standard, three-panel display board that unfolds to be 36" tall by 48" wide. Organize your information like a newspaper so that your audience can quickly follow the thread of your experiment by reading from top to bottom, then left to right.
This sample shows how difficult it can be to read text when you print it on top of an image. Print out or write your information on white paper that you will attach to your display board. Matte paper is preferable to glossy because it won't show as much glare- glare makes your display board difficult to read.

Glue sticks (use plenty) or rubber cement work well for attaching sheets of paper to your display board.
A bright border, like the red Project Popperz Border shown here, can liven up a project display board in a way that complements, rather than distracts, from the project information (image courtesy of Elmer's, 2012). If you need more room to fit all your data, use a display board header card for your science fair project title (image courtesy of Elmer's, 2012). Using a colorful tri-fold display board, like this red one, for your science project can be a nice visual contrast to text and graphs printed on white paper (image courtesy of Elmer's, 2012). Putting headings like Materials, Procedure, and Data in large fonts helps increase the readability of your project display board (image courtesy of Elmer's, 2012).
If you choose to print your display board as a full size poster, consider mounting it on a tri-fold board, as shown here, to make it easy to set up free-standing on a table (image courtesy of Kim Mullin, 2012).
Thematic decorations can help set your science fair display board apart from the rest as long as the decorations do not make it difficult to see and read the project information.
Contrasting colors, in this case yellow construction paper as the backing for text and images on a blue tri-fold display board, can help draw the attention of passer-bys (image courtesy of Kim Mullin, 2012). Adding models, like these turbines, to a display board can be a great way of conveying lots of information quickly.
Using large letters for your project title helps attract readers to your science project display board (image courtesy of Kim Mullin, 2012). An eye catching color scheme, like this alternating blue and red on a black tri-fold display board, can help your project stand out at the science fair. If your experimental setup is small enough and easily transported you may want to set it up in front of your science project display board.
At most science fairs, like the one shown here, the project display boards must be free-standing.
Are the sections on your display board organized like a newspaper so that they are easy to follow? Does the title catch people's attention, and is the title font large enough to be read from across the room? Did you use pictures and diagrams to effectively convey information about your science fair project? Did you follow all of the rules pertaining to display boards for your particular science fair?
You may print and distribute up to 200 copies of this document annually, at no charge, for personal and classroom educational use.
Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited. Diving here at Isla Coiba is really spectactular but not everybody may like the idea of swimming between lots of sharks or barracudas.
Kuna Yala has an area of 924 square miles (2,393 km?) and a population of 36,487 people (2004). The purpose of disinfection in the treatment of wastewater is to substantially reduce the number of microrganisms in the water to be discharged back into the environment. Chlorination remains the most common form of wastewater disinfection in North America due to its low cost and long-term history of effectiveness. Sludge removal is a simple and clean job, that can be done within 15 minutes, by simple operating the valves and use of the installed discharge pump. It was initially our plan to get the ship certified according to SOLAS passenger standards. In real life, you would have to knock (as in banging it against something solid such as the back seat of motorcycle running at high speed over a rather rough road) in order to make the hdd skip. This part is ONLY what FUNCTIONS I've picked up so far from these discussions, reading, looking at other systems etc. So below is a diagram of what capabilities and interfaces are available on this type of mini PC board.

A Terminal Node Controller is a type of Modem and Packet Radio Protocol Controller used to send and receive messages, WeatherFAX, etc. Typically a moving-chart display driven by GPS, also showing defined Waypoints, track or path the boat has taken, route information (Planned - Waypoint to Waypoint).
Examples: Low Oil Pressure, Turbo Overtemperature, bilge level above set point, battery voltage low, alternator current high, etc. Include each step of your science fair project: Abstract, question, hypothesis, variables, background research, and so on. Use photos or draw diagrams to present non-numerical data, to propose models that explain your results, or just to show your experimental setup. A common technique is to put sheets of construction paper behind the white paper containing your text. Large font, good color combinations, and neatness will help your project display board stand out and be easily read. Well, at least while we save some $$ for the 3-seat, ABS-classed Seamagine Triump that costs 10x more (mainly because it goes 10x deeper and it’s made for professional uses).
Not bad at all for a quality product, unlike some of those designs you see online that never seem to leave the drawing board or require you to get wet first before you can get into the sub. This sub will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in comfort, safety and without getting wet. The comarca consists of a strip of land stretching 232 miles (373 km) along the Caribbean coast of Panama, bordering Colombia and the province of Darien.
But one major disadvantage is that chlorination of residual organic material can generate chlorinated-organic compounds that may be carcinogenic or harmful to the environment.
Because no chemicals are used, the treated water’s taste is more natural and pure as compared to other methods. The disinfection pump (8a) gives out liquid disinfectant in precisely measured doses so as to eliminate any remaining bacteria and viruses, resulting in high-quality treatment coefficients and effluent suitable to discharge overboard but, UV disinfection reactor (8b) can be installed as an alternative to this disinfection pump. After extruding your sketches do you just cut the part to the hullsurface to get the right bevel? A solid state drive is a far better choice for the operating system and installed programs in my opinion. Other information may also be overlaid on this display such as Depth, and AIS (Automatic Identification System) data showing other ships in the area and their courses and speeds. Now we explore Panama’s beautiful underwater world without getting wet and see big sharks without them ever taking a bite at you. It includes physical, chemical and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants. UV radiation causes damage to the genetic structure of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, making them incapable of reproduction.
Grey water can enter the unit either through the grey water inlet (13) for disinfection only, or through the inlet (1) for biological treatment The discharge pump (9) and level switches (10) automatically maintain substance levels in the disinfection tank (7). A standard hard drive makes since for back up and mass storage; it would sit idle most of the time, and is much less susceptible to damage when the disks are not spinning. Its objective is to produce a wastestream and a solid waste or sludge also suitable for discharge or reuse back into the environment. A limited amount of sludge (11) settles at the bottom of the unit and can be released through air (12) and discharged by the pump (9).
Development of plate I do in MS with position of frames which are imported from SW because MS-SW connection is live and hull surface is not dead.

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