Marine Design Software - three-dimensional hull design and fairing, hydrostatics, stability and velocity prediction. Combining an accurate and fully 3D model of the vessel, cutting edge technologies and a highly optimized graphical user interfaces into software that is easy to operate and very accurate.
Surface-modeler for designing ships using subdivisiong surfaces rather then NURBS to create any type of hullshape.

They have been continuously developed since the 1980s, running initially on a large mainframe computer (remember those?), then on IBM-compatible PCs running MS-DOS (remember those?). ASC's On-board and Load Planning software, Autoload® is used at all stages of vessel operations. The program reads data from tank, draft, wind and SCR sensors as well as user-input, and then reports on the condition of the vessel.

Autoload is often used in conjunction with ASC-developed load planning modules specific to a vessel type, eg.

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