Belgium based design firm Studio Job have designed modern boat called ‘Firmship 42’ in collaboration with Dutch nautical architect Willem Nieland. The Firmship is a classic boat of the type that was still built fifty years ago; an honest boat exuding confidence that will still be admired fifty years from now. Location: Smithtown, New York, USA I don't know that it's the worst aesthetic offender. The Opalinski Design style doesn't do it for me, the hull has some great built in stress points and the wrinkles are remenisant of the mating Armidillos.
Originally Posted by watchkeeper Ah gee, I was just going to suggest Lake Como as a suitable venue - floating resturant & night cruising. 1) risk having an over enthusiastic boat owner ram his boat into the bow every time you manoeuvre in port. Location: Smithtown, New York, USA I'm not sure the bow protector isn't my favorite part of the boat. Location: Pretoria South Africa BTW i showed the 2 pics to all the ladies in my family and they all think Steve's boat is ugly.
So it's simple, if you have lots of money and want to attract beautifull women build a beautiful boat. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: tampa My Carbon Fiber Dash Ok, I know I'm new here but wanted to show the carbon fiber dash I made for my boat, and the paint job I'm doing, its not finished but here are the before and after.
Originally Posted by searaytuna I wanted to the same for my boat but couldn't find a good UV protector for epoxy. THere's both special hardeners with UV-protection and as far as everybody I have asked is saying, covering epoxy with lacquer with uv-protection in it, should be plenty.
Heck, the boat I'm building will have a lcquered finish (wood-epoxy with UV-filter lacquer on top).

You can buy bikes and whatnot made from carbon, carbon masts and so on, and they seem to be working good enough. Until it is hardened it's chemical reactive, so you don't want to mix it with anything, leave it in the sun or what have you. IF you were to mix the two, you will certainly get lesser strength, but all sorts of other things can happen.
Andre Hey Andre, no problem I will not mix it in to epoxy Just curious on if anyone's done that, sounded like a good idea at the time I replied, but reading it for the second time does sound pretty lame.
Originally Posted by viking north These so called modern designs remind me of the early 1900 commuter styles. Location: spain A needle nose will push thru the waves and use less energy for both wave penetration and from hobby horsing. Location: spain As long as you understand its sea keeping charecteristics you can create defense . The conceprt of the axe bow is to reduce verticle acceleration , energy use and improve crew comfort . A lighter displacement vessel (lower ratio of displacement to waterline length) with less weight in the ends has a lower mass gyradius.
If I were designing a boat with a plumb or reverse bow I'd be careful about letting LCB (which corresponds to LCG) get too far ahead of LCF (center of waterplane).
For any given waterline length and beam a boat with a higher waterplane area coefficient (fuller ends in planform at the waterline) will have a higher longitudinal waterplane moment of inertia, and therefore more longitudinal stability, than one with a lower waterplane area coefficient.
Following is the description by Studio Job, “The new Firmship 42 is a classic boat with a modern look. What makes the boat even more striking is that literally everything is grey, from the railing and the bollards to the sundesk and even the throttle. Although I cannot argue that the risk of breaking the glass bow before final delivery is something worth avoiding.

USA I wanted to the same for my boat but couldn't find a good UV protector for epoxy. No, if I were you, I'd get the 209 hardener (the one with UV in it (perhaps not, actually, as the UV filters makes it a bit darker), and then get some lacquer with UV-filters, put at least to layers of it on top of the epoxy, that way you are pretty sure that there are no bare spots. I am attracted to the upper middle design -- Looks like it is certainly built to compensate for boarding seas. With the artistic directions by Studio Job who have modernized nautical traditions – without losing any of the today’s functional comfort. I believe it is probably also indicative of how careful the owner will have to be with it as well. Tests by the gudgeon brothers (the guys with West Epoxy), has shown that lacquer (with UV-filters) on epoxy lasts longer than the two on its own. The rate of increase of displacement as the bow is submerged will be less than that of a flared bow with the same static waterplane shape. The deck, the interior and coloring is a choice of Studio Job, the design duo whose artistic ornaments have erned them a worldwide reputation.
With great subtlety, icons of our seafaring past have been worked into the interior, but given an unexpected twist. The interior can be added as desired, with items selected from Studio Job’s custom-made designs – a bronze ship’s bell, for instance, or a marquetry cabinet.

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