A simple adaptation of glued lapstrake allowed me to make it much more approachable for the less experienced builder.
The sweet lines, and the logic of the construction method make the Penobscot 14 a very rewarding boat to build.
The plans include 12 sheets of drawings, and a large sheet of full size patterns, showing the stem, transom, bulkheads, and temporary frames.
The epoxy kit comes from System Three Resins, and provides you with all the resin, hardener, additives, measuring pumps, brushes, gloves, and other items, that you will need.
This above boat was built in 1990 for my late brother who fished the hell out of it for 10 years.
I intended the boat to be a suitable project for any builder with modest woodworking skills (although some have been successfully completed by absolute beginners with no prior woodworking experience). This is printed on Mylar, which avoids the inaccuracies that can result when paper patterns move with changes in humidity.

Close-ups show you how to get the best from your tools, how to make strong, tight joints, and how to handle the details that give a professional look to your boat. I recommend okoume or meranti; it is readily available, affordable, attractive, and pleasant to work.
The epoxy can be obtained by mail order (or order the epoxy kit - see below); suitable screws are carried by most good hardware stores. You should be able to put the boat in the water, without a sailing rig, for about $1,100.00.
Everything depends on you, how much time you put in, how quick you are, how many coats of varnish you apply, and so on.
The System Three Epoxy Book, which gives detailed information on mixing and using epoxy, is included.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.

It is built out of 99% cypress, save for the transom and bottom(marine plywood) and the stem (heart pine). There is also a 74 page, illustrated building manual, which takes you step by step through the building process. I don't make recommendations because of regional variations in price and availability, but I am always glad to answer questions about the suitability of any wood. It also makes the best use of the inherent properties of the materials, so that the resulting structure itself is good to look at.

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