All lifts are solar powered and are designed to get the boat up above the waves and out of harms way. At FL Custom Home Builders we specialize in custom construction of custom homes, boat docks, sea walls, outdoor living features, residential remodels, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, summer kitchens and many other features. When constructing a custom boat dock for our clients in Central Florida we concentrate of providing a boat dock that the home owner can be proud of.
There are two approaches that clients can take to boat dock design, one being a standard cookie cutter dock and the other being a custom boat dock design. A standard boat dock will take a pre-designed boat dock and customize it to the specifications of your municipality. A custom boat dock will be designed by our landscape architect and will involve a meeting with you to discuss your dream boat dock. As your Central Florida boat dock and sea wall contractor we will submit your construction drawings for permit.

A certificate of occupancy will be obtained from your municipality and you will be able to use your boat dock or sea wall constructed by FL Custom Home Builders, your Orlando, Central Florida boat dock contractor. 1.The lot upon which the structure will be developed must have a minimum thirty (30) feet of frontage on the subject water body.
Click the link above to find your govering municipality and search their code for "boat dock" regulations to learn more.
Althought municipal regulations will require your Orlando boat dock contractor to build your dock to certain specifications, a boat dock is not custom unless it is designed to meet the home owners lifestyle and the architecture of their residence. This type of boat dock is what is most seen throughout Central Florida and is quickly bid by contractors allowing for a "free estimate". The finising touches such as utilities, ornamentation and any protective coatings or sealers will be applied. A boat dock is regulated by your municipality and the size of the dock is based upon your shoreline frontage.

Revisions may take place and upon approval of your concept construction drawings will be prepared, signed and sealed and submitted for permit. This requirement for sizing of your boat dock should be considered the starting point and not a limitation.
Many past orlando boat dock clients remark that they never realized how much space they would have on their boat dock and are amazed at the amount of space that their final boat dock has.

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