Instant Marine custom manufactures Ohio boat docks, marina boat docks, floating boat docks and commercial boat docks for Ohio marinas and boat docks for Ohio lake homes, cottages, cabins, vacation homes, resorts and commercial marinas on inland lakes in Ohio. We offer Ohio boat docks, portable boat docks Ohio, stationary boat docks Ohio and hydraulic boat lifts Ohio. Series 500 Floating Boat Docks For Ohio Marinas The perfect marina boat docks Ohio are designed to be located near deep, fluctuating or soft bottom lakes in Ohio.
For more than three decades, Instant Marine Ohio boat docks have covered the waterfront in Ohio with world-class boat docks for marinas. During the past 30 years, it has been our passion to develop top quality Ohio boat docks that are easy to use while enhancing the appearance of your Ohio shoreline.
Instant Marine a top Ohio boat dock company realizes and appreciates the investments you have made in your commercial lakeshore property, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you with portable boat docks Ohio, floating boat docks Ohio and custom boat docks Ohio and Ohio boat docks for Ohio marinas. For more than three decades, Ohio boat docks company Instant Marine floating boat docks now cover the Ohio waterfront with the highest quality commercial boat docks for Ohio marinas.
Instant Marine provides quality Ohio boat docks Ohio, custom boat docks Ohio, Ohio boat piers, portable boat docks Ohio, commercial boat docks Ohio for marinas and Ohio boat docks for inland lakes in Ohio. At FL Custom Home Builders we specialize in custom construction of custom homes, boat docks, sea walls, outdoor living features, residential remodels, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, summer kitchens and many other features. When constructing a custom boat dock for our clients in Central Florida we concentrate of providing a boat dock that the home owner can be proud of.
There are two approaches that clients can take to boat dock design, one being a standard cookie cutter dock and the other being a custom boat dock design. A standard boat dock will take a pre-designed boat dock and customize it to the specifications of your municipality.
A custom boat dock will be designed by our landscape architect and will involve a meeting with you to discuss your dream boat dock. As your Central Florida boat dock and sea wall contractor we will submit your construction drawings for permit.

A certificate of occupancy will be obtained from your municipality and you will be able to use your boat dock or sea wall constructed by FL Custom Home Builders, your Orlando, Central Florida boat dock contractor. 1.The lot upon which the structure will be developed must have a minimum thirty (30) feet of frontage on the subject water body. Click the link above to find your govering municipality and search their code for "boat dock" regulations to learn more. Instant Marine Ohio boat docks for Ohio marinas feature a modular design that comes in standard or can be special ordered as custom boat docks in several sizes and height options along with 3 decking choices.
Our famous stationary boat docks Ohio and custom boat docks Ohio, Ohio boat piers and systems set the standard for portable boat dock design for Ohio marinas.
Our Ohio boat docks company provides great looking Ohio boat docks and low maintenance all at an economical price.
Instant Marine an Ohio Boat Docks Company manufactures and distributes Ohio hydraulic boat lifts that allow Ohio boaters to enjoy fast, effortless lifting making our small Ohio hydraulic boat lifts the most convenient on the market.
Our Ohio marina boat docks feature eye catching designs are available in both commercial boat docks and residential boat docks applications. Whether your Ohio boat docks site is more suited for portable boat docks, stationary boat docks, floating boat docks Ohio, or custom boat docks Ohio, no one gives you a better selection of quality Ohio boat docks in Ohio than Instant Marine.
Our commercial boat docks company Ohio and marina boat docks Ohio can be ordered as floating boat docks to meet the custom needs of any Ohio marina.
Althought municipal regulations will require your Orlando boat dock contractor to build your dock to certain specifications, a boat dock is not custom unless it is designed to meet the home owners lifestyle and the architecture of their residence.
This type of boat dock is what is most seen throughout Central Florida and is quickly bid by contractors allowing for a "free estimate". The finising touches such as utilities, ornamentation and any protective coatings or sealers will be applied.
Our Ohio boat dock company manufactures and distributes Ohio boat docks, floating boat docks and portable boat docks for Ohio marinas and Ohio boat piers for Ohio marinas.

Its lip-lock connection allows for the quickest and easiest installation of Ohio boat docks in sectional docking.
Instant Marine an Ohio Boat Docks Company also manufactures stationary boat docks Ohio that feature fluted side rails, cross arm assemblies and legs.
Ohio Boat Docks Company Instant Marine distributes small hydraulic boat lifts that offer quick, quiet operation that lifts smaller boats out of the water in 26 seconds. A boat dock is regulated by your municipality and the size of the dock is based upon your shoreline frontage. Revisions may take place and upon approval of your concept construction drawings will be prepared, signed and sealed and submitted for permit. The double trussed internal telescoping leg stands and the built in vinyl rub rail combine for the best locking and strongest Ohio boat docks available for Ohio marinas.
Our aluminum boat docks are designed for Ohio marinas are made of corrosive resistant aluminum with your choice of augers or pads for feet. Instant Marine manufactures Ohio boat docks and distributes Ohio boat docks, portable boat docks, floating boat docks, residential boat docks and commercial boat docks for Ohio marinas. This requirement for sizing of your boat dock should be considered the starting point and not a limitation. Instant Marine Ohio boat docks are the original innovator of the continuous built in vinyl bumpers, standard in all Series 500 commercial boat docks for Ohio marinas. Many past orlando boat dock clients remark that they never realized how much space they would have on their boat dock and are amazed at the amount of space that their final boat dock has.

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