A tool kit with pliers, adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, spark plug wrench, and a few metric wrenches. Parts and supplies for the motor - an emergency starter rope, spark plugs, a castle nut and cotter pin for the propeller shaft, and a spare emergency shut off clip. I forgot the attachment bolts for my transom wheels at home on one trip and there was only one small gas station nearby. The first thought come into Kim Hoffman’s mind was to provide safe, drinkable and life-saving water to prevent extreme dehydration for folks on the emergency boat or raft at the sea.
As well as providing both insulation and shelter from the elements, the Sea Kettle would feature a number of hand pumps within the cabin. As the evaporated water hits the top of the cover, vapor escapes through the Gortex but the larger water molecules are condensed and the droplets run into four pockets around the raft, filling them up with drinkable water.
The HYDROVANE is both mechanical self steering for offshore sailboats and an emergency rudder and steering system 'ready to go'! We know your lockers are brimming with spares and you probably even have some back-ups for back-ups!
All offshore sailors are prepared for breakages and certainly for the scenario of a hole in the boat, but what about steering failure?
Rudder post fissure: crevice corrosion in the steel shaft is often to blame for rudder posts that shear in half. Steering quadrant failure: most boats have a back-up tiller, but when was the last time you tried to use it? While in the big following seas, averaging over 10 knots under bare poles, the Hydrovane steered, most of the time, while a crewmember simply sat behind the wheel, ‘riding shotgun’. Under such circumstances fatigue is a serious and insidious problem, leading to passivity and impaired judgement and potentially deadly mistakes. When we attempted deploy a sea-anchor we fell backward off a wave and busted our main rudder’s steering system, but the Hydrovane carried on. I don’t know of any other unit that could stand up to that kind of punishment. So we are now proceeding directly to Atuona for repairs, and expect to arrive tomorrow in the late afternoon.
A heavy boat with everything in place steers with the vane, surely! Before the incident happened the Hydrovane steered beautifully and everybody onboard was amazed by its easy operation and the fact that it seemed to steer better than our old autopilot. Myself and my two young boys (10 and 12) were entering between the two rock breakwaters of the Nuevo Vallarta channel down here in Mexico.
Complete steering redundancy is achieved when both steering systems, the main rudder and the HYDROVANE each have separate autopilots. An Italian coast guard vessel took part in a large search and rescue operation Sunday after a boat carrying migrants capsized overnight. Originally published on April 21, 2015 5:28 pm The European Union is holding an emergency meeting Monday about the deadly capsizing of a boat crowded with would-be migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. As described in the narrative, it sounds like the charger output is connected to the battery selector switch output. The use of an automatic combiner relay (ACR) or voltage sensitive relay (VSR) to combine two batteries in parallel automatically whenever there is an excess of charging current available and the controlling battery is fully charged is another method to approach the maintenance charging of two batteries from a single source of charging current, but I do not think it is the most simple method for keeping a float charge on two batteries.Also, since you already have one float charger, it might be simpler to just buy a second float charger and wire it to the second battery. Unless your engine has dual charging outputs the ACR is a better solution in my opinion as an engine with a single charge output will still keep both batteries charged while running.Even with dual charging outputs if you have the batteries in the console like I do on my montauk would require double power runs from the engine through the rigging tunnel. The problem that I see with the ACR approach is that the auxiliary components needed in the ACR circuit cost more than the ACR. For a dual-output AC-operated battery charger, I like the PROMARINER chargers with 4-Ampere or 5-Ampere output.
From what a I gathered doing research on the [Blue Sea Systes] add-a-battery system, the only fuse they really consider required is the 10amp inline from the ground to negative, which was not included in the kit and cost under $10 I believe for wire lead an fuse. Seems overly complicated to do an ACR and then another relay to control the first just in order to use a dual bank charger when you could go with a less expensive single charger and not try and wire in a high voltage relay.Is there some great advantage to a dual bank charger that I am missing that would justify the double relay setup? It looks like the BEP cluster ties the ACR to the engine side of it's separate engine on off switch. I hate to throw out a post with no tech value, in a tech-oriented thread, but this has been a GREAT read for me. A low-current precision float voltage charger connected to a deeply discharged battery will eventually bring the battery terminal voltage to the fully charged float voltage (around 14-Volts), but it will take a while to get there, perhaps many hours if the battery is deeply discharged and has a high Ampere-hour capacity.
Does Blue Sea Systems have an installation diagram that shows the wiring you describe in your narrative? In order for the ACR to be able to be wired to two batteries on the LOAD side of the switch, you need a double-pole switch. The BEP diagram shows the ACR wired to the battery side of the switches, not the load side (as has been suggested). An ACR doesn't care how its wired so long as there is a path to each battery, if that path goes through a switch, or in-between the batteries and the switch, so be it. Let me ask again: can we have a sketch or drawing or a link to a formal drawing from Blue Sea Systems that will show how the ACR, the two batteries, and the very necessary two-pole battery switch ought to be wired?
Powered by: Ultimate Bulletin Board, Freeware Version 2000Purchase our Licensed Version- which adds many more features! In 2001, the State of New York identified the need to develop a boat service to support homeland security efforts, particularly in the Hudson River, at the Indian Point Energy Center, in Buchanan.
If your boat is made of PVC make sure you have a small bottle of MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) or Acetone instead of a buffing stone, to prepare the area to be patched. You will notice I also have a a spare valve for my inflatable keel and a couple spare stainless steel bolts to attach my transom wheels.
Without proper desalination, those emergency boats’ passengers will die of thirst or from extreme temperatures before rescued or reaching any nearby island. In an emergency at sea, you may not be able to obtain fresh drinking water before being forced to abandon ship.
She got inspiration from portable desalination tools, a colorful life raft that utilize sun heat to evaporate salty water and collect condensed water run off in containers within the raft’s structure.
With these, the lucky survivors would draw up sea water into a Gortex covered plastic reservoir.

Hoffman states that the process should provide enough drinking water for up to five people. We’re not talking about autopilot failure (that’s a separate topic), but about damage that can happen to the boat itself. Sometimes it’s in a difficult position (such as in an aft cabin, for a center cockpit boat) and would be impossible to use in bad conditions. If you are sailing shorthanded, would you be able to avoid fatigue as you deal with the situation? Firstly, the Hydrovane makes steering much more manageable, instead of trying to steer from the bowels of the vessel. Well, the channel into the marina was running quite a bit of a swell, with breaking waves along the rocks. I pulled the pin and pushed it over hard, and before you knew it we are back in the channel, and at the slip. Looking at the boat from the side we saw that the rudder was completely gone. Some single-handers connect a dinghy type of tiller to Hydrovane’s small tiller to make an extension that can comfortably be used some distance away in the cockpit.
With 28 survivors reported and 24 bodies recovered, only a fraction of the hundreds of people who were reportedly on board are accounted for. I just installed the [Blue Sea Systems] add-a-battery kit with on-off combiner switch and ACR. I have been using one of these on my bench to maintain a float charge on my bench 12-Volt battery for over a year with good results.When applying a long duration float charge to a battery it is important to limit the charging voltage to avoid creating an out-gassing of the electrolyte. You just need to wire a 120-VAC relay across the input to the dual battery charger power input.
If the goal of the electrical system design was to maintain separation between the HOUSE branch circuit and the ENGINE START branch circuit, this goal is lost when the batteries are put in parallel.With a single low-current charging source, two batteries, and an ACR, the charger will first charge the primary battery until the voltage of that battery rises above the threshold of the ACR. If the charger has enough capacity, it will supply the charging current needed by the second battery, which will tend to maintain the combined battery voltage above threshold. The house battery switch can be off but the engine battery switch must be on when leaving the boat. The house loads can be drawn from either battery and the batteries can be combined if needed.
In fact it is noted that gel batteries should not be connected with flooded or AGM batteries because of their special charging needs. Because the manufacturer of the low-current charger says it will be useful in maintaining a precision float charge on a battery of up to 250-Ah, one should not infer that this means such a charger will always keep the terminal voltage of such a battery above the threshold of an automatic battery management combiner system.
I think when the charger manufacturer said it would "maintain" the battery, he meant it would keep it at the fully charged float voltage, once it got there. That way when you are charging your batteries while your boat is out of the water, you just leave the switch in the "off" position and let the charger do the work without the ACR being involved, no manual disconnect is required. As per my verbal conversation with the tech support people at Bluesea, there is no downside to such an installation, its more a matter of whether you want the ACR to operate with the the battery switch in the "off" position or not. I believe I have gained an understanding from all the narrative explanations, but there is no real substitute for describing a circuit with a diagram. Allows you to easily board your boat from land or from water and then securely stow it in a raised position for travel. Ground Maps below to see how many days your merchandise will take to ship to your location.***IMPORTANT****Currently, the ONE and ONLY item on this site that we are unable to offer FREE shipping for is our sheets of Marine Grade Plywood. In water area, the state ranks 8th out of the 50 states, even though it ranks 30th in total area.
Luckily an hour of searching through the gas station junk boxes turned up two bolts that would work, one was bent but I straightened it.
Both the reservoir and the cover would be black to help concentrate the sun’s heat onto the water contained therein. It’s difficult to inspect and if there is any corrosion, you won’t know about it until the worst time. Without a proper emergency system in place, would you be able outrun or steer well enough in bad conditions?
To ensure that I did not have to worry about the rudder, I had [an engineer] design me a new, updated rudder.
We were veering off towards the rocks of the breakwater at close to 5 knots. Thinking the steering cable broke I hit the autopilot. We later found it drifting in the channel. The shaft had sheared off, perhaps from corrosion from some as yet undetermined source. This kind of set-up is practical if you want to use the Hydrovane to hand steer in close quarters or wherever. The boat was about 120 miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa when it capsized this weekend; it was roughly 60 miles from Libya. To charge both batteries, you have to leave the switch in BOTH, as you properly conjectured.The simplest solution is to get a battery charger with dual outputs.
I have one installed on my boat, and I have found it to be a very valuable addition to the electrical system.
When the relay is energized by application of 120-VAC to the battery charger the relay contacts are wired to suppress the ACR from operating. However, if the charger has only the capacity to supply an ampere or two of current, as would be typical for a maintenance or trickle charger, the charger may not be able to maintain the combined battery voltage above threshold. An ACR allows two battery banks to be connected so that they can share the output of a single charge source, allowing the user to charge more battery banks than the number of charging outputs. If you connect a deeply discharged battery to a 1.5-Ampere charger (such as the one I mentioned previously) I would not expect that it will immediately pull the terminal voltage above the ON threshold of the automatic device.
In some installations, this method of connecting the ACR has other advantages, such as allowing much shorter cable runs if the ACR is connected in close proximity to the switch. This is identical to the factory wiring on the BEP Marine 716 cluster, including the lack of fusing, except for the fuse on the ground wire for the ACR which the BEP system lacks.

These sheets of plywood decking must ship freight from our location in Indiana to yours.***All other items (marine carpet, marine vinyl flooring, boat parts, boat hardware, marine glue) listed on this site will ship for FREE.
With well over 9,000 miles of shoreline, the state also shares a 330 mile international water border with Canada.
The boats are crewed by Naval Militia men and women; many of whom also serve their country in the reserve forces of the United States Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. When I got home I purchased two spare stainless bolts the correct size and they became a permanent part of my kit.And here is the whole thing packed up and ready to go. Before the incident, we were having a fine sail straight downwind before a 25 kt following breeze, but have reverted to motoring for ease of handling. Thirdly, and most importantly, the failure occurred well away from land where we could sort things out in an orderly fashion, trying different steering techniques until we found the best combination.
I then had [a boatyard] build the new rudder. And to really be sure, I put a Hydrovane on the back of the boat. I could see it turning the shaft and still nothing. People started waving us off and passing pangas started yelling at us to get away from the rocks. Although wood is the easiest to work with the extensions have been made from many materials: PVC, plumbing copper, stainless steel etc. You wire the charger directly to each battery, and the charger charges each battery independently.
My routine for use of the boat typically has the boat sitting idle for several weeks between service. I don't believe any engines in the 90hp range have dual charging circuits, my old inline 6 certainly does not, so the ACR was the best solution. If the terminal voltage of the second battery is lower than the primary battery, the parallel combination of the two will tend to drag the paralleled battery bank voltage down toward that of the second battery.
Remember your engine is essentially a single bank charger unless you have an engine with two outputs(or two engines). Exactly what will happen with the combination of a deeply discharged battery, a freshly charged battery, and the 1.5-Ampere charger is difficult to predict. This gives the system a time to equalize without chatter even when one battery is much more discharged than the other regardless of charger size.It seems the BEP VSR only has a voltage based hysteresis and would suffer from chatter if one battery is more discharged than the other and could be exacerbated by a low current charger. If Blue Sea Systems engineers tell customers how to connect the ACR, the batteries, and the switch over the telephone, you'd think they would be able to send them a diagram or a link to a diagram of the circuit. If you are looking for a boat boarding ladder for the whole family to use we would recommend one of our many other models of ladders that may be a little easier for children to use. The physical map (below right) of the state shows the many waterways, rivers, and lakes that are vital to the state’s economy and lifestyle. And lastly, after a wicked night of strong squalls, the skies cleared this morning in fine tradewind fashion.
The whole balance of the boat was gone, making it almost impossible to steer… BUT we made it to Cape Verdes and are proud of that fact.
I put the boat hard in reverse and then the waves started hitting us. According to the depth sounder we should have hit bottom, and I thought we are either going to be smashed against the rocks or we were going to get knocked down. When entering a harbour or marina most owners simply lock-off the Hydrovane rudder or even remove it by popping out the locking pin with a boat hook and shipping the rudder aboard with its always attached tether. In this way you can leave the primary power distribution switch set to OFF when you are away from the boat. Before heading out with the boat, I always let the charger run for several hours to make sure the batteries are at full charge. I plug the charger in and both batteries get charged regardless of how the selector switches are set.
Typically the manufacturers of automatic battery management devices give specifications about the amount of charging current which is needed to produce reliable operation without excessive ON-OFF state chatter. However after the system equalizes the BEP VSR stop chattering even with a low current charger. The Blue Sea Systems ACR has internal protection in the advent of a short, however the ACR will be ruined. From Rome, NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports: "One survivor says there were 950 people on board, many locked in the hold by the human traffickers before departure. If I had a storage location with access to AC-power, I not sure I would leave it plugged-in all the time.
I would consider those recommendations in selecting the current capacity of a charger to be used in conjunction with an automatic device. The autopilot itself needs to be fitted nearby – either on the deck or rail or attached to the stern pushpit.
The foreign ministers' discussions are sure to center on who will bear responsibility for patrolling immigration routes and helping those in danger. HYDROVANE owners have installed such tiller-pilots report strong preference for them over their expensive below deck autopilots: less noise, not under a bunk, small electrical draw, saves the larger unit for a ‘rainy day’ – and a cheap way to have yet another back-up. The EU has run one such program since last fall, when Italy discontinued its larger operation.
This weekend's disaster stands to eclipse a similar event late in 2013, when 500 migrants had crammed onto a boat that caught fire and sank near Sicily. For a sign of the state of things in Libya, consider that a newspaper headline on Sunday touted the pending return of roadway traffic lights in Benghazi.

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