Make sure to keep all the essential boat equipment on board, such as a spatula, wooden spoons, a can opener, a corkscrew and a bottle opener. This is a good energy-efficient way to cook, and the pot can be used as a pasta pan or a regular deep saucepan.
Or if you prefer the feel of "real dishes", you might like some of the many almost-unbreakable brands out there.
Compact and useful, this small digital scale is the perfect tool to keep in your boat kitchen. Location: home lazy n crazy Huge complete kitchen Look at this link and see a marvelous dedicated kitchen that is part of a bigger galley.
Location: Sydney Australia I agree with Wilma in that most galleys in yachts are very badly designed. I would like to hear from those who are lucky enough to have much more exposure to this world, if really so much time is spent heeling in rough weather. Location: Sydney Australia Most of the time you are not heeled in rough water. During those rare times when you are heeling 20 degrees (compared to being at anchor) you do need a sea-going galley. Even for day passages, you still need to be able to cook at 10-20 degrees heel with the boat bouncing, unless you want thermos and sandwiches all the way. Location: Europe I haven't read all the post here, but I assume that many indicated needing to be able to brace oneself against something.
With the rotating kitchen setup, I picture my wife grabbing hold of it and spinning out of control when the boat heels! Seriously, I don't see how it would save much space on your average 40-footer, because it'd be difficult to fit a large cylindrical object somewhere.
Location: Scandinavia I think this is a unique design, to fit it into a boat as such might be a problem but generally speaking aspects of it could be well used, if one had the money to use, having more perishables in view on a long passage would make sure they all used, somehow this design should be inverted to a revolving U that never stops being a U toward the user.
Location: Australia As you move away from the KISS principle the cost skyrockets the reliability plumments. Location: home lazy n crazy Seriously, I think this idea still have a lots of holes to fill and it may really be interesting but not realistic for present time.
Well, this may start people thinking the interior design as a whole and not galley restricted I hope. Why we wear Italian suits, eat Italian food, wear Italian leather and drool at Italian fast car Sir? Originally Posted by westlawn5554X We invented electricity without knowing the full extent of a vacumm cleaner yes? Location: Southern England You do seem to be concerned with the Aesthetics and artistic design rathre than actually making the boat work. Firstly, If the design is too far from what people are used to you won't sell it (unless it is proven to be incredibly good). Secondly, If it doesn't work at sea you either won't sell a second, or have a very unhappy client.

In design it's always good to consider new ideas, but it must be done with an eye to how it will be used. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. THE KITCHEN: A compact below-deck galley -- just 6 feet by 4 feet -- on the 70-foot sailboat Rage, which Rander built in 1993 and has been racing ever since. SR: If we're coming home from Hawaii, we're dragging a fish line out behind the boat, and suddenly you've got a mahi mahi on the line. MIX: In all those great Marx Brothers comedies set on moving ships, people sit down and the plates are moving around the table.
Don’t get me wrong, it did take me a little while to figure out how to make the workspace I do have work for us, but now it’s perfect! Baking sheets are essential in any kitchen of course, but on a boat, it’s kinda necessary that they actually *fit* in the stove, if you know what I mean. Love that I don’t really have to worry about these guys They are inexpensive and durable. On my next boat, I would like an entire kitchen made out of ^^these^^ type of built-ins or whatever the heck they’re called. If you are fishing, you will need to make sure it's the right size and sharp enough for the fish in question. Keep in mind that sometimes older boats have smaller-sized cupboards, and you may therefore need to use "lunch size' dishes instead of dinner dishes.
I am one of those poor souls who loves boats, but have not created the world where I can spend serious time on them. But when you spend 4 or five days under #3 and reefs or down to storm jib, and a few other days heeled to 20 degrees, you do need to be able to cook. Obviously, a client who can think about buying a decent size yacht can cause huge problems.
If we're racing to Hawaii or cruising coming home, this boat may have a 10- to 15-degree angle of keel, which means the whole kitchen is on an angle, so everything is either sliding away from you or trying to slide toward you. If I'm racing, I stock foods that are very convenient and quick to fix, are nourishing and don't require a lot of frou-frou. We've had people's meals launched from one side of the boat to the other and suddenly somebody's wearing it. But if you really want the low-down on literally anything and everything galley related, you should most definitely check out The Boat Galley! We’d love for you to get to know us and follow our story as we attempt to navigate a whole new world of sailing, as we cruise the Caribbean …Learn more about us and our sailing + cruising adventures. I once went Sydney-Flinders Island (about 400miles, upwind or close reaching much of the way, under trysail and nothing else at times) with a boat with a galley that wouldn't function.
The stove is gimbaled, so that it swings side to side so its surface stays level while everything else around it is moving.
If we're on a long passage where conservation of water is really important, we shut the water pumps off so everything has to come through the foot pumps.

We seriously LOVE them, as does everyone else who comes aboard for a cocktail in one of our customized LAHO glasses. Talk about a gem of a find from Walgreens (of all places) about two days before we set sail from Naples.
For example, why have the chart table permanently sloped so the naviguesser has a better angle on the chart?
Then it's time for supper -- these fish are big -- so now we're poaching the fish in a little wine and a bit of spices, and we're having beautiful poached mahi mahi. We spent the past 13 months sailing the Bahamas + Caribbean and are now moving onto our next big adventure at home in beautiful Naples, Florida! And, honestly, I haven’t had too many issues at all adapting to this much smaller kitchen space here on our boat. We have a built-in knife holder, a built-in spice rack, a built-in wine glass holder, and built-in wine rack. It's the same as when I cook at home, it's just not as convenient -- the kitchen's small and everything's moving all the time.
If you want a taste of how things are done around here, just spend a few minutes perusing our little blog.
I especially love that they are plastic (a must-have on a boat), have rubber-lined bottoms (no sliding around while the boats arockin), and have good, secure lids! I picked up one of these fab plastic ice cube trays with accompanying lid at Homegoods before we left. And he’s probably right (I hate admitting that) in most cases with my past dish towel purchases. Why not have the facility to move the chart table surface to the horizontal when it's not being used for chartwork, so it can be used by the cook? Additionally, we use saltwater for lots and lots of stuff -- initial dish washing, lots of cleanup.
And although some cruisers swear by the metal standup ice cube containers, I’m happy to report that this regular style tray (with lid) has been so perfect for our dorm-style fridge. Middle of the afternoon, around cocktail time, it might be cheese and crackers to opening a can of sardines or some olives. Even the big guy of the set! Unfortunately the set I bought, is currently unavailable, but this set looks very very similar and maybe even better because they are collapsible (mine are not)!
It easily fits in our small freezer compartment (with room for another) and has never once spilled.

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